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Everyone was quite surprised when this actress announced her next project right when her film was playing in theatres. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but most people saw that announcement as a way to take attention away from the unexpected performance of her film at the box office.

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What was also unexpected was the sudden health scare of her co-star in the film she announced! Yes, the senior actor has taken ill again with reports currently suggesting that it’s not a small thing but a serious one. Considering he came back from a serious and life-threatening disease, it’s supposed to be a given that he should take care of himself more instead of jumping back straight to work. He is at a position where he doesn’t have to work, but then again when you have been working non-stop all your life, it’s hard to stay idle and do nothing.

Now he’s back at the hospital and this actress knows he is not going to get well anytime soon and even if he is, he is not at a position to do this film with her. So, she’s on the lookout for another senior actor to be cast opposite her.

By the way, we thought this film didn’t do too well when it was released. As you know, she has signed on to do this Hollywood remake that stared a famous actress and veteran actor. The veteran actor, at that time, was known to sign on films because he needed the money and this film too was supposed to be one of those silly films in his filmography. We haven’t seen it so can’t really comment on whether it’s worthy of being remade in Hindi.

Those, who have seen it, drop in your thoughts below.

In the meantime, check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


A leading actress, who sometimes doubles up as a producer, is scouting for a co-star for her next venture. It’s interesting, as she just announced a co-star a few weeks ago. But we hear the said colleague is indisposed and may not resume work anytime soon. The lady prefers to give the gent his much needed R&R. In other words, she doesn’t want to waste any time.

OSOP Guesses

Leading Actress: Deepika Padukone

Announced Co-Star: Rishi Kapoor


Warner Bros., Azure Entertainment and Ka Productions will co-produce a Hindi-language remake of Nancy Meyers’ 2015 hit β€œThe Intern.” Iconic Indian actors Deepika Padukone (β€œChhapaak”) and Rishi Kapoor (β€œThe Body”) will play the roles enacted by Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro respectively in the original.

A director for the still untitled adaptation will be announced shortly. The film is expected to release in 2021.

β€œ β€˜The Intern’ is a very relevant film for the present-day Indian workplace milieu and it showcases human relationships beautifully,” said Kapoor.

Padukone, who launched Ka Productions with acclaimed acid-attack survivor tale β€œChhapaak,” said: β€œI have been looking for a light, breezy comedy-drama and this story fits in seamlessly.”


Rishi Kapoor after being treated in Delhi amidst shoot was shifted to a hospital in Mumbai. The veteran actor was down with fever due to pollution and tweeted about the same too. Soon after returning to Mumbai, the actor was rushed to a hospital and is currently undergoing treatment too. He had also revealed that he has been detected with pneumonia and it’s currently being taken care of.

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5 Responses

  1. Hate Kjo says:

    Deepika is making some serious mistakes and taking wrong decisions. She is on top and a superstar who is not a star id as well but her choices of films are not the one she should make. Draupati is another blunder in my opinion.

    Chhapaak was a good film with a power pact performance by all especially Deepika but JNU stunt and clash ruined it completely.

    ADMIN can you please tell why is she not keen on doing movies big male actors like Salman/Aamir//Hrithik / Akshay etc?
    And what about her super heroine film which she announced last year?

    • Kit says:

      I have a feeling it’s either they are not interested in doing films with her or she’s asking for way more than they are willing to pay.

      I recall reading a blind that she was the one who dared SRK when he refused to move Dilwale and avoid clash with BM. If true, SRK would most likely never forgive her as he was the one who gave her an opportunity in the first place in Om Shanti Om. Forget that crap she said about Farah giving her the opportunity. SRK had the power to remove her if he wanted to.

      Also, she and Rohit Shetty were claiming last year that she was the reason for Chennai Express success, not SRK. That would most likely have really pissed SRK off and also turned off the interest of other superstars you mentioned. They hate it when someone tries to compete with them not to talk of claiming credit for the success of their films. A reason they’ll never work with Kangana too.

      Also, she’s married. That’s still an issue among the top stars and they’ll more likely not be interested in being cast opposite her. There was a blind before Zero’s release that SRK was pissed at Anuskha for getting married.
      Funnily though he has no such issues with Kajol who he has done three films with after marriage. Kajol, Rani and Kareena are exceptions because they are industry kids, are liked by their super star friends and/or their husbands own production houses. Notice that Sonam and Anuskha don’t have any film offers too. Aishwarya is a Bachchan so she’ll still have offers though none from the superstars she has worked with.

      Deepika is also overhyped and that is not doing her any favors. Giving her credit for Padmaavat’s success didn’t help her at all as most if not all agree that the success of the film has more to do with SLB, Ranveer and Shahid Kapoor. Even some of the supporting characters were better actors. The box office result of Chhapaak proves that constant media attention and big social media presence doesn’t result in box office success.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      A simpler answer is films with male superstars rarely have meaty roles for women? Moreover SRK’s recent film choices have been disastrous …with the disclaimer that I do genuinely like and admire her so I’m probably not being objective, I think she’s making great decisions…she seems to be going the kangana way ie creating her own opportunities. Championing a cause people find it difficult to talk about (Chhapaak), producing a more modern urban romantic drama and a light hearted comedy, something she’s clearly dying to do after her last two films. I’ve never seen her more confident and radiant than she does now. More power to her!

  2. leaps says:

    @admin well in case you haven’t seen the intern you should if you want to see a simple well told story

  3. yuri says:

    plenty of people announce films these days when they have one in release.. didn’t kangana and saif literally just do the same thing?
    This blind sounds fake and obviously to put her in bad light. He’s only been in the hospital a few days.


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