Bollywood Blind Item 4 – March 2018

What else can be said about Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather that hasn’t been said before? We think that he likes it when ladies fight over him, when these girls fight to get to him. He enjoys the attention. This is not the first time that this has happened. Previously, some of the ladies he introduced and supposedly mentored were fighting over the wall of Romania that he built at his home. The girls had a problem with her and she had a problem with them always being present at his house.

At this point, it’s like he has a harem of girls. You know, they are sucking up to him when he brings them along for his tours and signs them on to his films. If you play nice to him, he gives you a job. That’s nice, but we all know how he is using his fame and stardom to help these girls. On the same note, if it wasn’t for his fame and stardom, these girls wouldn’t play nice to him either. How long more will he be playing the Ultimate Godfather?

Mumbai Mirror released this blind item. We think it’s about these two ladies, but they are not really over each other’s social media accounts. However, they are working together on his tour. It seems that both want his attention and fighting over that. Getting his attention means getting more movies and his recommendations. Check it out below to see who we are talking about. But seriously, we will never it: fighting over a 52-year old with a drinking problem, who has no problem being abusive to his partner.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 4 – March 2018


THESE two young leading ladies, who pretend to be great friends (at least, going by their recent social media posts), are actually fierce competitors. Both are struggling to be A-listers, despite starring in blockbuster films with topdrawer actors. While one looks great, her histrionics leave us scratching our heads. The other is talented, but has been rejected by audiences. And trapped in between these two smiling cats who would rather scratch each other’s eyes out is a heavyweight star, who is trying to maintain his calm. Such a clich.


OSOP Guesses

Leading Ladies: Jacqueline Fernandez & Sonakshi Sinha

Heavyweight Star: Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather aka Salman Khan

Bollywood Blind Item 4 – March 2018O

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4 Responses

  1. notimportant says:

    It could be any 2 of those from those 4.

  2. goldengirl says:

    Its these girls fault to throw themselves at him only to get movies and fame. LAter same will accuse him of harassment. Men are not at fault alone. They are helpless and cant do anything alone. It’s women who make them play with them and succumb to their illegal demands. Then women cry foul oh men doesn’t respect us. First, give men something to respect ladies. Salman is just promoting talentless people. Kat is sleeping with him again while doing breakup drama with RK just to save her career and launch her pornstar sister. Surprisingly both sisters are doing the same man. He is misusing his powers and stardom. These actresses can do anything for fame and to get their way to the top. They are sluts but acts like saints. I have more respect for sex workers bcoz they dont lie and act like saints atleast.

  3. Pooja says:

    her histrionics leave us scratching our head????what that mean???? Is jacky too have user Katrina like past never heard off she is ruthless ambitious justike her I read many time have done murder like her boom.but what her histrionics??

  4. Rashmi says:

    It’s probably someone else. Jacqueline and Sonakshi never played friends, they do not even support each other. In addition, I do not think that Sonakshi is talented, in my opinion she is very replaying. I sincerely regret Julia, hoping for something and why she suffers this harem?

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