Bollywood Blind Item – December 2018

The first blind item for today is about a situation that involves one of three Bollywood‘s superstars. As you know, only the top three Khans are called the superstars of Bollywood so this blind item is about one of them. As we have mentioned some time back, the wife of this superstar has started looking unhealthy. You all know the stress that she has been facing since her husband decided to focus his attention to a girl twice younger than him. See, you can fake it as much as you like on the outside, your body and mind cannot fake it like you can. Obviously, something is going on that has made her look this unhealthy. Things must be really that bad since the blind item is saying that she is going to move back to her parents home soon with her son.

It’s good for her. Whatever is the case, to support a cheating hubby does take a toll on your health. Not just supporting, even if you stay in a marriage where you know your spouse is cheating on you, it eats you up. So, why put yourself through that? If you can leave, just do it. Why suffer while your spouse is enjoying?

If this superstar does end up getting divorced, you wait and watch how he will play all of this. If he said he was badly depressed the first time he divorced when he was actually cheating and even fathered a child with another woman, just wait and see what he says for this one. For now, we don’t think this will happen. His last film flopped badly and shook his market value. If he does get divorced, he will end up losing a lot. At his age, it will be hard to make a comeback. Just look at his contemporary! If she is staying in the marriage, why not take the opportunity to use his money and direct a few films? If that girl can blackmail him into giving her films, why can’t his wife?

Check out the blind item from DNA.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – December 2018


This wife of a superstar is to move out of the city to live with her parents

A superstar wife, who has been a pale shadow of herself in recent months, is likely to move to her parents home in another city, say sources. The biwi, who was a spunky person in the past, and was always courteous and bubbly even with the mediapersons, is completely out of sorts because her famous husband and she are obviously going through a very rough phase in their relationship. There are those who say that biwi ji and her kid are likely to move lock, stock and barrel to another city.


OSOP Guesses

Wife: Kiran Rao

Superstar: Aamir Khan

Bollywood Blind Item – December 2018

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14 Responses

  1. sana says:

    Dude..Kiran is friendly with Reena. speaks ALOT. And she is not leaving khan for sure. how will she catch a chauffeur and hop to Andhra pradesh with azad without aamir’s money. She is too much consumed in the lifestyle of a star wife. she’s in designer clothes head to toe. She is credited as the producer of all AKP prductions. She along with Reena is part of Paani foundation which has the constant support of chief minister,home minister, tata birla and not to forget the Ambani’s whose exclusive party invite she got and they traveled to Italy for Isha Ambani yet another engagement party.
    She is the chairperson of MAMI all thanks to being Mrs Aamir Khan.

  2. Papaess says:

    Well, Kiran and he had an affair on the sets of Lagaan where she was an AD, right under Reena’s nose. To make matters worse, Reena worked really hard on that film, which was a mammoth task and exhausting for everyone. Ashutosh was very upset. This was the last straw for Reena, and she initiated the divorce soon after. I’m not sure why Kiran thought things would be different with her. Leopard, spots etc.

  3. Tranquil says:

    Aamir can use all the clout he has to escape this situation but no one escapes karma .. having cheated 2 wives so far he will pay big time! Mark my words .. I have seen bigger people pay for what they did to others in the most unexpected ways .. no escape

  4. any says:

    i dont get when a woman breaks a house and gives a blind eye to the current wife.. how can she cry out loud when someone else is doing the sam eto her.. this is karma.. irrespective whether its a man doing to woman or woman doing it to man.. its just plain bad karma, which u will have to do amends in this very life by being in the same shoes later or some other way.. why someone gives such a man, an importance enough of a marriage or a long lasting affair.. somewhere i feel its better for such men to have an image of a philanderer than a family man..

    • Lucy says:

      Honestly I doubt kiran broke them up.he was cheating on kiran right from after their marriage .thats almost 13-14 years.he also fathered the child before they met on Lagan sets.if I am not mistaken Jaan was born either in 1999 or 2000.maybe it was finally too much for rina to take.anyways there was a gossip that she found priety and aamir making out in her own home during making of dil chahata hai in 2000 and then right after she filed for divorce.he might have met kiran on sets of Lagan but in that film it was the white girl racheal that he was having a fling with.also in between the divorce and marrying reena he had an affair with barkha dutt as was her mistake to marry a known womaniser but whatever is happening is certainly not karma for breaking a woman’s home,more so the result of bad choices she made knowingly.

  5. Fact says:

    LOL at Admin and her delusions to believe small things like divorce will finish off Aamir Khan, BTW do remember that before Thugs, his last film broke all the records !!

    And as for PR and political game Aamir is one the strongest in India, he has direct talks with people who OWN this country and stay at 10 Janpath Delhi. And thus along with that the entire Leftist media is in his hands.

    Aamir has also done his hard yards for the Congress by directly attacking Modi and BJP on Stage in front of Arun Jaitley himself, so you can calculate how powerful Aamir is yourself.

    • Tina says:

      /\ /\ /\ Aamir is the most powerful political player in the country y’all! Round of applause please!

      But wait, why do we care about his political PR, when we are talking about his personal reputation and it’s professional impact? Fatima, is that you again?

    • Fact says:

      I am just quashing the delusions of Admin about Aamir Khan having to struggle or make a comeback, what comeback?? He delivered a single flop but still was in one of the biggest budget films of the year and his last film was an All Time Blockbuster.

      Regarding Divorce, both sides try to sling mud on another but one with more money, better PR and political game wins the battle unless he/she is having physical/mental problems.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t underestimate the power of time. Big empires have sunk within matter of days because of bad decisions or bad time. There is no place for such kind of arrogance even for the mightiest. Aamir displayed the same kind of arrogance with thugs and look how bad the result was. I doubt he is going to leave Kiran. Fatima on the other hand better have a solid plan because thugs is a huge flop. She is a talented girl and should take a leaf from her friend in badhai ho and bank on talent and hard work.

  6. Manisha says:

    Sounding kinda ageist there admin – Amitabh Bachchan can have a revival at his age, why can’t Khans or anyone else for that matter?

  7. Neep says:

    Aamir Khan was unfaithful to Rina and put her through hell. He’s every bit a womaniser as the two actors you keep referencing. Post his second marriage he’s managed his image well. But there’s life in the old dog! Why does Kiran stay? She’s got a lot of visibility from this marriage not to mention wealth and a great lifestyle. I doubt that she’s that talented. She made one movie with a lot of pretensions and that was it. So staying put till Aamir’s attention strays to a younger woman makes a sad kind of sense.

  8. Amanda says:

    Kiran should clean Aamir’s bank balance. Nothing hurts more than loss of money and image. This time he can’t escape like the last time. Times have changed.

    • Fact says:

      This is not Amreeka where anybody can clean anybody’s bank balance, In divorce cases judges arrive at suitable figure and if Kiran is lucky she can get 50-100 crores which is peanuts for Aamir and his 1000-1500 crores and growling money pot.

      Some hacks spread rumours about Suzanne getting 400 crores which Hrithik denied, the actual figure was 100 crores plus a apartment and Suzanne’s lawyer did not try for more as he knew this large amount cannot be obtained if Hrithik fights back. Hrithik was in bad condition mentally and physically after his brain surgery and constant Headaches, so he did not even get a lawyer and said i accept all the conditions and Suzanne’s lawyer himself represented both in courts. Aamir is not such a softie, he will get a Good PR team, vulture lawyers and negotiate till last crore !!

    • Saz says:

      Kiran is in the same situation as Reena was a few years ago. It will be for all to see how she handles it.

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