Blind Item – November 2017 – Bollywood

The first blind item for today comes from BollywoodLife. It’s about a situation that everyone knows about since pictures of this socialite attending the birthday party of this superstar over attending the birthday celebrations of her own sister-in-law made it online. It is very strange how everyone in this family is just growing apart from each other. At least, this leading lady still has her mother, husband and daughter by her side.

But, why is her SIL not in a good relationship with her? What went wrong there? Is it jealousy? Won’t be too hard to believe since this socialite pretty much does nothing in her professional life aside from writing columns that no one wants to read while her SIL is busy working still as a leading lady and making news. Frankly, who wants to read about a rich lady’s perspective on life when she didn’t have to sweat for money a day in her life? Only rich socialites like her might enjoy reading her piece.

Well, this proves that you live the life that you choose and this one chose to marry early and have kids at such a young age instead of putting her degree to good use. Now, she’s separated (allegedly) and spends her time in Mumbai being a socialite by attending parties everywhere. It isn’t that hard to believe that her parents don’t want her to get divorce to preserve their precious family name. That said, what went wrong between this actress and her SIL? Read on the blind item below to know who we are talking about.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – November 2017 - Bollywood


This actress is miffed with her sister-in-law for ignoring her birthday celebration and going to an A-lister’s bash instead

Guess, 'we are family' is clearly a thing of the past for these people now


Issues between sisters-in-law are very common and Bollywood families, too, go through the same. Hence we are not surprised when this lovely actress was upset with her sister-in-law’s weird behaviour. That the two ladies don’t get along well, is now something that everyone is aware of but things became quite apparent recently, when the actress’ socialite sis-in-law decided to step out for a high profile birthday bash, skipping the actress’ intimate birthday celebration.

It so happened that the actress wanted to ring in her birthday with the family in the evening and had expected everyone to be present. But the lady in question was obviously not interested in this low-key celebration and instead chose to go out and party hard with her friends, away from her family. This kind of miffed the actress, and the two got into a little tiff. Obviously, the common man between the two of them intervened and asked them to chill.

With this sort of behaviour, the sis-in-law decided to change her plans and instead of inviting her in-laws for a small celebration, she chose to ring in her birthday with only her husband and daughter. The only one who joined them was the actress’ mother. In all the mess, it was the head of the family who seemed to be quite hurt with the treatment meted out to him, given the traditional values he has always preached!

Guess, β€˜we are family’ is clearly a thing of the past for these people now. Who do you think we are talking about? Well, this one is easy to crack. Have you guessed it already?


OSOP Guesses

Socialite: Shweta Bachchan

Blind Item – November 2017 - Bollywood


Actress: Aishwarya Rai

Blind Item – November 2017 - Bollywood

Superstar: Shah Rukh Khan

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23 Responses

  1. Lovelylibran says:

    Hahaha.. ya Shweta looks like a female version of her father.. Very manly looking.. Horse face..

    • Admin says:

      The Bachchan genes seem to run very strong in the family. Let’s hope Aish’s daughter doesn’t end up looking like them…

  2. Shivanisd says:

    Both shweta and her daughter are rich, entitled transgender looking losers.

  3. Nimi says:

    Its clear that the Bachchan family is jealous that Aish is a bigger star than Abhi. Aish is lucky that Abhi is very loving and humble.

    • nefarious says:

      Does the humbleness stem from being unsuccessful? I hear, he has a bf parked somewhere in the US.. Abhi is just playing to the gallery. His heart lies elsewhere.. His oreintation has been a subject of discussion many a times.

  4. Shanaya says:

    SRK has himself stated that he does not have any friends and he talks to his children about his problems. Weird fellow.

  5. Pav says:

    Also, when I saw certain people in the bash, I was like when did SRK became friends with them. It was like Karan’s guest list.

    • Admin says:

      That’s because SRK has no friends of his own. His true friends, the ones who supported him at the beginning, are not welcome at his place. People like Juhi Chawla and the others don’t get along with Gauri…

      • Pav says:

        Yeah that explains. Now when I think of it, SRK also hasn’t done anything to make good friends. I am a big SRK fan (only before 2010 movies) but when he was the star he seemed too self centered. I know all celebrities are, but SK, DP, Kareem’s,KJo.. etc had their families or limited friends and they were loyal to them. SRK was living a life beyond and above everyone and he pretends to be humble.

        • Rashmi says:

          Do you think SRK only pretends to be humble? he is not such in reality? how are his fans who saw him in life and who says that he is the most modest person? very curious to know

          • Pav says:

            Well, I haven’t seen him in reality to begin with. This is my personal opinion, I think he’s extremely smart and intelligent. He would know how to behave and what to tell.

          • Rashmi says:

            I was referring to for what reason (Acts word SRK) Do you think that he is not humble. I’m just interested in your personal conclusions. if you are unpleasant or offended by my question, just do not answer. but I’m very curious))

          • Pav says:

            Rashmi, since you are interested in my personal opinion. Here we go, I’ve been a fan for many years. Have seen his speeches, interviews and behaviour (all on TV and YouTube) and I can identify the changes. He was honestly proud of himself ( he has all the reasons to be) and was very successful for over decades. He wasn’t used to praise people always. But now (maturity?) With things going not so well , he seems to be friendly with everyone, loves everyone’s work, praise everybody, find everybody talented. Those days he used his witty ways to say what’s in his head without hurting anyone. Now maybe he’s worried, of what I don’t know since he’s achieved almost everything.
            Most importantly, he has really expensive eyes πŸ˜‰
            I hope SRK won’t come and accuses me for being so judgemental

          • Rashmi says:

            thank you very much for your honest opinion. I in many respects agree with you. yet I noticed a change in the behavior of Aamir. when the SRK was a super star Aamir did not communicate with him. but now Aamir and SRK are practically best friends. I think Aamir has always envied more successful actors

          • kiran101 says:

            SRK was never humble… even before he became a superstar…he is a charmer. He can make you believe that he is most interested in you when he is engaging in a conversation with you.He is very smart. I say this from reading interviews from the pre internet Era….90’s and early 2000’s when social media wasnt so prevalent.No one ever said he is down to earth.

      • rhea says:

        What is the reason of Gauri not being friendly or welcoming towards SRK’s friends like Juhi Chawla others?

        • Pav says:

          There were rumours that they had a thing and Gauri can’t stand Juhi

          • nefarious says:

            if they had a thing, that means Juhi wasnt his friend, she was having an affair with him.Cant blame gauri here, can we?
            But who are SRK’s friends? he has said many times he doesnt have any. i guess, one is lonely at the top. I dont think Gauri calls the shots so much. SRK just fools her into believing she does. What about directors? co-actors? No one?

            I remeber Juhi also suggested his callousness when her brother was ailing.

          • Admin says:

            If Juhi and SRK were or did have an affair, SRK wouldn’t have been close to her family including her husband and brother. At one point, they all were really close and even today, SRK is in business with Juhi and her husband.

          • Pepeas says:

            At one point Aziz Mirza was also a very close friend & part of Dreamz Unlimited till it fell apart. You never hear SRK mention him or be seen with him, or even his wife and sons who looked after SRK like their own. I’ve started to think that SRK is cold, ruthless, completely image-driven, more emotionally damaged than I had dreamed (and eventually damaging) to most people. He has become utterly transactional and sacrificed all love and friendship for status and money. Yes he obviously loves his kids, but it seems to be an unhealthy, ferocious dependence and need for them… and the glib charm and one-liners, and the β€œI’m such an iconoclast” attitude in interviews while saying the same old things over and over… I don’t know. It all makes me sad. I might be overthinking it and I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone. Call it my armchair psychoanalysis!

          • nefarious says:

            I guess, when it comes to money they reach a compromise. But Juhi and SRK were in love, Some say they were caught kissing near the pool back in the day.

            Yet, Juhi was pretty vocal about the fact that SRK was never around during her brothers ailment. I dont think things were like they used to be between them. Shes not even seen for KRK matches

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