Bollywood Blind Item – August 2019 – 31

This might or might not be true, it’s just that it sounds like a scene from a film; a recent film that had the same actress as the guess below.

As you all know, any blind item coming from this source might be made-up. Though this one does sound like a made-up blind item, it can also be true but only if the guess is different.

So, a couple of things don’t add up if it’s the first guess, such as it’s not a new squeeze so she can’t be the ex they are talking about. The only other relevant actor is the one who has been in the news for his relationships rather than movies. Since about last month, it was announced or rather revealed that he has a new girlfriend. Just last week, it was revealed that he wants to tie the knot with her next year.

Have marriages become some sort of fashion statement these days that stars think it’s cool to announce they are getting married just for the sake of it?

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Anyways, so it could be the second guess as well since her ex just got together with this actress and since she was also in the same boat, she knows what he’s up to.

Let’s just say that the first guess is just for fun because now that we think about it, she will never bet her hard-earned money just like that.

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. This actor, the ex of the second guess, has an important movie coming up. It’s a make or break for him. He should stop playing these fake-couple games and focus if he wants to make Bollywood his pavitra rishta!

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Bollywood Blind Item


JUST when you thought everyone had settled after the most famous Bollywood break-up and the estranged couple had moved on with respective lives (read new lovers), there is this. The ex seems to be fixated on the lover having a new squeeze.

On one particularly tipsy evening, she bet with her hairstylist on the new lovers being through by this year’s end. Hmm. We do hope the hairstylist wins, only because the wager is a sweet Rs 10,000.


OSOP Guesses


Ex: Katrina Kaif

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Ex: Kriti Sanon

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11 Responses

  1. Mia says:

    I have always thought Sushant to be a fantastic actor and extremely intelligent. I really doubt he’s the type to resort to such tactics. Poor guy has been defamed yet again. Haters starting another smear campaign to tarnish his image. There are some really insecure camps in Bollywood.

  2. Rhea S says:

    Hi Admin , nowadays I get your updates in bulks like for a week or so no updates come and then one fine day suddenly 8-10 blind items show together.

  3. Neep says:

    Admin please share info on Prabhas now that he’s a bona fide Bolly star. Is he secretly dating Anushka Shetty? During promos he denied dating her. He even went to the stupid extent of pretending to forget her name in a silly game with Shraddha, Match the celeb to the pic. Devasena, he cried πŸ˜‚

  4. Sheena says:

    Can’t be Kat or Kriti as neither has a new lover (or have they?). Does sound like a fake one to me as is the exact same situation described by @ admin in Zero

  5. KA says:

    I dont know if this blind is true or false , but it might be written keeping deepika ranbir in mind, as the first lines says “Bollywood’s most famous break-up” deepika ranbir ‘s love story and break up was way more famous than Sushant Kriti’s , alsoi said they both have moved on two new lovers , Deepika happily married to ranveer, ranbir happily in fake or genuine relationship with alia, whereas sushant though has rhea in his life, Kriti is percieved to be single by public and media and industry people since the news of her break up with sushant came out.

  6. KA says:

    I dont know what sushant is upto but he clarified that those marriage rumours are only rumours in a interview. the news itself was made up. They said he is thinking to pop up the question to rhea but she wants time, but how is rhea’s anwser known when sushant hasnt even prooposed ger yet. also the same day rhea too squashed rumours. Also kriti cannot be at all bothered about sushant as she is in a relationship with kartik, she was the one who ended up her relationship with sushant because she found her love in kartik.

  7. Rhea says:

    Admin please give share more information on why illeana and Andrew broke up? Is it coz she cheated on him with Ajay?
    Also, what’s the entire cricket drama about – Rohit and Shikhar on one side & Anushka Virat on another. Is Anushka seriously interfering a lot?

    • Universal says:

      Virat is basically running the team since last two years as BCCI is too weak and he has the backing of COA. Random team changes and favoritism are an issue in the team. As Virat is all powerful, Anushka too gets more access than rest if the WAGs. She even attended and posed in front row when Indian team was invited by HC in England. No other WAG was present. So, they are the all powerful couple of Indian cricket.
      Now that Rohit too has grown in stature, done captaincy well and random selections by VK lost India the WC, there is a power struggle. But right now VK is too powerful.

  8. Pooja says:

    Even if user Katrina lost she never give 10k to her hairstylist whose name is shubhash Singh may be if he lost than she definitely will cut his fees.we all know she is big miser in Bollywood forget laundry bill even lallu used to pay her mobile bill too.

  9. abcd says:

    This blind is for kriti and not kat. kriti appears to be super focused at her work and seems to be aware of sushant’s moves. It is good for rhea in a way as it might keep her far from wolves of bollywood. Kjo and his minions want kat to look bad and disappear from bollywood. Kat was thrown in shady world due to extreme level of financial crisis in her childhood, without support of father. Even now when Kat talks about making movies, she tries to be keen in ensuring that budget is very less. It is very tough to believe that she will splurge this kind of amount on such speculation. Kat has no work, so she can neither afford to talk bad about anyone nor release negative blinds on anyone.

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