Bollywood Blind Item 9 โ€“ March 2018

When it rains, it pours! Well, it’s raining cats and dogs for this actress. Earlier today, we shared Mumbai Mirror’s blind item about this young actress and the item song that she is in. The item song was a very popular hit back then in the 90s and it was an important number for this legendary actress. This blind item, though, is from PinkVilla and it is about this legendary actress and her comments about this item song.

It’s funny she had the same reaction to the recreated version like we had. Her comments make sense and we are waiting for the official choreographer to speak out because that lady has a laser mouth and is not afraid of anyone. As for the song, it has been released already so you can check it on youtube. Aside from that, check out the blind item from PV.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 9 โ€“ March 2018

'She's just for the skin show' - Diva makes fun of this sexy actress in her circle

Bitching in Bollywood is very common and has been going on for years. While on the face of it, this is one big industry, but behind the backs, itโ€™s all farce. This incident is the best example of the hollowness our B-town stars have for each other.

Recently, a yesteryear diva, known for her moves and her tantrums, was heard gossiping with her group of friends a week after she was shown the recreated version of her evergreen song!

Naturally, she was shocked with the content she got to see but the lady in question has always kept away from the controversies. Hence she had all good things to say to the new actress featuring in it and the makers of the movie. A source in the know told us that the actress praised the song and also demanded to be tagged in the tweets that went out from the team. However, later the actress was seen giving a different version of the song to her industry friends.

โ€˜She is just there for the skin showโ€™ was one of the statements that yesteryear actress was heard making followed by, โ€˜why else is she there? No moves, no expressions!โ€™ She didnโ€™t stop here and went on to compare this sexy lady to another young actress, who also danced to another recreated version of her song.

Well, we donโ€™t need to tell youโ€™ll as to who impressed the diva better! Though we are not surprised with what the actress said, we are just wondering how has it gone down with the sexy woman in question? Cat fights arenโ€™t a passe yet!


OSOP Guesses

Diva: Madhuri Dixit

Evergreen Song: Ek Do Teen

Sexy Lady: Jacqueline Fernandez

Young Actress: Alia Bhatt

Song: Tamma Tamma

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38 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    The song really sucks but its not really jackies fault. And has madhuri dixit forgotten her lip kiss with vinod khanna, her indecent songs like dhak dhak and choli ke peeche?? Forgotten her own skin show. Now she wants to act as if she was an angel. She has always struck me as shrewd and fake.

  2. Rekha Rai says:

    Honestly I think Madhuri is right not to praise this, it would ruin her credibility. She has smiled and praised other actresses before and lent her support like Alia Bhatt and also Priyanka Chopra. This though, is just too much. It would be like if Beyonce praised Kim Kardashian for releasing her single (back when Kim had her song). I mean, it’s too much! This song by Jacqueline is so…. outdated. If she had released this shortly after Chikni and Munni maybe I would like it because it would have fit the trend but isn’t this a bit late in the day to try and be Katrina part 2? This seems like she’s trying to be Katrina many years after Katrina already rocked it and delivered multiple other hit songs as well. Plus ruining an iconic song is just the icing on the disastrous cake. If I were Madhuri I would avoid associating myself with this “remake/tribute”. Also I hate how people don’t get that the Khans and other senior actors would literally throw a HISSY FIT if anyone dared to remake their songs or movies, or do a stage performance to their songs while they’re just sitting there smiling. They would be so mad! Only actor who has copied another is SRK with Amitabh and we know Amitabh ain’t that please about it having quite a big ego himself. But he has to suck it up because it’s SRK. Varun only got to do Judwa 2 because it’s his father’s film. Ranveer poor guy finally dared to recreate something and that too only because he was in Switzerland and like a 30 second clip. SRK still made his small dig when he responded. YET the actresses like Sridevi (may she rest in peace), Rekha, Madhuri, etc are all supposed to grin and bear it when someone “tributes” to their songs.

  3. Devil says:

    Madhuri once commented, if she was something or had power she would send all foreign actresses back to their country. This was when Manish a koirala was getting popular.
    Maybe thatโ€™s why she didnโ€™t attend Jacqueline โ€˜a requests.

    • Pav says:

      Then she shouldn’t have supported Alia too. She holds a British passport. The remix was a crap. But if anyone from nepo gang requested she would’ve nicely obliged

      • Monalisa says:

        Madhuri is doing a Dharma movie. It is mandatory to praise Alia if one wants to be in Karan’s good books. Hence, her praising Alia and promoting Tamma tamma.

        Also wonder what will happen to Alia when Kjo have to pander to his other protegees/ star kids; Jhanvi and Sara? Who will be Kjo’s favourite among them? Will be interesting to see how these star kids fight among themselves to get Kjo’s attention.

    • Pooja says:

      All??? I guess manish koirala was only non Indian actress that time. unlike now that too bcz of lallu’s haram habit not bcz they have any talent n I agree with another camment if Jacky was nepo kid madhuri ma’am must have came supported for sake of linkage in industry which help u to get film at this stage of career.

  4. madhurideewani says:

    so wrong to call Madhuri as tantrum queen. People vow for her professionalism. She is the only actress alive close to the great madhubala.. She has not criticised, she might have said its more about skin show than performance. she is not blaming jacqueline
    Madhuri dixit movies telecasted on zee cinema ,set max garners huge TRP’s even now.

  5. Xyz says:

    Like I said in the previous BI , jacky could do tamma tamma but even alia couldn’t do ek do teen.the producers have lost their minds by remaking such an iconic song. Ruined one can do ek do teen or ,chane ke khet me. Utha le re deva, mereko nhi in producers ko utha le.

  6. Universal says:

    While we keep lamenting how they ruined a classic, the song has crossed 11-12 mn views on YT and T series are laughing their way to the bank. Buzz created for an average flick + some money from just one song. Mission accomplished.

  7. sweettooth01 says:

    i thot her dance was btr than aliabhatts..both recreated songs r bad n music directors shud stop doing this but if one liked tamma tamma thn this is not tht bad..kind of sad tht she said it ws all skin show..aftr reading her opinion,i was expecting sm super short dresses n provoking moves but it looked normal,smthng u see in evry bwood item song..weird..the original number had short clothes too for that zamana n jacky dances well..tht ws very harsh i felt,sure she cant act but she danced well..quite a judgemental person n still wants to be tagged n get publicity out of this..weird

  8. Sonalika says:

    I feel like this second blind item is planted by someone associated with the new song – because I had not heard of much of Madhuri’s tantrums, that said who knows. Also as people said in the PV comments, Madhuri was controversial for her time with stuff like choli ke peeche.

  9. b52bomber says:

    The creative decision to remake EK Do Teen was certainly not for Jacky to make; its upto the filmmakers/producers and same applies to the horrendous choreography – its the director and choreographer’s call. As for getting Madhuri to promote the song, the movie’s media/PR partners should have done that; not Jacky herself. After all, she does not have a famous last name like nepo kids (Bhatt/Dhawan).

    So why are there 2 blinds within a span of 2 days and both throwing Jacky under the bus for this atrocious song? Who did Jacky piss off? Is this heralding a crack in the relationship between Jacky and her godpapa? So many questions … ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Venus says:

    The choreography of the song is terrible. Not only are jackys clothes skimpy, and steps tacky, they are very badly choreographed. Even madhuri couldnt have salvaged the dance with her superior dancing skills and grace. I am surprised how carelessly butchered an iconic song like ek do teen.

  11. Random says:

    Hey admin, please do a story about this one.

    • Admin says:

      Hey..A reader already shared this story last year. It’s a good long read, so if anyone is interested to see what goes behind the glamour and fame can check it out. Thanks for sharing it again. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • namdeo says:

        admin who is the heroine referred to ??

      • Reen says:

        Admin pls suggest who is the heroine ?

      • Kiran101 says:

        @ Admin…. i would be nice if you can direct me to the article from last year.

        • Admin says:

          Oh no. We didn’t do an article, just a reader shared it in the comments’ section. We read it too, but decided against sharing it and posting about it. It’s way too intense and just depressing. She is not the first female actress to go through that, but the thought of all that happening to her is just traumatising. Also, it was an original story as told by this actress to the website’s journalist unlike blind items, which are seen as gossips. So, it didn’t feel right to share it with our comments here.

    • Nam3less says:

      This is Ramya from Bahubali fame. There was a twitter account who had exposed all the names from that article. It was a good read and worth a read and really hats off to her and her husband to supporting her all thru this. Amazing read.

      • Amanda says:

        Who is the other actress from vizag whom ramya wanted to apologize… It will be great if you name some of the prominent people mentioned in the interview…. I am curious to know…

        • Nam3less says:

          @Amanda, the original tweet which had all the names inside has been deleted. I had actually pinned the tweet however the original is deleted now.

          Also the font on the heroine letter was give away. Check i from heroine and from bahubali 2 posters ๐Ÿ™‚

          Some names i got from forums. Not sure how true they are.

          Suryanath – Viswanath
          Abhiramulu – Suthradharulu?
          Karanam Rajasekhar – Kovelamundi Raghavendra Rao
          Kodalugaru – Alludugaru?
          1999 Tamil Superstar blockbuster – Narasimha?
          2003 Vizag girl caught in Abids – Idi yevaru?
          no doubt, Navya Gopalan is Ramya Krishnan Iyer, Tamil Brahmins

          • Amanda says:


          • Madhuri says:

            Are you telling me that after giving this โ€œallegedโ€ Interview she went to his wedding? You telling me she stood there smiling knowing sheโ€™s been with both father and son at same time as interview suggested? Come onโ€ฆ I donโ€™t believe any woman on earth so hurt and traumatized as this poor heroine has been would consider going to abusers sons wedding. Itโ€™s false. Perhaps another actress but not her..

          • Madhuri says:

            Search k Raghavendra Rao son wedding google pics….,there is a smiling pic of Ramya Krishna, K Raghavendra Rao, his son and his sons bride, she looks happy and content. I doubt she would stand and attend after breaking his virginity. No way…

          • Kiran101 says:

            Vizag girl : could be Rambha . I never knew Viswanath was sleazy…did Ramya say she had to sleep with K viswanath ? Ramya Krishna and K Raghavendra rao story is widely known…in fact Ramya’s husband…Krishna Vamsi made a one part story based on Ramya- K Raghavendra Rao in his movie ‘ Khadgam’

          • Tina says:

            The blinds on Vox are rather lurid and creepy -the journalists choice of words makes me wonder if they are aiming to shock or inform us. The descriptions go between grotesque and titillating. I don’t know if I should believe them – some were so horrible (murder/human sacrifice)that I stopped reading Vox completely. It honestly gave me nightmares.

          • Kiran101 says:

            The sex Raquet thing could be for ROJA….she is doing tv shows also.

  12. Fan speaks says:

    Hardly qualifies to be a blind…Pinkvilla could have used โ€œallegedlyโ€ or โ€œreportedlyโ€ for Madhuriโ€™s comments…and yes the new version sucks big time…I was repelled…

  13. Pav says:

    It’s not only Jacqueline. The direction, choreographing, costume – everything seems failed. I think Jacqueline just rehease and follow others instructions. That’s it.

  14. Monalisa says:

    I get a strong chikni chameli vibe from the song. More like they tried to re-create chikni chameli, mera naam Mary, fevicol se than ek do teen. Jacky and Kat must be in competition to get the most popular item/dance songs.

    Kat bagged a dance movie opposite Varun. No one is surprised!! I really wanna know what hold Kat has on Salman that he is helping her left, right and centre. Sallu is not the easily forgiving type, yet he is helping her eventhough she cheated on him and left him. Does anyone know why Sallu got such a soft corner for the opportunist Kat?

    • Pooja says:

      Its just make me Burt into laughing just thought of seeing baby face varun with floated face 40+ katrina as couple what kind of odd pairing they make.I saw news on zoomtv that remo wanted to cast same other actress but he don’t want to miff lallu so cast disobey his recommendation.this user Katrina is so cunning n opportunistic woman ever came to Bollywood.

      • Monalisa says:

        @pooja Salman is hell bent on getting all the jobless people in his camp some work. He fought with the producer of Race 3 to get Daisy casted, casted Jacky and Saqib in Race 3, Sonakshi in new Dabang movie, got Ayush a debut movie, got Kat’s sister an endorsement. But only Kat get preferential treatment and get multiple movies in a row. Others have to wait for their turn. Kat knows how to use Salman well.

        Kat sure looks older than Varun but the movie will be a hit because VD and Remo’s dance movies do very well

        • Pooja says:

          I know but who know future but my gut feeling saying remo can’t make race film like Abbas mustan’s his last film was crap flying jatt so who know this lallu strarer may be less hit campare to other too.bty lallu last eid was disaster so that myth that lallu make any crap into blockbuster on eid is burst.ppl r wise now I don’t think many have like this varun-user couple.who know what destiny film have.

  15. Amanda says:

    I think PC paid a better tribute to madhuri here –

  16. Goldengirl says:

    Madhuri is right here. Song is all skin show and crass. No grace. But if this blind true , then I feel she should have been honest to the makers. Tamma tamma is ok but madhuri is madhuri. No one can touch her in dancing.

  17. Pooja says:

    Yup now Jacky going to perform every award show n stage n going to earn lots from madhuri’s ma’am hardwork n grace.

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