Blind Item – September 2017 3

Today’s blind item comes from PinkVilla and is about this adult star kid and the film he just walked out of. It’s a little confusing as to why he walked out of the film, but readers over there are commenting that perhaps he is suffering from depression while other readers seemed to think that he didn’t get paid, which is why he left the film. As far as his list of films goes, this is the only film he had on his platter. Aside from that, he does seem to be preoccupied with his sports team, but then again he is not their coach or anything like that. So, what’s the real reason why he doesn’t want to work? Is he really not getting any good offers?

We have noticed a similarity between him and Ranbir Kapoor. Both were spoilt-brats, who were excited and hyper at the beginning of their careers and after a couple of flops, they were somehow brought down to earth. Now, they look tired and sleepy. Let’s not forget the pressure of being with Salman Khan‘s ex-girlfriends had on them! No, we are just kidding, but really who knows?

This one, his career is already not looking good and what about Ranbir? How far can he sustain now that he has had a couple of flops? Well, at least his family can’t blame his wife for his string of failures since he already had a dozen before they got married.

Don’t know who we are talking about yet? Check out the blind item below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – September 2017 3


 The REAL reason WHY this actor WALKED out of a film suddenly!

When an actor walked out of an action drama, just days before the shoot started, the film industry was abuzz with curiosity. The actor has not signed any films in recent times and left more than the usual leading to speculation whether everything is fine with his personal life. Where this particular film was concerned, the actor appeared to be very interested and excited to be part of the film as it was by a filmmaker he was very fond of. He made his debut in the filmmaker’s film and is considered to be like his family.

Just a couple of days before the shoot began in the cold climes of north India, the actor even met up with the unit and had long discussions about his look and what scenes they would shoot. He has been having these discussions for months now and always appeared to be very excited about the film which is why his erratic behavior has been more of a shock to the filmmaker who is known for his larger-than-life emotional, action dramas.

Before they were to fly out for their outdoor, apparently the actor got cold feet. What was even stranger was that the actor’s father (a Bollywood celeb in his own right) called up the director at night and told him that his son could not be part of the shoot anymore and to let him be excused. When the stunned filmmaker could barely mutter β€˜why’ the father said he has just β€˜one son and could only do so much’ and rang off. There has been no communication between the younger actor and the filmmaker since then after meeting him at his office – not one text message or call. His business manager has been fending all calls. The actor shares a strong emotional bond with the filmmaker and it is believed that he could not muster the courage or heart to tell him he wasn’t available for his film. He has been over at the filmmaker’s house on various occasions including the recent Ganesh Chaturthi festival but didn’t mention a word to anybody even then. Right now he is also very busy with his sports franchise and is able to devote his time only for that.

While no excuse has been cited for the actor’s bizarre walkout from his side, certain people in the film industry feel that the younger actor’s wife and father was not keen for him to act in the action drama. They have more ambitious plans for him and as he is doing films after almost two years, they want him to sign the right film. But the right film has turned out to be a wrong choice for the filmmaker who has been left scratching his head as to whom to take at this last moment. There has also been a lot of gossip coming from trade sources also regarding the finances of the filmmaker (though he has a studio in place) which the people close to him feel, is being spread by the actor and his family to justify his exit from the film.

The truth, we hope, shall come out – as it always does.


OSOP Guess

Actor: Abhishek Bachchan

Blind Item – September 2017 3

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