Blind Item – November 2017 – Hollywood

The blind item below was released in August 2017 and we thought why not share it today since the blind item just became news. If you thought it was unfair that your family didn’t allow you to marry the person you wanted/want to, then think about this grown-up guy having to seek the permission of his grandmother to get engaged to his girlfriend.

Rumour has it, no one approved of her at the beginning. He was pretty much on his own. His girlfriend is an actress and was married once before. With black heritage in her blood, she is also 3 years older than him. It took him months to get grandma’s approval and for the family to warm up to his relationship with the actress.

The audience never thought that an engagement would happen because of the same reasons his family didn’t approve. Well, this guy has always been different from the others in his family. He was and could possibly still be the wild child of the family. So, this move is not at all a surprise coming from him. Also, you know, when you have that many people disapprove, it makes you want the thing more.

Still, don’t know who we are talking about? Check out the blind item from Blind Gossip.


Hollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – November 2017 - Hollywood


Vacation Ingratiation

The members of this very famous and very wealthy family say that they work hard… but they sure seem to take a lot of vacations! In addition to their multiple homes, they frequently travel the world.

However, not everyone is welcome on these family vacations. One of the kids asked to bring along his girlfriend (who is also a celebrity) to one of the family homes so that she could hang out with his family and get to know them in a relaxed setting.

He was denied.

Family vacations are not a casual event where anyone can just show up and ingratiate themselves with the family and go home with a souvenir snap. His family has seen this before with him. They hope that he is simply in a loved up β€œkookoo” phase and they are waiting it out.

He is persistent, though.

He’s not giving up. He is very serious about her and plans to keep asking until they say yes!


OSOP Guesses

One of the kids: Prince Harry

Girlfriend: Meghan Markle

Blind Item – November 2017 - Hollywood

Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their engagement.

Blind Item – November 2017 - Hollywood

This sure is good news to us because we were dead tired of Meghan’s whining character on ‘Suits’, it was time for her to go and she didn’t disappoint. Thank you to Prince Harry for making that happen.

Blind Item – November 2017 - Hollywood

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8 Responses

  1. Kali says:

    Harry seems absolutely besotted for this one. She has him hook, line and sinker. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be Shekhar Suman and write an essay about how she is manipulating him by black magic. This is something else.

    In this day and age, people should be allowed to marry whomsoever they choose. But when you are the grandson of a nominal head, and your family primarily holds its titles to bring in tourist $$$ and your main job is attending social events and endorsing causes and charities, you have to be wise about who you choose as a life partner to bring into this circus. People expect you to hold your conduct and behave in a certain way.

    Diana had her many faults but at least she had charisma! I would say that she was instrumental in bringing about a change in the treatment of HIV inflicted patients, at a time when it was poorly understood. She knew how to wow people and say the right things. She had an excellent work ethic. She understood her duties as a representative of the British monarchy. And she also vehemently hated the intrusion of the media on her family, which poignantly ‘apparently’ caused her her life.

    Markle has already been called as Media-Meg and she certainly seems to thrive from all the media attention judging from her decision to create sly instagram posts hinting at the relationship before it was official, smug interviews peppered with suggestions of engagement and the propensity of exiting establishments from the front door in full view of the paparazzi instead of the back exits. So I think Markle loves the limelight far more than Dutchess-Dolittle who is perpetually closeted away at the Palace and rarely makes social appearances. Will Markle have the same charisma as Diana? That remains to be seen.

    All of Harry’s previous interests resented the camera. Chelsey Davies actually fled to Africa because he hated it so much. And finally, he found one that rejoices in front of it, even in her work-sphere! Harry also seems rather keen on starting a family sooner rather than later, and with Markle already at 36, the clock is ticking. Ironically, Diana was 36 when she died.

    You know, not too long ago, breeding used to be everything. I remember how Diana’s uncle or father had to come out and say that she was a virgin! I guess Harry gets leeway because he isn’t directly in succession, so he gets to marry an American divorcee, whose mother racked up $50,000 in credit card debt & declared bankruptcy, whose brother was arrested for holding a gun to his girlfriend’s head, and whose vengeful sister is writing a book titled ‘The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister’.

    The way I see it, this monarchy will eventually head to a close following the Queen’s demise (which in all likelihood isn’t very far away), and the British subjects (steadily getting more ‘diverse’ and ‘ethnically vibrant’ if you get my drift) eventually won’t take too kindly to supporting her descendants whose lifestyle is completely taxpayer funded and do not pay taxes.

    The last time a member of the British Royal family married an American divorcee, it led to long-standing changes for the British monarchy and didn’t end up very well for the man. We’ll see how this ends!

    • Admin says:

      That’s a very strong and true analysis. Diana was known as the people’s princess despite her not being a princess. She truly had something about her. Meghan is different and seems to be very comfortable in not working anymore as she will be expected to attend charity events here and there alone or with PH. She’s smart in a way, she knew her career wasn’t going anywhere and in a way, was instrumental in making the world know about her and PH. Btw, the Queen is very much healthy and still going strong. Wonder what she eats to stay this way?

      • Kali says:

        I honestly had not heard of Markle until the news of their relationship broke. She is certainly no A-list TV actress like Jennifer Aniston or Kaley Cuoco. A brief look of her filmography shows that she was mostly involved in small two-bit per episode minor character roles and not a series regular until she signed onto Suits, where I’m pretty sure she isn’t even the main character like ‘Bones’ or ‘Castle’ were. She wasn’t even nominated for anything while her co-actors were. Her career was never going great guns.

        As such, when you’re 36, I don’t blame her for dropping her show like a hot potato, doing the right thing for yourself and settling down with a wealthy man, who on paper is one of the most eligible bachelors in the world.

        Gotta hand it to Kate’s mother and Markle. They know how to hob-knob with high society people to get ahead in life. You know Kate’s mother insisted that Kate take a gap-year and go the same school Prince William was at? One daughter married to a Prince and another to a Billionaire. Not bad for a former air-hostess.

        As for Diana, she may not have been ‘royalty’ but she was certainly born into an aristocratic family with very strong ties to the Queen. Diana grew up in Sandringham House and used to play with Prince Andrew and Edward as a child. Both of Diana’s grandmothers had served as ladies-in-waiting to The Queen Mother. She was as close to being a Princess as possible, without being born to the Queen. So she was certainly not a ‘real commoner’ like Kate whose ancestors were miners. Now that was a true commoner marries Prince, modern day fairy-tale.

        There seems to be a bit of backlash for Harry marrying a bi-racial woman, but I guess people would still complain if he married a white woman who was a divorcee, did racy sex scenes on TV and came from such a questionable family background. But then again, people can’t choose who they are related to. And to think Diana was embarrassed when a picture of her was taken wearing a long skirt which outlined her legs in the sun!

        • Admin says:

          Yes, well things change and change came with William and now Harry. Seriously though, this life is not for everyone. Let’s see how Meghan will take to it. Kate already had to go through a lot. From nude pics of hers to cooked-up stories about her husband liking a similar looking lady at work. The worst must have been about the media giving more scope to her sister than to her on her wedding day! “She might pull a Pippa” – a saying still used today. That was something.

          Also, it is true. ‘Suits’ is Meghan’s biggest claim to fame and she was cast as the Pretty Thing on the show. Later on as the seasons became more successful, she was given more lines and pathetic storylines. Her co-star on the show, her love interest, is also planning to leave the show.

    • kiran101 says:

      Kali – You really are good. You have a good insight into things.To an extent that I would like to know more about you. I assure you I am not being nosy or creepy…just wanting to know things like your source of information and if its anyway connected to your profession. You seem to also have a good recall of things. Are you a lady/gentleman ? In any case you are the star contributor here with few others I have read here. You seem to have the ability to make others see your point very successfully…I mean I was very unsuccessfully poached(gross exaggeration ) in this site to be team kangana trying to make me see how great she is and what she stands for. Aneways I am so tempted to call out on actually hypocrisy that is spreading here. Complete double standards for others and different yardstick for KR… I might as well be booted outta here with all the bullying so i just wanna know if you write elsewhere in general ?

      • Kali says:

        Thanks. I keep details about myself intentionally vague because you never know who which butthurt billionaire or bollywood actor is going to come after you. I don’t want to be made an example of like Rajeev Masand, Soumyadipta Banerjee, Jaydeep Ghosh or even the lunatic Ajit Vadakayil. Yes, I do have excellent recall of things and I have been told that I can be quite persuasive in my writing. As far as I am concerned, nobody is dood ka dhula in the glamour/acting circuit, so I try to get all points across instead of foaming from my mouth rabidly. I hope it will suffice to say that my profession is laughably far far away from the glitz and glamour of bollywood.

      • Nars <3 Kangana says:

        Hypocrisy says hello!

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