Bollywood Blind Item 2 – August 2017

What can we say about the blind item below that you haven’t already seen? Maybe this is something that we were not aware of, but it seems that’s what a lot of people are doing. We are talking about the latest trend of thinking that Instagram is Tinder. We all know why this actress posted her pictures on her official account. She needs film roles and a sugar daddy. It’s sad what has happened to her. When she entered the industry, she had a steady boyfriend of many years. Maybe that’s a common mistake many girls make in attempt to have more freedom and get more roles. When things don’t turn out the way they thought it would, this is what they gotta do to keep up that lifestyle of theirs and to get more film roles. When this actress decided to literally bare her all for a needless photoshoot, we knew what it was about. Sure, like she said it wasn’t vulgar, but it definitely was a desperate call for attention.

As for the guy in the blind item below, it’s useless to figure out who this one is because we are sure there will be more to come. Feel free to put in your guesses if you want others to know. In the meantime, check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.

Bollywood Blind Item


THIS young and ambitious starlet, who has just found fame by posting semi-nude pictures of herself on a photo-sharing site, has landed a real catch. No, it isn’t the gorgeous son of a Delhi-based interior designer β€” that’s a story as old as the hills now. And the moneybags producer with a pretty wife and a glad-eye? He was dumped a while ago. The new beau is the son and scion of among the richest NRIs in the world — a Dubaibased tycoon who has homes all over the world and a private jet to ferry his pet dog around. Of course, the starlet gets a lot of perks, too. She was recently booked into the plush suite of a Mayfair hotel, and apparently shopped up all of Harvey Nichols.


OSOP Guess

Starlet: Esha Gupta


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5 Responses

  1. Rhea says:

    who are these two :

    1. Gorgeous son of a Delhi-based interior designer β€”
    2. the moneybags producer with a pretty wife and a glad-eye?

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