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The blind item below is about an upcoming biopic. As you probably know, since last year, there have been an abundance of biopics being made. The list is endless! The blind item below is about the biopic of a legend who died at 39 years old.

It’s been a long time since his death and Bollywood has been trying to make a movie about his film to which his family has so far vehemently opposed. Now news is that this biopic below does not have the approval of his family yet so it remains to be seen whether they will make it without the family’s side of the story. They can, but still!

So the makers of this biopic want this superstar to play the veteran actor onscreen but the superstar has yet to sign his next. It is reported that his next film is with this popular director but even that director has been asked to rework his script.

The question is, can this superstar play this legendary actor? Can he do this film without putting his his ideas in and turning the whole story around?

Let’s see what he decides. In the meantime, check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.

Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

AMONGΒ the biopics being planned, the one we’re excited about is on the life and times of a 1950s auteur known for several classics. The script that details this filmmaker’s personal and professional life, leading up to his unfortunate demise, has been passing through the hands of severalΒ BollywoodΒ bigwigs.

The maker is very ambitious about its casting choice, especially the lead role. The only problem: the superstar who we hear is being considered has not had a particularly good run lately. He has been shying away from offers, even those that could give his fading career a shot in the arm.

OSOP Guesses

Filmmaker: Guru Dutt

Superstar: Shah Rukh Khan



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2 Responses

  1. abcd says:

    Srk in Guru Dutt’s biopic would be interesting. This might help his career

    • SV says:

      playing a 39 year old? isn’t he too old for this? a biopic will probably cover his even younger days

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