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You might or might not know this actor, but this blind item is about him. He is from the Telugu film industry and was recently in the news because of some very silly and strange things his film’s director said in an interview. Let’s just say, sh!t went south!

When you read the blind item below, you will see that the apple doesn’t fall from the tress. The actor is no different from the director, he is just great at masking it well. Seriously though, this movie is very close to them and is quite special, so to say they don’t support the actions would be far-fetched. You should see the actor trying to justify what his director said in an interview. They are still trying to twist it up to make it sound something normal.

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Anyways, check out the blind item below about the actor and his recent antics. By the way, doesn’t this actor have a girlfriend? When his film was creating heat and hype, pictures of him and his girlfriend were supposedly leaked. He has been quiet about it, though, and now he is allegedly dating his co-star.

Check out the blind item below. Hopefully, this starlet is really like his sister and he’s not pulling a Sri+Boney on us!

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Bollywood Blind Item


This hot young star from South India is busy sexting this starlet, on the sly

This hot young star has been two-timing his alleged girlfriend with another starlet. And the funny part is he loves sexting!

This young actor from South India is hot property and he knows it. Of late, he has been a lot in the news. Rumour mills suggest that he is a dating an actress who is building a strong footing in his industry. The two seem to be the best of friends after their recent collaboration.

The young hunk looks quite devoted to her and everyone is talking in hushed whispers about how they are a couple. The lady, in question, moved on from a much-publicized break-up and is now focused on her career, which is going from strength to strength.

Well, all this sounds fine till now but sources tell us that he is two-timing her. It seems the young man is equally besotted with another starlet. It seems he has been busy sexting her and she too responds with kinky messages.

We aren’t sure if the other lady is aware of it. Our source says that the actress is also partially aware that he is anything but serious and has kept it like a no-strings-attached affair. The starlet in question does not have a great body of work but has made news for other reasons. She also comes from an illustrious film family.

The young hunk seems to be having quite a roaring time dating two pretty ladies. We wonder if the girls know what he is really up to? But then, no one is complaining as all seem to be having fun!


OSOP Guesses

Young Hunk: Vijay Devarakonda

Alleged Girlfriend: Rashmika Mandanna

Starlet: Niharika Konidela



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11 Responses

  1. Neep says:

    Niharika was supposed to marry Prabhas, no response from him, later it was rumoured she’d marry Vijay. Then he said she was like a sister 😏 I thought it was a smart way of dealing with that family. But eventually, all this was done to promote a movie that was a flop.

  2. Mehnaz says:

    He has a foreigner girlfriend if I am not mistaken. Rashmika is probably not the one.

  3. Bollywood junkie says:

    This is the worst blind I have ever read. Niharika herself said she never met Vijay until very recently and he said he is like her brother . If you don’t know about him, stop writing those big monologues. He is/was dating some girl who is not celebrity and he is the only hero in TFI who is vocal about his relationship.

    He has no mask and he speaks his heart. Just bcoz you didn’t understand other’s point of view, stop thinking them as cinematic villains.

    He is very talented hardworking self-made courageous guy. He may/may not have a relationship with Rashmika that’s his personal life. But niharika’s rumour is total bullshit.

  4. Z says:

    This guy is so ugly, I don’t get the hoopla surrounding him. Naga Chaitanya, Rana Daggubati are so much hotter than him.

  5. Shinyobject says:

    Dude doesnt stand a chance against the Mega family. If anyone remembers the stories of what they did to actor Uday Kiran. He better keep his nasty fingers away from sexting the girl from that family. They have a reputation of ruining lives. And anyway, why does this guy get so much attention? His diction is horrible and looks duh in most scenes.

  6. whiskermole says:

    This blind reads like rubbish to me. Also, I totally get what he and his director had to say about that movie. And I’m not masking anything and have no reason to support any of them or misogyny in general; this is my genuine feeling about the film. This kind of shaming and berating of people who don’t fit into your mould is a straight-up lack of respect.

  7. Anon Today :) says:

    Have you seen the video of Falguni and Sara where Falguni fat shames brides and tells them to lose weight while Sara sits there and smirks? So called “Ivy League” educated actress that’s modern and “woke” but can’t seem to find her voice. Probably just because she lost weight and was fat (she herself calls being her former weight ‘fat’) she thinks it’s ok to fat shame because if she can lose weight anyone can. such bs.

  8. Nemo says:

    He considers Niharika his sister and stated that on stage.Is this Kjo doing?

  9. NARS says:

    Not surprised to see this two week after meeting and rejecting KJo. KJo needs to dumped into the mid 1990s and left there ASAP. Man is annoying af

  10. abcd says:

    sad to see vijay following footsteps of rk


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