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Who is surprised by the outcome of this film? No one! Actually, the producer is!

Here’s the film, when a producer gives his name and money for a project, he should keep a close eye on how things are working on his sets. Like, be there on the spot. Sajid Nadiadwala does this, he’s there present behind the monitor while the director directs. A lot of money goes through the making of a film so it’s the producer’s right to be there.

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That aside, with this movie…Everyone knew this was going to be a bad idea. How could the producer not see it? Was the script exciting? Did the story look better on paper? Because everyone, who saw the trailer, can see it is going to be a bad film!

Apparently, the producer saw the film a couple of days before the trailer was launched and he was shocked. So shocked that he himself decided to cut the trailer. Well, now you know who approved of that ridiculous scene of the actress that generated so many memes!

It’s ironic that the director was shocked before the trailer was launched and only now they are letting it out. It’s actually convenient to shift the blame on to the director.

To be fair, the director is coming back after being criticized for using the same backdrop as a story in his films. SO his people should have known what to avoid. Are they too much of yes-men that they cannot stop their director from making this huge and expensive mistake?

The director, in one of his interviews for this film, said he made this film to represent how today’s people fall in love or carry out relationship. In short, how today’s generation have relationship.

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How in the world does he know this when he’s not from this generation?

So, it’s more like his interpretation of what love is for this generation. If you remember, Mr.India aka Malkin’s hubby also tried his hand at making a movie where he showed how this generation feels about love and relationship. It was horrible! These directors are surrounding themselves by yes-men, who can’t stop them so they agree with them because it’s easier.

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The film released today and critics have been tearing it away. So have the viewers!

Check out the blind item by PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


This producer was shocked after watching final cut of his next, slams director for being careless

Bollywood can be quite a funny place. Some relationships that may seem strong on one particular day, can easily crumble the very next. Such is the case with one producer and a director who have remained friends for quite sometime.

The director and the producer have worked together on the latter’s maiden production venture. Recently, when they decided to come together for another film, which had more than just a connection with their first film together, everyone’s expectations had sky rocketed.

An insider tells us all was hunky dory till the producer saw the first few rushes of the film, just a week before the film’s trailer launch. In fact, he was so stunned with the product at hand, that he decided to cut the trailer himself. He thought he might saved themselves some trolling but well well well… the film was all set to hit screens anyway.

When the producer checked the final cut of the project, he was livid. With his money riding on the movie, the producer immediately called up the filmmaker and fired him for his careless and reckless attitude. He felt that the director, who’s otherwise known for his good brand of cinema, went completely haywire with this one and was extremely irresponsible.

The producer apparently also made hurried calls to his two lead stars and his core team and asked them to do some damage control. We hear that the two once-upon-a-time friends aren’t even on talking terms anymore. In fact, while the cold war is on, they are making sure they don’t cross paths even during the film activities. Guess it just had to take one bad experience to sour their years-long dosti!

OSOP Guesses

Producer: Dinesh Vijan

Director: Imtiaz Ali

Film: Love Aaj Kal 2020

Maiden Film: Love Aaj Kal


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  1. Universal says:

    Imtiaz Ali last made something worthwhile was Jab We met. Rockstar rode on RK’s performance and songs. Since then he is trying to sell same product in different packaging. I am amused at how bw and web series makers visualize present day romance. It’s all sex, abusing, cracking adult jokes and career. Emotions are emotions whichever generation it is.
    Also, notice now most reviewers put the blame solely on Imtiaz and not Sara or Kartik. Worshipping rising sun.

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