Bollywood Blind Item – August 2019 – 22

When you read the blind item below, you will already know who it’s about. No one, no “young” or “hot” Bollywood couple are like them!

Seriously though, do couples go around telling people they enjoy the process of making babies so much that they want another one? Bollywood couples at that!

Maybe she’s pregnant already, which will make a lot of sense. Or…Let’s just go with these two were at KebabJo’s recently and one question led to another and the wife said she wants to have more puppies babies!

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So, there you go!

But let’s go with the reality, which is hubby dearest would be happy if they add another one to the family because that means wifey dearest would be busy at home. Busy enough not to care about his extracurricular activities.

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Check out the blind item below from BollywoodLife.


Bollywood Blind Item


Hot Bollywood couple planning Baby No.3 next year?

Buzz is that this gorgeous Bollywood couple is planning to extend their family. Well, they already have a complete family

This handsome actor and his pretty wife are blessed with what can be considered as a complete family. However, they are surely in the mood to extend their family if gossip is to be believed. Yes, an industry insider told us that this gorgeous couple is planning to have another baby.

It seems they are on a break this year and will start the process in 2020. All that we can say, is that they’re damn quick! It is not unusual to see celebrity couples who have kids in quick succession but this gossip has left us dumbfounded. The couple are doting parents and surely seem to be enjoying the process.

Parenthood seems to have done a world of good for this actor. His wife often posts stuff about her tiny tots on social media. But it is a little surprising because the better half was quite vocal about focusing on other interests once they were done with two kids. Surely, that is on a back-burner if this gossip is true.

Some people do like large families and if we see Hollywood celebs, many of them do have more than four kids. Maybe they just love kids and the idea of a big family is too appealing for them!


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Actor: Shahid Kapoor






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12 Responses

  1. Neep says:

    Seriously! Overpopulation is a serious problem for the planet. Three is the new two for celebs? But I also read she wants to act and mentor has suggested a Web series. About overpopulation 😂

  2. nefarious says:

    so ever since he went to Kjo party, we get blinds about him.

    for all we know he may have just said it in jest that he loves kids, and wont mind another one…but Kjo has to give it his own twist.. about Shahid wanting to keep the wife busy so he can have fun on the side.. has to malign shahid after he gave his career’s biggest hit

    • Kit says:

      Reminds me of how KJo and Kajol buried the hatchet then BOOM! blind comes out of her sister wanting Kajol’s inheritance, Kajol saying “no” as she has indulged her sister for too long and mother taking her sister’s side.

  3. abcd says:

    Adoption of a poor kid would have been a much better choice.

    • Hmm says:

      As much as i love adoption, it’s not your place to tell people whether or not to adopt. It should be their personal decision as not everyone has the ability to treat adopted children the same way as they would treat their natural kids.

      • abcd says:

        Due to poverty and high rich-poor divide, it’s slightly tough for poor and middle class people to choose adoption. Hats off to those people who take good care of adopted kids despite financial crisis in family. As far as these rich Bollywood people are concerned, their entire life is a holiday. They get money because of surname and contacts. If they choose adoption, some example will be set. As it is, they get loads of benefits for being rich celebrities. Be it natural or adopted kid, all kids deserve same amount of love and respect.

        • Hmm says:

          We assume these celebs are rich…. Many of them are not as rich as we think too. Apart from that, some of them are the breadwinners of their large families.

          • abcd says:

            where does the money for expensive designer stuff, posh life, lavish lifestyle, even if they are for endorsements??They buy houses worth crores like buying vegetables, grocery. The money that they quote for 1 movie can feed many poor families for several years. the money that their staff earns comes from producers pockets. i can go on and on, fact of the matter that they are spolit rich people miles away from harsh realities life. as far as family support is concerned, they can educate their family members so that they can support themselves, but some of them become freeloaders as these stars need frequent ego massage.

    • Kiran101 says:

      @abcd you are comparing the celeb earnings with middle class lifestyle. A lot of money they make goes into lifestyle and other things…they have an entourage for travelling, pay their staff and PR, security/bodygaurds, expensive fitness programs, parties they have to host …all these things not just for themselves but also for their spouse/kids/ other family members.

      They have to travel first class and also their team. They cannot travel like middle class finding the cheapest ticket. All this while they are on top of their game. They need to have substantial investments and savings to have similar lifestyle minus the big entourage (they still need some security travelling with them) even after their career peak.

      And how can you forget making enough money to launch their kids and all the expensive grooming and what not. They have to think about their kids also sustaining similar lifestyle even if their career does not take off… obviously they cannot do a desk job even if they get an education. There is a lot of stress behind all the money and glitter. A lot of them cannot consistently afford the same lifestyle for even one generation let alone multiple generations. They make in crores , but they also spend in crores and when they lose they lose that way too.

      But, what u said is right …ex : someone like salman can adopt a big village considering he does not have any reason to leave great wealth to anyone after him. But he chooses to spill it all on his harem and thankless family. Apparently Arpita’s love for designer bags is beyond normal …she was literally picked from streets, yet you dont see her being any grounded.

      They have unimaginable expenses, the biggest misfortune is their kids will be unable to lead any other kind of life other than the life of limelight . Aryan khan, he may have gone to USC but he cannot possibly stand in line to apply for a job as an intern.

      • abcd says:

        Producers pay their entourage/staff/travel expenses. Endorsements ensure lavish products for free. They marry in rich families for money management of expenses.

        • Monalisa says:

          Producers will pay the entourage/staff expenses when they are working in the movies only. Other times the money is paid out of the actor’s pockets. Even the airport looks, award show looks, party looks are curated by stylists. Hair, makeup artists are hired to ensure they look the best all the time.
          Management and pr companies take a cut from actor’s earnings too. When Salman left Reshma there were rumours her company lost crores in yearly commission from Salman’s earnings.

          • abcd says:

            Suppose a star earns 10 crores for 1 movie. Fitness trainers earn around 45-50000 rupees per month. Make-up artists earn around 30-40000 thousand rupees per month. Manager earns as per commission and fixed remuneration. Bodyguards are paid by security management companies and not by stars. Stars pay security management companies for protection. Even after so many deductions, amount earned by 1 star is quite high for 1 movie. Attention events, functions, weddings are done by sponsors in the name of so called professional fees. What I am trying to say is when there’s so much money with them, why not choose adoption? Their charities are purely for tax reduction purposes. As far as people like arpita are concerned, what really matters is how are they treated, are they made responsible adults or they’re made to live off on others money. Ending the discussion, bye.


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