Blind Item – October 2017 – Bollywood 2

We have another blind item today that confirms the current situation between this superstar and this young girl, who’s a TV host or something. See, whenever we insinuate about this superstar and his affairs, some fans don’t like it. Whenever he’s our OSOP Guess subject, his fans don’t like it.

The thing is, fact is stranger than fiction in his case and we can’t be making this up even if we didn’t want to. He is like that and if his wife is fine with it, who are we to judge? It’s hard to believe that age hasn’t stopped him and he just keeps going. If his wife is not bothered anymore, maybe that’s what makes the road clearer for him.

As for these young girls, who want to be something in Bollywood, it seems that they have understood how Bollywood truly works. Stick yourself to a successful star and use your charm to get some projects from him. That seems to be their motto. If it works for them, who are we to complain right? If not a real daddy, at least they get a suggadaddy out of this. Check out the blind item from BollywoodLife below.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – October 2017 - Bollywood 2


This married superstar and starlet are the latest item in tinseltown?

This hit-maker has found a new flame in this exotic beauty

She is beautiful, vivacious and often creates a stir on social media with her oh-so-hot pictures. And he is a married superstar whose number of hits in recent years have made him the industry’s ‘dependable’ actor. The two met recently for a project. Both of them don’t have much to do on it, with the focus being on the contestants but gossip suggests that the actor has developed an affinity for the young starlet who has happily responded to his affection. The industry is talking about the growing ‘friendship’ between the two. Incidentally, this Bollywood aspirant was once rather close to another Bollywood superstar, whom she also met on a controversial show.

It seems the lady’s closeness to her new friend has upset her other good friend. She is not as close to the other superstar’s clique as she used to be. Her current flame is notorious for having his share of fun on the sly with insiders talking about him hooking up with every second heroine. Recently, there were rumours of him being involved with another hot Bollywood starlet, whom he also met on work. Sources close to the actor say he is making sure he spends ‘quality time’ with his new girlfriend. The superstar’s wife is apparently very much in the know about his philandering ways but could not care less.


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Akshay Kumar

Starlet: Eli Avram

Other Superstar: Salman Khan

Blind Item – October 2017 - Bollywood 2

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