Blind Item – November – Bollywood – 2017

Today’s blind item is by Rajeev Masand and it’s about this top star. See, it’s not that difficult to guess who it’s about because it’s not about superstars, but top stars. Still, we had to figure it out to make sure we didn’t get the wrong top star and we don’t think we did. This top star has been embroiled in just one controversy that changed everything for me. Now that it’s a done and closed chapter for him, he is spending time with his kids and ex-wife and having many photo ops as possible to get back his perfect family man image.

He has yet to start shooting for his next film and every month, we hear he’s starting to shoot next month. It seems that the controversy rattled the hell out of him and he couldn’t focus on working. He had to get it out of his system and get himself ready for work mentally and emotionally. We know it sounds made-up or far-fetched, but it’s not really. He does seem like that kind of guy that hasn’t yet been able to come to terms with his issues. Why else would he have a life coach follow him 24/7 at one point? For someone as old as him, it’s really puzzling how he hasn’t yet come out of that dark tunnel.

As far as his professional life goes, he’s no longer in the race for the top position. That ship has sailed, which is good in a way as he doesn’t have to feel stressed to hold his position. Now, all he has to do is to not charge much so that his film’s budget isn’t sky-high and then sign some really good films.

In the meantime, check out the blind item below by Rajeev Masand.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – November - Bollywood - 2017


Left in the Lurch

An A-list star has rubbed the makers of a new film the wrong way by abandoning their project at the eleventh hour without so much as a warning or an apology. The makers of this film—a former studio head who’s set up his own shindig, and a senior director—were reportedly shocked to learn that the dates that had been allocated to them by the actor had been ‘transferred’ to an action movie that the actor had suddenly signed with a B-movie director he has known for years.

Insiders are saying the decision was not entirely the actor’s own. He was advised by family that his next film ought to be a ‘commercial’ film with strong box-office potential, and the action film backed by a major studio looked like a safer bet, seen through that prism. Word on the street is that the actor didn’t leave the other project, he simply told them they would need to move the film by nearly six months if they wanted him to be a part of it.

The filmmakers have been shopping the project around to other actors, but with little luck. Some say they are likely to wait for the A-lister to put the film into production. But only recently a rival studio announced a project on the exact same subjectwith an upcoming director attached, and this cannot be encouraging news for the filmmakers.


OSOP Guesses

A-List: Hrithik Roshan

Senior Director: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

Action Film: Untitled Film with Yash Raj

Blind Item – November - Bollywood - 2017

Blind Item – November - Bollywood - 2017

Blind Item – November - Bollywood - 2017

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12 Responses

  1. Lia says:

    She is one of the most stunning actresses in the industry and her beauty and charm has smitten quite a few young heroes and superstars alike. It seems the latest guy to be floored by her is a real estate developer. The man has close ties with Bollywood and high end lifestyle ventures. It seems the two met recently and he was instantly attracted to her. We don’t know if the actress also finds him ‘hot’ or not but sources say she has started a friendship because he is too loaded to be ignored. The two have been going out for dates and cosy dinners. Everything is under wraps now and only those very close to the actress are aware of this development.

    The realty baron is not the most good looking of people but that does not seem to matter to the lady. As a young man, one of his affairs with a lovely tinsel-town actress made waves. His current flame has also earned the reputation of being a ‘player’ in the industry. She was recently in the news for having charmed a hot Bollywood hunk, who was also her co-star. But nothing concrete materialised out there. We feel that given the status of this new admirer, she would consider it stupid to just ignore him. Can you guess who is the actress and her admirer?

    Is this blind from Bollywoodlife about Kat???

  2. Swati says:

    Any inputs for this blind?

    At a recent preview screening of her new film, a popular actress made no bones about the fact that she was embarrassed about subjecting her friends to this cinematic drivel. The talented leading lady showed up fashionably late to the screening herself, but hung around long enough to look at all the tortured faces as they made their way out of the theatre in the end. Mercifully, she didn’t ask them for their responses to the film, instead whispered an apology into their ears when they leaned over for an obligatory air-kiss. Bravo! If only more actors and filmmakers had a sense of humour about their mistakes, instead of losing objectivity and expecting everyone to sing paeans to all their output, no matter how substandard.

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