Bollywood Blind Item 3 – November 2018

The blind item below is about a recent acquirement of this superstar, which is a huge stake in a talent management company. Now, usually that is not a problem but here, this is the same company that has been hit badly by the #MeToo movement. The way it is supposed to be is that this company shouldn’t be able to prosper anymore. When the owner is bad, the company too is the same. Besides, what difference does it make when the culprit’s brother is the one handling the company? It is still considered a family business.

For reasons best known to him, this superstar decided to go ahead and purchase a huge stake in this company, which sort of makes him the owner of the deals that were in the talent management pool. He has an upper hand on everything that is owned by this company. It is really a strange move, considering the bad reputation that this company has. Maybe the company thought they can restart their reputation by being associated with this superstar and for this superstar, this was probably a way he can get back at his old manager by becoming her competition.

Seriously though, you can’t expect Bollywood people to have morale. These rules don’t apply to them or to their mentality. Check out the blind item below from SpotBoye.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 3 – November 2018


Hello Bro! Hold Your Horses. #NoToSexScandalousPeople

We have heard loose talk in the industry that two Bollywood guys spoke at length about a company which has been in the news for its sex scandals

A star, who has had a few hiccups in his career recently, got a call from a senior actor who shares a love-hate relationship with him due to few misunderstandings in the past. But you know how these guys are- a few drinks down and they start connecting like never before, speaking their hearts out and cautioning each other as if they are brothers. Maybe the spirits were high this time too.

So yeah, what did the caller say? Well, he told the star that he need not invest in a certain company whose name stands tarnished by sexual harassment scandals. “Bro, if they couldn’t help me when I collaborated with them, how will they be of any use to you?” he added.

The star is having second thoughts. He is wondering if his bro is right, or his own business acumen?


OSOP Guesses

Star: Salman Khan

Company: KWAN

Bollywood Blind Item 3 – November 2018

Bollywood Blind Item 3 – November 2018

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2 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    Salman loves to support and idolize men who abuse women. Example: Sanjay Dutt, Aditya and Suraj Pancholi, Inder Kumar, Raj Babbar and now Anirban Blah. It’s his own Cabal/Mafia of abusive creeps who will look out for each other’s interests and protect each other.

    Did you know back in 2016, Salman wanted to make a biopic of Somen Chatterjee, the guy who started the male stripper business in America? He murdered his partners and died in jail. That’s who Salman wanted to make a movie about. In fact, the rumors about Somen are even worse. He’s supposed to have traded his employees (male strippers), along with Hugh Hefner (did the same to playboy playmates) to big shots for favors. Would you be surprised if Salman did the same to the β€˜Talent’ he is controlling?

  2. Sheena says:

    Who is the other bro?

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