Blind Item – November 2015 – Bollywood

Our last blind item of today is a little spicier than usual. Though if you have read our blind items before you will not be surprised at all by the blind item below. This one was written by PV and we don’t know if it’s done to promote a certain upcoming film starring two bery popular leads. What we do know is the same habit of this lead in the blind item below has been reported before. As it’s some serious allegations, we won’t be posting our OSOP Guesses below. But if you do want to share who you think this blind item is about, feel free to do so below.


This talented actor tried convincing his co-star to snort it up

Blind Item - November 2015 - Bollywood


This talented actor who is known for his Casanova image, has been heavily into drugs. Though he has never done it openly people close to him know of his dirty habit.

During the promotions of his film, the actor was quite fried with the haphazard schedule and wasn’t able to cope up.

To beat the stress, he tried consuming some ‘happy hormones’ to help him pull through the day. While it is something that he is used to, what surprised us is that he tried convincing his co-star to ‘taste’ it as well.

The actress, who is averse to these things, refused to consume the same. She preferred to rest it out instead of indulging in these not-so-healthy habits.


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