Bollywood Blind Item – April 2020 – 33

Many Bollywood personalities have stepped forward to help those in need during this difficult time. Some are donating directly to those affected by this lockdown, others donated to the PM’s fund box and some are doing both and more.

The blind item below is about a star who has not donated yet. Now no other detail or clue is given, other than he wants to do something instead of donating cash or other donations. Meaning he wants his presence to be his charity instead of other things.

Something similar was also said by the American rapper Jay Z years ago when he made a comment along the lines of “My presence itself is charity” while trying to explain why he doesn’t help out people in need financially since he claimed to be so rich.

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So the blind item cleverly disguises this actor as a superstar. But the thing is, all the labelled “superstars” in blind items have already donated and are continuously helping those in need. This means that the blind item is referring to not the usual superstars but to someone else along the same level.

There’s no one else but this actor, as we have checked who donated and he is the only one not featured. The only one, who is famous and relevant enough to be called a superstar! If he did do something, his father would have already let it out on social media. But as of now, neither Raymond nor his daddy have confirmed anything.

If you want to know who donated, here’s the link you can go to. This actor is probably saying that he is available to do the kind of video some celebs did from the comfort of their home. And that video will then be used to generate cash, which will be used as donations.

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Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, all of these stars used to shout from rooftops how they were the highest paid and how much money their movies made. They are probably wishing they never did that now! Especially those who used to fake their film’s box office earnings! Now you actually realize who has the finances they claim to have and who does not!

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Bollywood Blind Item


MEMBERS of our film fraternity have been climbing over each other to provide for those feeling the pinch of the pandemic. From cash deposits to grain and supplies, actors and producers have been emptying their wallets to support daily wagers in a fix.

But there’s one superstar who has not only refrained from making an offering, he has even turned away a couple of institutions cobbling together such charitable funds. His standard response to such requests is, β€˜Get me work, and I’ll do it for free’, and the money raised can be considered my contribution. A pragmatic way of sliding away with dignity, without actually shelling a penny.

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Superstar: Ranbir Kapoor



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4 Responses

  1. HateKjo says:

    He is insensitive, lacks empathy and a greedy man. People are suffering while he is still thinking about filling up his bank accounts. Even Rishi Kapoor hasn’t donated a penny but always first to tweet nonsense .
    Disgusting family.

  2. abcd says:

    This clearly shows how indifferent is Ranbir towards pain of other people. The so called Bollywood Royal Family doesn’t care about the plight of people. Neetu kapoor and rishi kapoor proudly boast about bedhopping deeds of their son, but they never had the time to inculcate moral values in their son. No wonder, Ranbir is so messed up.

    As far as alia bhatt is concerned, she should now consider this activity to realize her worth in kapoor family:baby and movie giver.(kjo) … Nothing more than that!! Can’t she still see how her so called spouse is such a miser.

    Hope at least now some ethics get drilled in them and they do something worthwhile for people suffering now.

    • kiran101 says:

      @abcd : Alia does not think any differently than Ranbir .Has she ever done anything to make people think she is more considerate than Ranbir ?
      Katrina and Deepika were wooed by ranbir …he was like a yarn weaver …treated them well while they were giddy in love and planning and dreaming of wedding , not knowing he was making a way out.Β 

      With Alia he seems so uninterested and he did not even have to try to get her.Β  We all know he gets bored too soon . Alia has everything going for her , comes from film family handed everything in a platter…literally. But , Greed!… now she wants kapoor tag and money . Nothing is enough for the greedy.

      • abcd says:

        Agreed!! But one thing that whatever we do good or bad comes back to us manifold, so this year sadak 2 & gangubai would certainly fail for sure. Her true colors are now out in the open. Also, misery of her married life post babies would make her life hell. No matter evil a person is, mother nature does give it back with a fitting reply.

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