Blind Item – May 2018 6

The blind item below is about this actor and how his tantrums made the director shelved his film. To be fair, a director only gets to shelve his film if he based the script and the character on a particular actor. Like if he wrote the story with this actor in mind and if the actor refuses, he will have to scrap the whole film. It does not have to necessary be this way, but since there might not be other options for the director, he will just think of an another way for his story.

Since he gave this actor his first big hit, it’s only fair that he wanted to get back to him after his last directorial film crashed and burned at the box office. There have been many problems with the casting of this film. First, it was rumoured that none of the current young actresses wanted to sign this film. One by one, they said, “no”. Then, came the rumours that the actor wasn’t too happy with the fact that the director took another young male actor in the film.

We are just surprised here because how come the actor didn’t know there was another male actor in the film? Why suddenly after months of looking for the heroine, the actor finds out and says that he doesn’t want to do the film? It doesn’t make sense. Unless he knew all along and thought that he could pacify the director into giving him a bigger role. Then when he realised the director wouldn’t bulge, he sulked and walked away in the hope that the director would run after him and call out his name. Now that is a really good story right here!

Find out more in the blind item from Filmfare.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – May 2018 6


Oh no! This B-town actor’s tantrums make a filmmaker shelve his film

The industry is currently abuzz with how this young actor who has not starred in any project since good two years is extremely insecure about his screen space. We are not too surprised here because jealousy is not uncommon in today’s world, especially when it comes to the glamorous world of showbiz. If the gossip mafias are to be believed, this actor was supposed to star in a film of a famous filmmaker, script of which had two male leads. This obviously didn’t go down well with our young lad and when he got to know that this newbie male star will get as big a role as him in the film, our insecure jealous boy straightaway told the filmmaker to change the script.

Angry with the actor’s demands, considering he has been missing from the movie business for quite sometime now, the filmmaker threw it back at him. Things went so bad that the upset filmmaker went on to remind the star that he’s no more in the position to put across demand as he any which way has nothing in his kitty. Ugh, sad much.

What next, this reputed filmmaker had no chance but to shelve his project and not star this flop actor nor the other newbie in his film. Poor thing, the real injury happened to our newcomer in this whole mess.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Aditya Roy Kapur

Filmmaker: Mohit Suri

Newbie: Sunny Singh

Blind Item – May 2018 6


Blind Item – May 2018 6


Blind Item – May 2018 6


Blind Item – May 2018 6


Blind Item – May 2018 6


Blind Item – May 2018 6

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7 Responses

  1. GG says:

    his brother Kunal is an actor, a good one at that and hence he gets work. Aditya wants to be a “star” or “hero”. you only get to be that if you have tremendous screen presence. he struggles in the screen presence area.

  2. Monalisa says:

    Aditya should not be so choosy if he want to succeed in bollywood.

    • Leaps says:

      @monalisa he’s an insider he gets away with being picky. His younger brother is a better actor and work wise more busy than him maybe Aditya can learn a few things from him about acting

  3. Samantha says:

    Aditya Roy Kapur should just strip n make us all happy! lolll!

  4. Rahul says:

    @ admin, you seem to be seem to be a seinfeld fan judging by the choice of GIFs! Hoping you come up with more such GIFs especially of Kramer’s or George Costanza’s.They are a riot!

    Why doesn’t big bro Siddarth help out younger bro? The middle bro Kunal, seems to be the best of the lot for me

    • Admin says:

      Haha, on the contrary, have never watched an episode of Seinfeld. Just watched the clips of the actress’ funny dancing back then when Drake released his funny dancing song. We choose gifs based on what is required and then select the most appropriate ones. It’s just random, like those Real Housewives gifs. πŸ˜€

  5. Amanda says:

    Aditya better leave this industry… Except for playing side roles, he can’t carry any film on his shoulders… ASHIQUE 2 was a boring film with good songs… The BO status of this film was largely due to the music… After a long time, bollywood had given memorable songs and that helped ashique….. He used to get roles because of his brother… Personally I feel aditya is not fit for film industry…

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