Bollywood Blind Item – December 2017 2

Frankly speaking, we are not surprised at all by the blind item below. Usually, this is how it is at Bollywood parties. It’s also why they have parties. At this particular party, everyone looked like they were on the same thing. Literally, everyone including the hostess herself who just kept on hugging and kissing her poor guest, who’s more than twice younger than her. That’s just creepy and way too much, but then again these desis fawn over anything foreign and white!

This blind item is by DNA and is about this young actress, whose first film opposite a top star was a huge flop and disappointment. Poor girl was lost among the fake crocodiles and her hero’s golden locks! No one noticed her in the film because they were too busy pointing out the mistakes.

We don’t know how many more blind items we will get from this soiree that was hosted weeks ago. Check out the latest blind item from that gathering.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – December 2017 2


This newbie heroine snorted some substance at a recent bash

The who’s who of the industry was at this lavish bash thrown by a well-known filmmaker for an international musician. While the hostess made sure her guests were properly taken care of, a bitchy actress tells us that a newbie heroine, who’s just one-film-old and still trying to find a footing in Bollywood, entered with one of her designer buddies. After spending some time with the pop star, the actress and her friend took a break to snort some substance. Another insider tells us that the actress is addicted to it and can be seen doing it quite often nowadays. The heroine is a familiar face down South, but her only Hindi film alongside a leading superstar, bombed at the box office. Pehchaan kaun!


OSOP Guesses

Heroine: Pooja Hegde

Musician: Ed Sheeran

Filmmaker: Farah Khan

Bollywood Blind Item – December 2017 2

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5 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    pooja looked really pretty in that fiasco wt HR. Admin who was the hostess.

  2. Pav says:

    Hey admin, how about an article regarding kangana’s ‘in your face statement about Azmi’s Deepika petition’. I know it’s wrong for anyone to get involved in married men no matter what. But things like these make me adore her so much. Love that attitude

    • Alok says:

      Kangana hit a homerun with her statement. They want to ostracize and shun her yet they still ask for her signature and support. Shabana Azmi has an agenda and frankly should’ve kept her mouth shut during the Hrithik fiasco, regardless of who was right or wrong. The two faced β€œfraternity” doesn’t deserve her. But it’s nice she verbalized support for DP. Haters will hate, but she’s having the last laugh.

  3. Pooja says:

    It is sad that many new comer’s get addicted to substances and other harmful habits after some time in bollywood . Wish every new comer had strong family bonding so that someone can stop them from this addiction issues or else they will end up being emotionally instable which might end up to mental health issues.
    Hey admin whats up ranbir, is he still on substances??? or that rehab thing worked for him???

  4. naughtytrini says:

    Bitchy actress??? jealous much…

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