Bollywood Blind Item – January 2020 – 23

This is the second blind item about the dumb mess that this actor got himself into.

Why do actors agree to do films and then whine about their roles later? It’s unprofessional! Someone chose you and trusted you to do this job, plus you got paid for it so whining about it later on makes you look dumb…especially when no one forced you to do this film!

In the case of Govinda, who once lamented about the flops he did when he was trying to make his third comeback. He said he didn’t want to do these films and he only did them because his wife “forced” him to. They needed money and these were good producers offering him these roles so he had to do it.

Then the recent story of Kangana doing those silly movies because she needed money to pay for her sister’s multiple surgeries. And she also had a few herself, but…it makes sense to say why she had to do since she was always honest about her reasons to do these kinds of films.

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But what this actor did is just plain dumb, especially when the star of the film gave him such a good role to play…and especially since the film just became the first film of 2020 to enter the 200 crore club.

So yes, the star of the film has every right to be pissed at this loudmouth actor. And good for him that he dared to call the actor up and yell at him.

A typical day in the Nawabi palace!

Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


So what if there are friendships that go back decades in Bollywood? One mere quote and everything is up in the air. Ditto for these two actor buddies who have shared screen space in as many as four films together already, with the last one releasing very recently.

While the historical went on to become a huge success at the box office leaving the producer superstar supremely happy, his co-star’s recent comments completely ticked him off.

Apparently during a recent interaction for another film, the other actor, who’s known for his knowledge and intelligence, questioned the period film’s plot and called it ‘inaccurate’ in places. This grabbed headlines and the news reached the superstar who was instrumental in getting him on board for the film and even give him a very meaty role. He was upset that his co-star went ahead and almost disowned the film by saying that it was historically not correct in terms of facts.

We hear the superstar called his co-star and friend and gave him an earful. The actor apologised for his comments and realised that he made a mistake in saying what he did. He also reasoned that he hadn’t thought of the consequences when he spoke about it.

Although the producer heard him out, he could be heard telling people associated with the film how his friend was a backstabber and that he should have rather been grateful to him for giving him such a prominent role in the blockbuster, especially after his continuous string of flop films. Ouch! We could witness the long standing friendship crack.

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Superstar: Ajay Devgan

Co-Star: Saif Ali Khan


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3 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    And it’s Bollywood. It’s entertainment. Nothing is 100% historically accurate. Dang they even glorified Sanjay Dutt or an Abdul Latif in Raees who was a hardcore criminal.

  2. Universal says:

    Guy who names his son after a cruel invader shouldn’t give history lessons to others. Also, this gang of “liberals” in Bollywood should either not take up such projects and get big money or at least have some respect for the person offering you such roles. Shameless.

  3. Adira says:

    Truth be told, it was a really shitty thing Saif did. He shouldn’t have taken the role if he felt that way or should have waited for at least a year before saying such. Ajay was kind to him as Aamir, Salman and Akshay would never have given him such a meaty role opposite them. Only other person I can think of who he had a good role opposite was SRK in Kal Ho Na Ho. And if you think of it, Ajay has always been kind to Saif whenever they’re on films together.

    Ajay must have been really pissed for this blind to be repeated again. But he really shouldn’t let it bother him. The audience don’t care. At least, i haven’t seen anyone claiming the film is an absolute truth. They rave about the performances and the VFX, not the historical accuracy of the film.

    Really surprised at the success of Tanhaji though. Wasn’t expecting it at all. Even KRK can’t claim the box office figures are inflated. If you had asked me to vote, i would have predicted Chhapaak over Tanhaji as the winner. Even Panga is not even doing as well as i predicted. Seems to be going The Sky Is Pink way. Truly, no one knows tomorrow.

    The failure of Chhapaak and The Sky Is Pink shows that aggressive PR, popularity and number of social media followers has little or no correlation with the box office

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