Bollywood Blind Item – February 2020 – 21

Big holidays in India have always been reserved for big actors!

You would think a superstar would be secure enough to release his film on any date, especially the most bankable star?! But no…That ain’t happening. Booking big holidays have always been the ultimate fight stars battle. In some ways, it represent their ego!

Any sane person would want to have a solo release date and not clash with another famous person, but not these stars. It’s like they get a high to release their film on the same day as another star’s film. Not just stars, even star kids’ newcomers. Remember the Raymond & SRK debacle back in the day that had SRK claiming he would ruin their film.

So this movie is not ready yet for release and for some reason, the star of the film felt the need to announce the film’s release date without consulting the producers first. As you can read in the blind item below, the producers are pissed but can’t say shi!t to the star because they don’t want to bruise his ego.

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If you remember, some years ago when a famous and acclaimed director announced the release of his film on the same day as a superstar’s film without consulting the producers, he pissed off everyone! Then, the producers were not afraid to make their displeasure known publicly. They even tried to have him fired from the project.

Guess he’s not as powerful as this star!

Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla. By the way, wonder if they are going to see to this top star’s film name? Sounds weird!



Bollywood Blind Item

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To avoid an EXPLOSIVE clash, makers of a top star’s hot movie are planning to postpone it

The makers have been having private discussions (without the knowledge of the actor) about postponing the movie, after the big-budget extravaganza releases.

These two movies are hyped to be among the best releases of this year. While one announced its release date on a holiday, another decided to bag the same date as the star enjoys a huge audience on that day. But now it seems that the makers of one of the movies, a supernatural flick, are having serious doubts about the clash, as the other actor’s clout is supreme on holidays.

The celebrity producers of this much-hyped movie are seriously contemplating postponing it, to avoid clashing with a big-budget action extravaganza, which is releasing on the same days. Both the movies have two of the biggest action heroes in Bollywood and said to be fierce competitors too.

It all started when the star of one of the movies, was in strategic discussions with his team, deciding when to announce the release his next. The plan was to release on the big holiday but before they could announce the date, somehow the top star of the other movie got wind of it and announced the release of the film on the same day. Caught unaware but determined to release on the same day, he too announced the release of his film on the holiday. Strangely, it wasn’t only him that was surprised!

Apparently, the producers of the supernatural flick were also caught unaware but they had no choice than to go along with the star of their movie as the film was a long way till completion. What the actor says is almost like an unwritten rule on the sets of this film and the makers have no choice but to obey them.

But now, apart from the supernatural flick not being ready on time (the shoot is still going on and the VFX part is left), the makers are not keen for a clash too as the other star has a huge fan following. The makers have been having private discussions (without the knowledge of the actor) about postponing the movie, after the big-budget extravaganza releases.

They have finalised two dates – one a month later and another a couple of months later but apart from informing their lead actor, they want to stretch the announcement of the postponed date just a month before the big-budget extravaganza releases and cashed in maximum on the hype.

It seems that the team of the supernatural movie has not kept the top actor in the loop as he was against the postponement earlier. One of his hottest movies has already been postponed this year to avoid a clash. Apparently, he was extremely unhappy about it as he hadn’t been informed about it by his director, who went ahead and did what he felt best.

So, for now, it’s all being kept under wraps, as the makers of the supernatural flick want to stretch it till the last minute. They want the maximise the buzz surrounding it and also have ample time to convince their top star too!

OSOP Guesses

Top Star: Akshay Kumar

His Film: Laxmi Bomb

Other Actor: Salman Khan

His Film: Radhe


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2 Responses

  1. HateKjo says:

    Movie release dates or clash doesn’t matter any more. Only strong content and performance matters in today’s time. Audience wants to see a good and entertaining movie regardless who is the hero (yes big stars and their star power do help a lot in bringing people to the cinema and to get a big opening but it doesn’t guarantee success).

    Nowadays it’s hard to get a solo release. Every big star wants a holiday release thinking it might benefit their film.

    This year only Tanaji has worked at the box office so far. Latest two releases too tanked at the box office. Let see what March releases fare at the box office .

    Akshay is on a hit giving spree so his movie will do well at the box office. Ranveer is also at the top with a huge hit at his back, but 83 the film might not work. But then who knows. He is a lucky fellow.

  2. abcd says:

    If a particular movie has to fail, it will fail, no matter when movie gets released. Audience can’t be forced to spend money on a bad movie.If producers start getting scared of stars and agree to tantrums for the sake of getting a hit movie, then it’s certainly bad work ethic. I know it all—-this mentality doesn’t always help

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