Bollywood Blind Item – February 2020 – 4

It’s been almost 7 years since this franchise released its last film. Naturally, after the big success, they have been trying to take it to the next step but they didn’t know how.

Mr. India’s brother back then even said that the next one will not have him and his partner in the film. Instead they are going to do something different like the ‘Batman’ series. He said it so…

Since then, all this production company has been doing is leaking out news on who will be the next big villain in their film. Obviously, they want only the best stars not any small one. So they went to King Khan and he said he will think about it and then later backtracked.

Now, their eyes are on Khiladi Kumar who has already signed with them to do a bunch of films. They want him to be in this one ASAP but he’s already booked. You know him? Busy making his money so he can retire peacefully to the other side of the world.

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, we don’t think Khiladi Kumar is suited to be in this film. He has done so many action films that there’s nothing left for him to do. Also, drop the franchise idea…It’s too outdated! Move on.


Bollywood Blind Item


FOR the past few months, this studio has been looking to cast an actor for their satire franchise. After an A-list actor declined, despite initially confirming, the production house tried offering it to a few other well-known names. However, none of them seemed to be too excited.

Now, the movie’s makers are keen on getting a current box-office darling on board. But his date-book is full until next year and the studio is keen to begin the movie this year as the director has the script, screenplay and dialogue ready. Wonder if the actor will manage to make time for the film, or the producers will have to keep it on hold endlessly.

OSOP Guesses

A-List Actor: Shah Rukh Khan

Satire Franchise: Dhoom series

Box Office Darling: Akshay Kumar


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