Bollywood Blind Item – January 2020 – 22

This actor and his buddies went out of the country some time back to celebrate a happy occasion. They went to a country where you can have lots of fun, mostly if you are a man!

So, we know it’s him since something similar happened to a couple of colleagues. Not the ‘accident’ part but the part where the men get up and dance. But what this blind item describes as being hilarious is not really that, if you think about it.

It’s obvious he drank too much, which is why and how the ‘accident’ happened. He probably didn’t even realize it! But think of what happened afterwards? Who had to clean this up? Did anyone accidentally slip on it?

Now that this actor had gotten his second disaster, that ‘accident’ might happen again.

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Anyways, check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


This top Bollywood superstar’s hysterical act in a hotel will leave you amazed

While we love a good party, this one little detail from the superstar’s party has left us in splits. Read on to know more.

Trust Bollywood celebrities to take you by surprise and you will never be disappointed. While some actors will blow your mind with their film choices, others stun us with their performances. However, there are some others who will leave you baffled with their actions.

And as per this latest piece of news, a top Bollywood actor went all out without thinking about what the consequences could be. A little birdie tells us that a top industry star, who has had a streak of hit films in the last few years, partied like there’s no tomorrow in an undisclosed location few months back.

The wild night saw him and his boy gang live it up. And while we love a good party, this one little detail from the party cracked us up. Turns out, this actor, much like in films, took his dance moves to a whole new level as he climbed on to a bar top and danced. But that’s not all, the actor also got a little too comfortable and ended up taking a leak on the bar top. Yes, you heard that right.

This actor often surprises us with his acts. From candid confessions to goofing around with his co-stars, this hilarious incident is just another addition to a long list. Well, we wonder who cleaned up after.

OSOP Guess

Actor: Varun Dhawan


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