Bollywood Blind Item – February 2020 – 6

So much has been going around this superstar’s decision to start his next film. From north to south, there were rumours that he was talking to directors everywhere.

Now it seems things are finally moving forward with the actor already signed on and his heroine in talks with them. But it seems the producers and director are quite unhappy that the actress is asking for a big fee to be in this film.

Well, if she wanted a big fat paycheck, she should have done it in Mamu’s film! Why do it in this film where even the superstar doesn’t know if it’s going to work out or not. He has been going through a bad phase lately and if this film’s budget is quite high, it might be difficult to recover.

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Let’s not forget this director was accused in the MeToo movement last year. Not that it will impact the box office results of this film, but both the actor and actress should be ready with questions about that directed at them.

Anyways, let’s see if they agree to her terms. She has changed management now, so….

Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item

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This A-list heroine quoted double her market price to star opposite a superstar in his next

Pay disparity might be a huge discussion in the film industry, given that female actors are still not paid the same way as a male star. But what happens when any of the heroines ask for a remuneration that’s more than what they actually deserve? Here’s one curious case where a top actress quoted a ridiculous figure to be part of this dream project, being planned by a master filmmaker.

So hua yeh ki our maverick director, who’s known for his unique language to cinema he presents, produces or directs, has been putting together a big film, with a superstar. The male actor, who has reigned over the last few decades, hit a rough patch recently when his last few films didn’t perform as expected.

While the big announcement is still due, the actor and the director who have wanted to collaborate on several films in the past but couldn’t do it, have finally agreed on this project. The film requires two female leads opposite the superstar, in two different age brackets.

For the younger actress’ role, the team needed someone in the late 30s and approached this superstar actress, who’s known for her commercial and acting prowess. The heroine, who’s known to be a diva, heard the story and loved it. But what she did later left everyone shocked. She asked for a humongous pay, to the tune of Rs 9 crore, which is almost double her actual figure that she quotes for other films.

The team feels getting her on board will only accentuate and amplify the film’s reach so they are still discussing on the modalities and checking if the actress is ready to step in, for a little less than what she asked for. But from what we hear, the actress and her team will mostly have the last say and get what they want!

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Kareena Kapoor

Actor: Shah Rukh Khan

Director: Rajkumar Hirani


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9 Responses

  1. Sarita says:

    @Admin – Did you check out the news article about Alia and RK fixing date in December for thier wedding? Really? Dont they know that no one is giving them a crap about their love life or wedding rumors? The wedding after movie release makes it so evident that it is PR relationship. I wish someone told them that.

    • Admin says:

      As expected, the wedding will come “after” the release of their movie. Note how the date of the movie’s release was mentioned because obviously that’s more important than A wedding! Poor Alia, she does not know what she signed up to!🤪

      • kiran101 says:

        @admin I object to the Alia sympathy. Alia knows what she is getting into, does Ranbir and his family know what they are getting into ? Things are happening exactly how Alia wants them to be.

        • sbcd says:

          This reminds me of rishi Kapoor’s old movie naseeb apna apna, ( few initial parts) where rishi kapoor was made to marry against his wish for the sake of his father’s friendship, getting huge amount of gold and land. Here history is repeating itself in real life from reel life. The difference now being that it’s career, kjo and neetu Kapoor. Their exes must be feeling so humiliated and hurt after coming across this news. The way neetu Kapoor is more happy than rk over this marriage, shows that it could be true.

          • leaps says:

            come on guys all his exes have done well for themselves post raymond’s exit from their lives. even if you are not a fan of any of any of them you know they deserved better thn a mega narcissist ranbir/ayan two in one deal. .

            lets be honest there is no way his exes deserved inlaws like neetu and rishi. Also his parents played smart he let him date all these years and objected and insulted every girl he was associated with publicly and when they thought the girl was to get gotten rid of well there was ayan to help with the leaks.Now with his careers at the lowest and tired he goes for their pick. There is no way neetu was ever going to be ok with a independent outsider so.

            Also alia suits them and has also played smart she has shown her loyalty to kjo ensuring neetu there is no way she is standing up to neetu at-least publicly,she has set the bar so so low at emotional infidelity. Also by marrying ranbir her bhatts move up into bw dynasty hierarchy by association. Alia is from Bollywood so cant feel sorry for her the outsiders he dated deserved sympathy.

            alia/ranbir had already hooked up in 2014 they are peas in a pod, in every aspect.

        • nefarious says:

          It was so evident how the movie date was announced and RK and Ayan dint miss to call Alia as girlfriend….its like they literally have to tell ppl out loud to make it convincing BECOS they know no one is buying into it!

  2. Sarita says:

    @Sona Because her so called London studied Nawabi husband has no money. He is usually broke or is in the midst of spending the money he makes. Now that the child is growing up someone needs to take responsibility of giving him the lifestyle they portray

    • Sona says:

      Yes but Kareena is in no position to refuse a movie with a superstar because of money. Her husband has no money but if she’ll start asking more money for her movies or even ads then they’ll replace her with younger actresses. I am sure Kareena knows how ageist and sexist bollywood is and she’ll not dare to lose her position just because her husband’s movies are not doing well at the box office.

  3. Sona says:

    I don’t think Kareena can do that. She is more than happy to get movies with big stars like Akshay, Amir and SRK. Why would she leave a movie with Shahrukh because of money?

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