Bollywood Blind Item – January 2019 – 14

First thing first: Who in the world sees these two as “Bollywood’s current sweethearts”? Last time when they were featured in a blind item, it was another exaggerated term used to describe these two. We are imagining the writer or the source has a room filled with pictures of these two. You know, like Shah Rukh’s character Gaurav has in ‘Fan’. But then, the introduction of him was spot-on, so now we are thinking it must be someone who only has her picture because this person seems to hate him.

So, the new cycle regarding these two seems to be about them fighting and quarrelling. The blind item from Mumbai Mirror is saying the same thing. Raymond is referred to as a douche, which fits but then douche in French means shower, which does not fit at all! This made us realise that no one has ever called him a douche on such a public and relevant platform! Is Aloo ki papa interning there or something?

The problem is, this dude cannot run away from Choti like he did with his ex. They are both currently shooting together, which seems to be never ending. So, all he can do is sulk and be moody. You know what? This could have been a news item with the picture of them looking bored as hell on the sets of this film. Why not?! Just add more spice to the kebab! And then eat it with Aloo Paratha and wash it away with a Sherbet! Hah!

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Anyways, this is the reason why anyone who is with Raymond looks old, haggard and tired. He does that to them. There is nothing worst than playing mind games or being manipulative. Actually, physical abuse is worst but mental abuse is bad too. It messes with your brain and he is a master in that. Just in case, anyone out there if you ever come close to someone with these traits: Take off your shoes and run. Just keep running and don’t look back!

Remember how he used to behave the same way with all of his girlfriends. The last one, she used to plead with him, beg him and all he did was have a laugh about it by showing off her messages to his friends. He messes with them mentally then says, “Look at how crazy she is getting!”. He torments them and then, laughs at their behaviour!

This reminds us of a post we once shared that we think was titled, “Pretty Girls, quickly hide” or something. It was in reference to Raymond’s mom looking for a girl to marry her son. Someone commented how it was mean and harsh to make fun of a mother, who is looking for someone to marry her son. Well, do you SEE it now? And Aloo and Sherbet are not even supposed to be together and yet, that doesn’t stop him from behaving this way right? He probably wants his space. Ah, he should have been in ‘Zero’!

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It’s not about making fun, but no girl will never be happy marrying him. Unless, she is much more psycho than him! It does not matter if it’s a strong girl with a lot of willpower or mental strength, she is better off being alone or with someone else. If the girl is smart, she knows better than to marry him.

But then, this guy is smart too. He knows how to play the game. He plays it well until he gets the girl then he becomes the tormentor! He should see someone professional to fix these issues.

But then, it’s like he is enjoying himself doing all that. You know, Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather is also like that. He is troubled himself and ends up tormenting all of his girlfriends. That’s why you see them following him around like puppies. Both of these guys are enthusiastic at the beginning then when they get bored, they don’t know how to get out of their relationship so they play the mind game. Ironically, both of them are messed up because of their fathers!

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Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – January 2019 – 14

THEY say a leopard never changes its spots, and hence the industry’s famous douche is up to his old tricks. We hear he has begun to treat his new girlfriend badly again — acting aloof, not answering her calls, being moody, and threatening to break up. This has left the poor girl broken. While she goes about her day promoting films and making appearances, even an actor of her calibre cannot hide her pain. Will Bollywood’s current sweethearts call it quits? Yes, if the girl is smart enough to dump him quick.


OSOP Guesses

Famous Douche: Ranbir Kapoor

Girlfriend: Alia Bhatt

Bollywood Blind Item – January 2019 – 14

Bollywood Blind Item – January 2019 – 14

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41 Responses

  1. Bollywood junkie says:

    Krish statement on Manikarnika.. I really like kangana’s acting in general but I want to believe krish here..he made most sensible movies in Telugu though he didn’t do much in Hindi..he made a historical movie with much less budget in Telugu.. I didn’t like the over the top acting shots and Siva gami character influence in skipped the movie..

  2. Self-love says:

    Admin, that was me who had commented how you can make fun of a mother who is trying to find bride for son.I was new to Bollywood gossip at the time. I had apologized for it later. Today after reading so much about him and his family I would like to believe I was naive. Lol!

  3. Riya says:

    Admin, why are you talking like they are actually dating and he’s fucking her up for real? You said it was just a fake PR relationship right? So then how according to you is he able to mess with her and play mind games with her if there is no relationship?!

  4. sharuna says:

    ran bore kapoor

  5. RP says:

    Hi Admin
    Can you please add the spotboye articles here? The latest ones with your guesses.

  6. naughtytrini says:

    Admin you are so harsh on poor playboy Ranbir. I believe it takes two to tango and what did those girls see in Ranbir to go after him in the first place? His dashing good looks? Nope. All they saw is a hopefully rising movie star like his father and his Kapoor surname. If he wasnt either of those things those girls wouldnt have looked at him twice. Ranbir is still looking for that chick who would love him for himself and not for who his family is. People are angry that he dumped Kat but tell me she didnt leave salman because as salman himself said, she preferred the Kapoor surname over the Khan surname. Karma got her that now she aint got none. And as much as I love Deepika, she too was swayed by the Kapoor surname, but I think gradually in time she did started to really fall in love with who he was but he ruined it. As for fake as Alia, she is in it to get all she can out of it even it mean selling her soul to the devil. She was and is brought up in a dysfunctional environment and she is one messed up girl. She actually suits ranbir because I do believe she is psychotic. Ranbir might just end up like salman, marriage wise that is. Salman though have the girls running after him because of his power to keep them relevant in bollywood by getting them roles, even the vomitty flowerpot roles. With ranbir girls run him down to see who could snag the kapoor surname and get in that family. It is like an obsession with them. Somehow I feel ranbir have more girls to go through and I wouldnt be surprised if he really set his eyes on Sara or Jhanvi or even srk daughter, such is the twist up life of bollywood. Just hope he does it soon because these younger girls are going the other way, tell me alia aint like that already and this relationship with him is just a cover.

    • Kiran101 says:

      @ naughtytrinity

      A lot of people said what u exactly said and there is so much truth to it. There was another thread where we discussed on how each and every actress including Deepika-Anushaka-Katrina-Sonam etc etc wanted to marry Ranbir at some point. And also talked about how much of entitlement wud evoke in Ranbir this behavior of women would add to already existing misogynistic and the idea of above everyone else feeling that kapoors already have.

      At the end of the day Ranbir’s heart isnt in right place , unlike salman he did have a bit of heart for a few women.Someone once said Ranbir is a yarn weaver, giving the impression he will stick and suddenly he is out.

      How can any woman love Ranbir as he is without his family tag. He is himself selling it consciously and subconsciously to the women who will fall prey to it.

      Lets assume marriage of equals like ‘ Khandaani rich girl, drop dead gorgeous , banging Hot and not star struck ‘ why will such a woman will want Ranbir ? what does he have to offer such a woman ?

      Unfortunately his watever dashing looks and family name is all he can offer a woman. He isnt that great a human nor a great partner nor has he got decent attention span wrt to a girl.

    • kala says:

      @naugbtytrini. Did you just suggest that he has the more girls to go through and that u hope you that he does that soon ……that’s all kinds of f…ed up. ..poor lover boys libido is so important…he can go through women in the guise of never finding a true honest woman who loves him for himself is it?….u do realise that he can use that excuse to bed women n cheat..coz nobody measured upto his expectations of true love…but what’s Ur excuse for him treating them like they don’t deserve basic respect …n how is loving right himself exclusive of the kapoor tagwhen that’s the lions share of who he is…?

  7. Shinyobject says:

    Alia is irritating when she talks. Fabs, Tots,…. She should complete her education and then probably she can pronounce complete words. She is a perfect fit for creepy Rannobir. Can they both please take a sabbatical or choose an alternate career?
    And KJo, Alia isnt even that great of an actress. So stop shoving her down our throats. If she is the greatest actor in this generation then boy Bollywood is in trouble!!

    • Anon says:

      That’s a reason why I find her insufferable in her trademark Young and Bubbly roles like Dear Zindagi. She overdoes the casual bodylanguage and lingo and comes off as try hard and annoying. I am also in the minority because I didnt think Raazi was all that..her performance was weak. But she was fine in Highway and maybe more serious roles like Kalank will do the trick?

  8. MasterMind says:

    what goes around..comes around, it’s what she deserves for snake. Now RK is getting bored of this rat!! dumbbb, assshole, arrogant, possessive, bad person..she is ugly inside out.who wants a gf like her?

  9. Tina says:

    Admin, I know you don’t usually cover Hollywood, but can you please cover the Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey stories. They were both raping young boys and Hollywood studios were backing them up to the hilt.

    I think it’s important for people to know that #metoo isn’t just about sexual harassment of women. It’s also important to know how these predators prey on the vulnerable. When I first read the rumors, I decided to not watch any of their movies. Didn’t watch Bohemian Rhapsody and didn’t watch the x-men series. That’s the only way change will come

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think, this is all drama, in few weeks or months will come the patch up part and this would go on for next 2 years till all three parts of Bramastra relased… Be ready guys..

  11. Rami says:

    The saga of aloo and uncle sherba, flat out,before lift off!, honestly , they looked liked odd birds from the get go! Even ,media was not buying it, at frist ,,the public on every site screamed fake! Yet ,Kjo aunty signed trilogy before wanting for the finished products! Hope, this time, these 3 deserved ,taste of a strong medicine ! Karma bus has been waiting for these 3 players of BW !

  12. Shaayara says:

    Off topic but anyone else find Alia annoying? Like please shut the fck up kinda annoying?
    There’s something really really fake about her.

    • Anonymous says:

      She is school dropout with a mentor like KJO and looks up to Bebo so can’t expect depth or intelligence from her. She is competitive and sly. At least with Bebo what you see is what you get plus she is beautiful and has great presence. Plus after spending years with Saif she has evolved to some extent.

    • Ana says:

      i know i will get all downvotes, but Deepika sounds same to me.. same accent and vocab

    • Cool says:

      Dp isn’t well articulate . That’s for sure. But if u have patience to listen her, u will find that she talks with sound knowledge .

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ranbir Kapoor is messed up
    On many levels. Alia knew what she was getting into. No sympathy for her.

  14. yuri says:

    Did anyone care or believe it would last? Anyway, alia has a film to promote too and her angle is a romantic one so this is well timed gossip.

  15. Kiran101 says:

    i have no sympathy for Alia… kapoor bahu or not. Since any kapoor bahu shud be sympathized …but not Alia.

    She completely did not need this , if its PR thing then no need to feel bad, if its not …still .

    The faces she made and the jibes she took at Siddharth, Tapsee, Kangana , Shradda, Kriti were enough for me to lose any human sympathy i can offer .

    Its the same tamasha again and again. Ranbir’s relationship gossips are getting boring and predictable. meh!

    • Ananya says:

      What did she say against Kangana and Tapsee? Shraddha I remember something after Stree but can’t remember what it was. Kriti I sure do. I watched that bff episode.

    • Ananya says:

      @admin, would like to read a sarcastic and serious take by you on Karan Johar’s la test interview. It’s problematic!!!

      Also your take on Kangana x Krish controversy. Imo the timing of the interview seems like a revenge from Krish or smart move. He didn’t want to give her stuff during promotions to hype her film through another controversy or simply wanted to hit it out on release day.

      That said whatever he said seems to have genuinity. Especially the Sonu angle I would trust him over Krish or Kangana. Can’t put it past Kangana to behave like that. Would like to know your perspective.

    • Lucy says:

      Ananya,if I may offer my thoughts on your question although you didn’t ask me.i just saw the film and also read krish interview and saw kangana interview with Rajeev.and it makes sense why they had a difference of opinion.

      Like krish said,the character sadashiv rao isn’t given 160 minutes but all characters have ample screen space.the film is named manikarnika and hence should/is about the life and struggle of rani lakhmi bai only.her life before marriage,marriage and love,loss of her biological children,why she needed to adopt and how she needed to be on the throne and protect it.basically her personal struggle to keep Jhansi for her child.hence the other characters though important historically,couldn’t be main tantya tope,nana Saheb,etc.these characters are historically important to have their own films.i remember seeing a serial on nana saheb and lakhmi was a side character in that.

      The way krish said things it felt like he made a film on the 1857 rebellion,before the east India company completely took over India.thats why perhaps all other characters had more role,it might have been a nice film but not a film on manikarnika.

      Also in his own words,the entire film was completed with all actors having finished if the producers had been happy there was no way kangana could have held them to ransom.had the film been 90%complete,kangana could have said she will not shoot if it is not done her way.but the film was completed,so how was kangana able to force the production house to throw out krish and give her extra budget to shoot.its not like she is in the league of khans to wield such power over a big production house like zee studios.and she got around 45 crores extra to shoot,that’s huge for a flop actress like kangana to demand and get.

      I personally believe krish made an extraordinary film,but not on manikarnika.he made a film on the entire rebellion,and the studio along with kangana was not happy.even vijendra prasad who recommended krish for the director chair wanted things to be changed.krish might have refused to alter his film,but if the studio needed the film to be a story on lakhmi bai only they might have needed to replace krish.

  16. leaps says:

    god kjo and his minions esp ranbir is predictable The gif of Patric batman is so so accurate because he was a narcissist juts like ranbir , they play mind games one of them being they disappear from the life of the partner feed on your insecurity of the partner. Ranbir is know to ghost his partners nothing new

    Also this might be kjo brain child first the blind of rs interacting with alia when ranbir said mean stuff now this. when ever there is blind about ranbir as your self
    1- is his movie reslaing soon? No in this case
    2- is his main completion movie releasing soon ? yes gulu boy staring ranveer
    3- is the blind describing the other person as a loser? yes all of exes from sonam to kat even alia was described like he was doing them a favor by dating them

    dont forget ranbir/mk blind came after jagga flopped, their pics leaked on the poster release of padma and the fizzleout story on the day of trailer launch. So of course he is bound to use relationship with alia to get some attention away from praise towards ranveer and send a subtle message of superiority (narcissist trait) of looks she is heartbroken i left her i am not answering her calls.

    Also this on-off relatioship of alia/ranbir will continue any time any of their movie is about to release it started with raazi, sanju now guly boy just wait for it to more and more annoying with kalank, shamshera, bhrmastra. Alia and ranbir are peas in a pod , they hooked up in 2014. personality wise they are a match made. wait an see alia use his move shamsera for reminding the world she is one who has the power to make water taste like sherbat.

  17. Zahra says:

    Man..Poor Alia! Not too sure if her past relationship with sid was for PR or not, but he really seemed like he knew how to treat a woman properly!

    Don’t know if it’s just me that feels this, but I feel like every woman that has been Ranbir’s ex has just glowed after the breakup. First Deepika, and now Katrina. I really didn’t like Katrina one bit earlier, but post her breakup she is really glowing, and seems so much more happier and sophisticated..good for her!

    I really hope Alia hasn’t thought of walking the down the aisle with this guy, otherwise she’s bound to be a ‘Kapoor ghulaam’ for life! 🙁

  18. Ritz says:

    Honestly what’s with Alia blushing at the MENTION of Ranbir! It’s so childish. I feel like they’re or she is trying to replicate the kind of adoration people have for Deepveer and it’s just not happening. Ranbir looks too old for her and they look odd together. Not to mention, Ranveer in gullyboy has better chemistry with her – he has a boyish charm in that no-beard avatar. Kjo, seriously, we all hate you and Alia is starting to seem more and more fake for all her acting chops. I used to really like Ranbir but ever since he dumped Katrina, he is starting to live up to his Casanova image, unable to hold on to a woman at 36 years of age. Katrina looks more alive since she broke up with him

  19. Monalisa says:

    Mumbai Mirror is Kjo’s mouthpiece. Now that no one is buying Aloobir dating rumours spreading rumours of breakup.

    I won’t be surprised if Kjo wants to pair up Vicky with Alia now that he is a succes and part of his camp. Saw her attending a screening of Uri.

    According Kjo pr blinds all Alia’s co-stars from Sid, Varun, Arjun, SRK, Shahid Ranbir all fell for her irresistable charms. She is the most desireable that even married men can’t help but fall for her. Vicky was a nobody during Raazi hence spared but after Sanju he has got so popular and Uri is a box office success Kjo might want Vicky and Alia.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      @monalisa but isn’t kjo completely in love with ranbir? Why would he word it like this calling him a douche, admitting this is a pattern he has of treating women badly…

      if I were kjo I would have written something like “this deeply misunderstood blue-eyed boy feels like the relationship is moving too fast, he feels unable to commit so quickly given recent family tragedy and so both have decided to part ways amicably (much to the dismay of their legions of fans and shippers worldwide…)”. 😉

    • Monalisa says:

      @london True. Could be a blind not by Kjo. Maybe as admin said some concerned party (who is a big Alia fan) at Mumbai Mirror tried to uncover why Alia is looking so down lately and came to know about this hence all the hating on him or maybe Kjo wanted Alia to get all the sympathy hence the wording.

    • leaps says:

      @monalisa any blind that describes ranbir as Casanova and the women as having the privilege of dating him is by ranbir himself. this blind is ranbir himself

      • Neep says:

        A douche is an obnoxious person. Strong language that, for the future anointed King. Someone’s seriously pissed off that Meryl Streep Jr is getting truckloads of misery But can Alia feel anything till Kjo clears it?

    • Sia says:

      Karan Johar is definitely capable of this blind. What he isn’t capable of is loving anyone except himself and his kids, including Miss Potato Bhatt. Of course he would put this out for her to show Ranbir down, no matter how much “love” (lack of) he has for him.

  20. RP says:

    But isn’t their relationship a PR thing?!!!

  21. LondonThumakda says:

    There is a word for this kind of guy it’s f***boi. He’s not unique I can’t tell you how many times a friend of mine has fallen for someone like him and I’ve been like Whyyyyyy?!

    I am relieved these blinds are out there now, at least the entire media is not in kjo’s pocket…unless this is a kjo ploy given some films run on the hype of “exes coming together”. But he should beware …it might have worked for YJHD but didn’t for jagga Jasoos. Plus no one really believed aloosherbet were a thing. The cringe factor was toooo high.

    • Anon says:

      Yes!!! What is it about the irresistable charms of a f*ckboi?? It’s like catnip for women who want to “change” them. If the rumour was true (which I doubt), then Alia probably went into it thinking SHE will be the one to tame the Great Casanova and have her special status engraved in history. It’s the biggest joke. Men like this either never change or only change when THEY want to aka they are old and tired and have played the game for too long. Has nothing to do with the ‘specialness’ of the woman

    • Venus says:

      Why do I feel that next on Ranbirs hitlist will be Sara,but she’s family do maybe he will want to settle down with her ??

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