Bollywood Blind Item 5 – March 2018

The blind item below has been reported a dozen times already. A journalist said something about this the other day. He said that the content looks like it’s being rehashed from one website to another. It does really look like that, but the situation has been updated from time to time, so it’s hard to believe that websites are busy making this all up. This time, the blind item is from

This situation is really disgusting. There will never be a time when this situation will be a “aww, so cute” or “#couplegoals”, never! Someone needs to snap him back to reality. Well, can anyone? Because this man has been living his life the way he wanted to for a very long time. He had the audacity to say that he was depressed when his first wife filed for divorce when in reality he was already living separate from her in another apartment with his girlfriend.

He thinks he can fool people, but it’s not going to last long if he decides to come out and tell the world how he feels about this young girl, who’s young enough to be his daughter. Actually, come to think of it, he survived an illegitimate child scandal so he might just survive this one too. For now, it seems that he’s still pretending in public since the last pictures of he and his wife together were depictions of grand theatre gestures! Wonder why he didn’t do the same thing with the first wife? Probably because she couldn’t care less about the theatricals that he is so fond of performing in public. Also, she didn’t care about being famous and staying in the limelight. For her, taking care of her family was more important.

Let’s just want and watch. In the meantime, check out the blind item below.



Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 5 – March 2018

Bollywood Superstar’s Second Marriage Over?

Bollywood ’s biggest whisper campaign at the moment concerns the impending closure of the second marriage of a prominent superstar with a squeaky-clean image. Known for his commitment to a conscientious way of life and his advocation of social causes such as women’s empowerment, this superstar had divorced his first wife, his childhood sweetheart, and left her and their children β€œamicably”, to marry a second time.

One wonders how amicable this β€œpropah” superstar’s parting with his second wife, known to have a mind of her own, would be. At the moment friends are trying their level-best to bring about a patch-up as the superstar has moved out of his home with his current and wife and their only child, apparently to be close to his young co-star of two films.

Says a source well-informed of the development, β€œThe Superstar has moved out of his home with his wife and child.He apparently wants to re-marry, though we are not sure of this. The problem is, unlike Biwi no.1, Biwi no.2 is no walkover. She will have a lot to say about this betrayal. It’s going to get very messy as they have a very small child. There is also the problem of the Superstar’s squeaky-clean man-of-the-masses image. His massive fan-following is likely to be seriously eroded if the news gets out .”

Desperate efforts are on to bring about a rapprochement and to make the Superstar see the imprudence of his current obsession with a co-star young enough to be his daughter.


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Aamir Khan

Wife: Kiran Rao

Co-Star: Fatima Sana Shaikh

Bollywood Blind Item 5 – March 2018

And yes, we had nothing better to do so we decided to investigate ‘the kiss’. Yes, it looks like Aamir wanted it to happen in front of the media because Kiran looked like she was enjoying licking chocolate more than looking forward to licking his face (pardon the expression)!

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24 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    As someone who is in a real marriage- This kiss is fake as hell. Looks so forced. Its uncomfortable to even watch it.

  2. Universal says:

    With all that champion of social causes image and a perfect man, AK has so many skeletons hidden in his closet. It’s their personal life yes, but then stop pretending to be a perfect family man. While Akshay kumar receives flak for his nationalistic movies and Canadian passport, why does this guy get away so easily!
    Funny enough, naive fans of his bought this depression after divorce bs. How can one be depress while cheating on someone and getting rid of them?!

    • Shivanisd says:

      He gets away with it bcuz hes a Muslim and has great connections with Indian media. Especially barkha dutt whos a sold out journalist. Even akshay is decent enough to not have an illegitimate child, for gods sake!

  3. Green says:

    Actually you can see Ash lookin SRK with heart eyes during filmfare awards photoshoot. Devdas year, it’s still on youtube.

    But then thats how they all look at him so i dont really know. SRK recommended Ash for Munnabhai back when he was doing it initially, she was also doing Veer Zara before Chalte Chalte. So that’s Josh, Mohabbatein, Devdas, Munnabhai, CC and Veer Zara back to back. Could also be why Ash was furious with SRK when he dumped her the way he did.

    If SRK got PC all of that indeed, she has a lot of nerve dragging his name everywhere.

  4. Ananya says:

    Admin, off topic. But recently I had a chat with a friend who has a different perspective on srk-gauri.

    Acc to my friend, when Gauri married him she didn’t expect him to rise so much and she couldn’t accept it, hence got into drugs bz she was bored. Srk always tried to get her from police arrest. But after time he got tired and fell out of love. He was a loner and broken when PC happened. But again for kids sake he withdrew from that relation as well. But PC now using his name.

    I don’t believe this if I’m honest. It sounds more like an Srk fan perspective. But the way my friend talked it with so much conviction made me wonder ifif there’s an other side to this coin. Most often men are called out but what if they have a story to tell too, which drove them to it. I’d like to know your take on this.

    • lilian says:

      Yes, gauri wasn’t really happy thinking of Shahrukh becoming a big hero, as she was used to his undivided attention towards her and she had made her selfworth dependent on Sharukh . But i dare not blame her for that as she met him at the age of 14ish. (very impresionable age)

      Yes, Gauri AND Shahrukh are very much into drugs. (Ecstasy and Mephedrone are casually passed at almost every Mannat party) and Gauri started taking drugs due to her bollywood housewive-circle.
      So she has been doing it for a loong time, but things did get out of hand actually in 2014/15 during the PC issue. Apparently Gauri started behaving so out of ‘line’, for obvious reasons, that at the time the police very much was investigating her, Shahrukh needed Ambani to squash the matter and avoid a Scandal as she was literally running around with A MAD amount of cocaine in her BAG !

      And as for Srk he has been having his cake and eating it too for a long time ( juhi, aish, rampal, nikhil diwvedi- was the actual reason behind Srk Salman fight, jacqueline, deepika, anushka, malaika arora, kanika kapoor u name them ) , but that’s not even the problem, the issue here is that he became far too attached to PC for anyones liking (Gauri, Karan,Susanne, even Kajol called him out). So much that PC had SERIOUS influence over him . (he rented her NY appartement for a year or so and bought her ,her goa mansion, rolls royce and apparently even a diamond ring worth 2 mil $ i wonder if she returned that one haha, he basically was co-managing her along with her team in india ) that’s why she looked so all over the place after the breakup (eg: ambani diwali party)…she knew that was her major loss, but Srk ‘finessed’ her she didn’t see it coming at all. Everything was good and the next day boom it’s over.

      Srk WANTED to cheat and he did. He wasn’t broke or a loner, lol, he wanted to smash PC for a long time, but he just didn’t calculate the risk of catching feelings for her. That’s when things got messy and Gauri found solace in alcohol and the powder.

      As for PC she had a big chilhood crush on the man, he aproached she bounced…She and her mother made the best out of it, i mean look at her now riding HIGH on success! Good for her! I don’t hold her responsible, because he’s a GROWN ass man.

      • Amanda says:

        How do you know so much? Do you work in bollywood?

      • lightsaber says:

        Its interesting how PC also benefited financially from the SRK, Morani (Cineyug) nexus. A few years ago, there was this blind about her investments abroad:

        THERE’S so much going on in this gorgeous female actor’s international career that every little thing she does makes magic and headlines. But the subtext of her personal life is tough to read. She claims she wants to be swept off her feet–and for a while we thought the open embrace of a superstar was making her dizzy. But then she went and planted her feet in a distant, different part of the earth. She’s even bought a massive ranch in the USA, so she’s throwing down roots. But wait, also in the hood is a ranch owned by a mega film producer, besties with the superstar. So lovely to have your friends around you in every part of the world, no?

        Compared to the rest of the btown actresses who hook up with the married actors, PC was a smart cookie to have really made the most of her rlship with SRK – both networking and financial gains (not only in India, but abroad too).

        • Rashmi says:

          but she also received a lot of hatred from behind the SRK, lost some advantageous contracts in Bollywood, tolerated bullying of star wives. I’m sure if she returns to Bollywood, no top actor will no longer work with her because of her relationship with the SRK, but maybe I’m wrong? time will tell

          • Shivanisd says:

            She is way too old now to be the main heroine. She can only do older second wife roles like bajirao mastani. She deserves it as she wanted to be a second wife in real life too!

      • Ananya says:

        I did not get what you meant in the line about Srk – Salman fight? What’s the secret of it, as much as I know it was never decided bz both sides didn’t open up.

        And really? Juhi, Ash, Dp, Anu? Sorry that list is unbelievable. Juhi is his bff right. I never felt anything going on bwn them. Ash is someone who never used the couches as much as I know. And during the timeline of Dp and Anu PC had tight hold on him. She’s really possessive and would never let it happen. In fact I’ve heard that in one way it’s bz of PC, Dp and Anu got saved in that haven. Dp rejected Salman launch pad for the obvious reasons so I don’t think she’ll do Srk and get in. Anu had yash raj backing.

      • Shivanisd says:

        Pc successful lol. Shes doing crappy movies and crappy tv shows in the us. She sounds like, a tawaif when she talks about her srk affair. Which is what she is- a tawaif. First to akshay then srk. Not to mention harman shahid aseem merchant etc etc

    • Monalisa says:

      PC and SRK relationship may have started as a fling, but I think along the way, they both genuinely developed feelings for each other. I don’t think PC would act like some scorned and jilted lover (throwing shades at SRK alluding to their affair, making bitter remarks about her dating life) if it was just a fling with a super star. She sure did gained a lot of professional and financial perks but more than losing these benrfits I feel she is acting like a jilted lover because she really was in love with him. The fact that out of all of SRK’s alleged affairs, PC-SRK affair was the one that bothered Gauri the most, it must have been more than a mere fling.

      • Shilpa says:

        I feel so bad for srk-gauri. When you look at their old pics you can see that they are really in love . The holi dance video from long back albeit cringy but showed genuine affection . Bollywood is a nasty world where even the best relationships don’t survive I guess. . But looks like their worst patch is over as they are making a appearances again. But then who knows , this could also be staged to win back his box office clout.

  5. Monalisa says:

    And Fatima called him ‘tauji’ on her instagram post!! 😣

  6. Green says:

    the pix were weird. it looked staged especially the second time with all of media around. Even videos from
    inside of his home cutting cake was released online. So unlike Aamir Khan.

    Aamir/fatma is so ridiculous, especially with the marriage rumours. wonder if it is a stunt by aamir to get out of his dad image post Dangal.

    Even more ridiculous is his nose stud. Could he be more
    pretentious? .Just get rid of it when you aren’t shooting. Ugh.

  7. Amanda says:

    Aamir is such a fake and liar… Hope someone exposes him….

  8. leap says:

    Are these blind an attempt by amir to ease the public response so ppl dont react too much to something thats an open secret and all of us saw it coming by milessss ?

  9. Rad says:

    That fake affection totally grossed me out. Nobody is foolish enuf to be taken in by that ‘show’. In my opinion shameless hypocrite Aamir and spineless pseudo feminist Kiran deserve each other.

  10. Rashmi says:

    this is horror, really horror. I’m just in shock. It’s good that I have long forgotten how to idolize and idealize actors, almost all of them wear masks (Only Imran Khan, Emran hashmi, Vivek Oberoi, Saif and now Shahid remain faithful to their wives (but who knows?) Aamir was very cunning, always! He could convince people of his kindness, honesty, loyalty, people believed him, but they were words, all his actions spoke about the opposite.Is it interesting that Aamir had scandalous problems with his colleagues? In addition to Juhi, I do not remember any one that clashed with Aamir. why the media does not openly write about his adultery ? which they fear they so actively wrote about Akshay – Priyanka or SRK – Priyanka, why now are silent and what happened to affair Farhan and Shraddha why we do not hear about them?

  11. goldengirl says:

    These BW stars (both male and female) are disgusting. They have no morals and class. Why can’t they stick to one man/woman? why cheated their partners and act like saints? Aamir is wrong to cheat his wife but Fatima is equally responsible to accept his love and break other woman house just to get to the top. He is of her dad’s age. But then these stars need a NEW FLAVOUR every year. Fatima too is a NEW FLAVOUR for Aamir. BW is a strange place. I found kiran and his PDA fake and weird . It came after such blinds about him.Common people might lack luck, money and stardom but they have morals and respect the institution of marriage. They are well raised and at peace.

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