Blind Item – November – Bollywood – 2018 2

Since there are no blind items today, we decided to go with this one, which was originally posted by Box Office India in early September. Back then, this issue was not known but the drama that happened afterwards put this film in the an unwanted limelight. Since then, the issues seemed to have been fixed since the lead and the director have patched up. Unless they have patched up for the cameras only, who knows?! As it is, the film will be released next year and a teaser was already released in conjunction some time back. Like the blind item mentioned, this film does require a lot of VFX and based on the teaser, you can see it was a rushed work. Similarly with Shah Rukh Khan‘s ‘Zero’ too, the teaser seemed a bit weird but the trailer was alright since they had time to extensively work on the VFX. This VFX thing is such a headache, just ask Shankar – director of ‘Robot’.

Anyways, check out the blind item below. This film is very important to this lead actor, so hopefully when it releases, it gets the response it deserves.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – November - Bollywood - 2018 2


The pursuit of perfection is a laudable objective but it is also important to know where to draw a line in a time- and cost-sensitive vocation such as filmmaking.

This film has already missed a couple of its scheduled trysts with the box office on account of substantial reshoots and extensive VFX requirements. Finally, it seemed all content-related issues had been sorted and things were back on track for the film to carry out its VFX and other post-production requirements to get ready for release.

But as often happens in this line, producer proposes, star disposes. On watching the new rushes of the film with the reshot portions, the film’s main lead still wasn’t satisfied and ordered further reshoots. And this seems to be the last straw that has finally broken the director’s patience. He has told the producers that they are welcome to reshoot but he (the director) will take no part in it and that the star might as well direct the remaining portions.

Hmm… we can’t wait for the next promo of this film. Not so much for its content but to see whose name features in the ‘Directed By’ credit!


OSOP Guesses

Film: Manikarnika

Lead: Kangana Ranaut

Director: Krish

Blind Item – November - Bollywood - 2018 2

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10 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kangana does not believe in teamwork, does not want anyone to have any great scenes in her movies and it always has to be her way in everything.

    Hopefully, we would see less of her if this one bombs…

  2. Nars says:

    I’ve heard many stories concerning the many delays. Krish missed the first schedule, as this film was scheduled to release with Tigers Bhagi 2. Rumors grew of an independence release but things weren’t completed. Krish showed the final draft to the team in August but KR, writers and producers weren’t 100% satisfied and reshoots were needed. By then, Krish was already on NTR biopics (he has a tight schedule & needs to release before elections) and has no time to dedicate towards Manikarnika. The producer contemplated hiring another director to complete the project but they decided to go with Kangana. Now things seem to be back on track, vfx seems like the headache now and I hope they complete it soon.

    I was satisfied with the teaser, distributors seem happy too. It’s going to be marketed as a large scale, action movie. Kangana is looking fabulous. Some are saying she is ott But Lakshmibai wasn’t a bashful Queen. The English describe her as blood thirsty and one of the best Indian leaders. Totally excited and I hope the end is worthwhile.

    Lucy I do agree, after Kangana took ALL the blame for Rangoon, it’s best she takes control of her movies – at least then the blame is worth the while then.

  3. Lucy says:

    I think kangana ordered the shoots as krish might have made the action scenes and emotional scenes a bit like the south movies,exaggerated.those kind of scenes don’t work in north India,it needs to be a little subdued.i feels that’s the reason she shot almost all of the action sequences.i have watched Krish movie,it was aesthetically pleasing but had the typical South Indian type of masculinity,where one guy throws twenty villains in the air singlehandedly.

    Also she needs to take charge,this movie is riding on her Rangoon had a director,and two a list stars still the blame came on her.might as well take the decision on how the film should be that whatever is the result is it will be her responsibility.

    • nousername says:

      Some Bollywood directors try too much. Especially people like Vishal Bharadwaj, SLB want credit for direction, story, dialogue. Direction is one skill set, but writing is very demanding and requires a different level of creativity. I love Vishal Bharadwaj but his movies fail without a good story, he lacks in that department. Whenever he directed movies that were not blockbuster Shakespeare dramas (Omkara/Othello, Maqbool/Macbeth, Haider/Hamlet), they flopped. Except Kaminey but that was written originally by someone else and he adapted it. In Rangoon acting was great but the story was super lame in the end especially, which VB was blamed universally for.

      • Universal says:

        VB’s movies might not be housefuls but are always a treat to watch. His movies always have multiple layers for the viewer to interpret. Kashyap just tries same genre with too much forced abusing and violence

      • Universal says:

        Manikarnika is entirely riding on Kangana’s shoulders. People know the story already plus no big actor means it has to be KR driving it. I don’t see anything wrong if she wants it to be perfect.

    • Lucy says:

      Even when flop his films are well crafted when there is no interference from the actors,I absolutely loved Maqbool,omkara,makdee,7 khoon Maaf.

      He hates working with shahid,but has to as no one usually wants to work with him because of his flops.with Rangoon he was driven crazy by the tantrums of all three,and shahid cut a lot of saifs and kangana scenes.both men refused to work if the film would be titles Julia,I think the movie would have been better had he taken just kangana and gone with his original storyline.

      He is also very limited due to the need of having frothy romance to make a film commercially viable.shraddha shahid romance in harder was unneeded,also the cbfc cut a lot of important scenes.i think he and slb do a good job with all the heavy restrictions put by the cbfc and public.its a norm to have cases filed against you for hurting so and sos sentiments.its crazy.

      Also filmmakers like anurag kashyap bharadwaj make intelligent very very dark films,they will do well when they make use of Netflix and amazon.most of India’s theatre going audience is low income group who won’t watch a dark film that needs you to work your brain.

    • Kiran101 says:

      @Lucy …say what u want . Unless you are a south indian and speak both tamil and telugu/malyalam predominant south movies. the emotional and exaggerated shit is prevalent in Bollywood than south.

      How many south movies vs bollywood have u seen ? Bollywood has this nasty habit of not letting it go
      or moving on from a scene even after audience get the point.

    • Lucy says:

      Kiran,I an not looking down on south movies.infacr Malayalam and Tamil are the best industry along with Marathi,which makes the best films.i am only refereeing to this one type of action scene where there is a little bit over exagerration.and I felt that in manikarnika there was this scene where she turns over a soldier and cuts two more.that was so obvious and looked over the top.

      Have you seen rudramadevi,watch anushka shettys battle scene,there is this several men flying scene.i was only referring to that type of over exaggeration.i am sorry if you felt bad,but I repeat.south movies are more intellectually advanced and a lot better anywhich ways.

  4. Amanda says:

    From Manikarnika trailer, I get the feeling of grandiosity. The sets look huge and by the looks of it,i feel a lot of money has been spent on making the film. But Kangana’s OTT acting puts me off… If the movie is not properly shot,I dont think Kangana is wrong for asking for re-shoots. After all at that point in time,this was the only movie in hand for Kangana and she has every right to ensure that he turns out well.. Aamir for his movies gives a lot of re-takes ,more than any other actor. So Kangana asking for re-shoot shouldn’t be a big deal. Large scale productions often require reshoots, ask SLB,rajamouli..

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