Bollywood Blind Item ā€“ February 2019 ā€“ 13

The first blind item today comes from Rajeev Masand. Honestly, we didn’t this blind item out so soon because these two are not really on our radar. So whatever they do is not going to shock us. What is the deal with her brother, though? Is he going to come back soon and then say that he has learnt from his old mistakes? A creep will always be a creep and all of these people enabled him.

So back to the blind item below. Apparently, these two directors once used to make fun of each other. Both of their films are ridiculous so can’t say who wins the clown crown. But, the fact that they are going to work together sounds out of character for both of them. Is it because they are insecure of making their own films? He is still directing, but what about her? Is she not getting any ideas or is it something else?

Everyone is choosing to collaborate these days. It is either they can’t secure the finance or they are scared to make their own films. As far as this superstar is concerned, it is really strange how he just left all of his old contacts. Almost all of them. He used to be so close to them, treated them like families. Then after his down period in the industry where it appeared that he was having a mid-life crisis, he just cut them out of his life. Just like that.

Technically, her relationship with the superstar was way longer and much more deeper than his relationship with this superstar. His relationship ended because of the last disappointment they delivered together. For her, it ended when her husband in a drunk state doing something he shouldn’t in the gents’ room. Things went messy after that. They did make up and got back together in time to make another film. As for him, he is still sticking to that story. The one where he said nothing happened between them and that they are still friends.

Well, what’s more to say. Good luck to them…

Check out the blind item below from Rajeev Masand.



Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item ā€“ February 2019 ā€“ 13

The Surprise Patch-Up

It’s true that nothing is permanent in Bollywood: neither friendships nor enmities. Or that it’s a fickle business. Two high-profile filmwaalas who were no fans of each other to begin with (perhaps because they represented the same kind of cinema and were being constantly compared) became further prejudiced against each other when a superstar shifted his loyalties from one to the other.

At the time neither missed a chance to make a snide comment about the other, gleefully celebrating the other’s failures, or running down their successes. But life has a way of coming full circle and currently neither is close’ to said superstar. Insiders say both feel let down by him. Perhaps that has united them; for they’re the new best friends in Bollywood. From taking selfies at awards ceremonies to finding a project to work together, the two are making no effort to hide the fact that they have buried their problems.


OSOP Guesses

Directors: Farah Khan and Rohit Shetty

Superstar: Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood Blind Item ā€“ February 2019 ā€“ 13

Bollywood Blind Item ā€“ February 2019 ā€“ 13

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7 Responses

  1. Koel says:

    This SRK gang is too opportunistic including SRK himself, probably because they are all average and hence always insecure. First they insult and make life difficult for others, then once these other folks kill at the box office, SRK and his gang suddenly become best of friends with them to earn through them. SRK-Farah-Kjo they all use one another and no one is a friend. SRK shifted gears to then hit Kjo of K3G, dropped him for then hit Farah OSO, dropped her for Rohit Shetty, dropped him for Anand L Rai (Shetty got pretty angry with SRK for this, coz he is not like this opprotunistic gang and values his relationship with either his movie unit, Ajay Devgan, etc.). Same goes for Farah, friends with Kjo, turned enemies and competitors. But fact is, they are all incapable of making it on themselves alone and need crutches of other talented people.

    While, in this aspect, Salman, Ajay, etc are much better where they indeed stand by their group of people despite their success or failures. Ajay gave flops with Rohit before he learnt and churned out hits, but stood by him all throughout. Once box office fails SRK and gang, they will all leave each other and die alone.

    • Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

      SRK is not dumping people ,his movies are burning badly and he simply doesn’t know how to resurrect his career . He shows his age compared to the other Khans , can’t play lover boy roles anymore . Old favorites who built his career -Karan and Aditya Chopra who now take young actors -are dropping him like a hot potato. The thing with PC appears to thrown him too . People are advising him to try something new which includes working with other film makers hoping things will turn around. Somewhere deep down ,it must hurt that all these movie makers who wanted only him in the successful past have now thrown him like a used curry leaf. The only person I have ever seen him dump is Arjun Rampal.

    • Raj says:

      I have never seen a bigger opportunistic person than SRK. One he got some name in the industry, he always tried to work with directors who were close to other stars and proved their credentials with those. Start with Josh with Mansoor Khan (who worked only with Aamir till then), Sanjay leela Bhansali in Devdas (who worked only with Salman and Salman supported SLB even fter failure of Khamoshi), Ashutosh Gowalikar in Swadesh (who had worked with Aamir in 2 movies, one super flop and other global hit), Don with Farhan (after he made Dil Chahta hai and Lakshya), Rohit Shetty (who was supported by Ajay only), Imitiaz Ali and now Anand Rai. All these people Kjo, Farah, SRK are the biggest opportunist who dont take a minute to dumb somebody once they fail. I have never seen SRK standing by his flop director or team unlike Salman, Aamir, Ajay (no to say they are good people)

  2. NewGirl says:

    There were some rumours that DP was gonna be in this movie.

    A Deepika Padukone Farah Khan masala movie. I would watch that.

  3. Universal says:

    Rohit Shetty was close to SRK? I thought they only did 2 movies together that too after Shetty got great success with Golmaal series. Farah was very close to SRK since beginning.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to digress but what is the backstory regarding Hritik and Kareena affair in early 2000s. Was it just a rumor or was he really into her while he was engaged to Suzanne.

    • Raj says:

      I even heard a story that Kareena got an abortion done in 2000s at a high profile gynaecologist clinic in Mumbai and both Hritik and Kareena were seen in that clinic multiple times.

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