Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 12

It seems things must not really be going well for this actress. Just the other day, there was a blind item about her professional situation and today from the same paper, there’s another blind item about her desperate professional situation.

It almost looks like she is advertising for new jobs! Well, she still has Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather by her side. She just needs to drop at Galaxy Apartments and her next film will fall in her lap.

But Bhai is not there, right? Also, he is already working with his brother now, which will take a while. It’s like with him, everyone who wants his help must queue up and wait for their number. Can you imagine?! They all must be like: Aapna Time Aayega!

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So, the other day a reader shared a link from Instagram. It does appear that this actress was on her way to….But she was actually on her way to the Filmfare Middle East awards.

It does seem that she is not doing these ‘things’ anymore. Which explains why she is looking for work this publicly. Hopefully, she has other options if acting does not really work out for her. How about be a judge on television? Everyone does that now!

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Well, what else to say?! All the best to her. Just wait for a year until Bhai starts the sequels of his hit films.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 12

THINGS are on a massive downward spiral for this sexy and chirpy actress. She hasn’t had any films in her kitty for the past many months. Then, all of a sudden, she was signed for the remake of a southern hit, opposite a young It-boy.

But before she could thank Lady Luck, the young hero opted out of the project, which has now been shelved. She does have two other projects announced by her superstar mentor, but there has been no progress. Sigh.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Jacqueline Fernandez

Young Hero: Kartik Aaryan

Superstar Mentor: Salman Khan

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 12

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 12

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2 Responses

  1. nefarious says:

    @Admin, i dont understand why you are concerned about her careeer. She need not to do anything else to sustain herself. She has a pretty thriving business in Srilanka of restaurant or soemthing

    If her time is up, its up. I dont see why we must pity ppl like her and Kat, who work here, but invest in their respective countries.

    If anything, indulging in escort activities isnt gonna get them any respect or projects either.

  2. Sheena says:

    She is a really nice and down to earth person. Had the pleasure of spending time with her. All the best Jackie!

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