Blind Item – March 2018 – Bollywood 2

The blind item below confirms all the things that went wrong with this production company. Written by Rajeev Masand, this blind item pretty much confirms the rumours that have been going around regarding this lady producer and her movie production house. It’s funny because she used the help of another website to refute these rumours and call her director crazy at the time. Now it seems, the company is trying to get back on its feet and this lady is working hard to find the ways for that to happen.

Usually when these production houses go through a low phase, they keep working at it trying hard to find that one film that will become such a huge hit that the company will recover all its losses. It’s exactly what this lady is hoping for. As of now, it seems that she is spending more money in making sure this happens. At this exact moment, she has more than two films in production and another one, whose shooting was stopped midway. It’s a clear situation of biting off more than they can chew.

Well, hopefully the production house can recover and be back in working mode. A production house has a lot of people working for them and if things don’t go well, these people will lose their jobs and end up not getting paid. The stars are fine, they can sign another film and make their money.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – March 2018 - Bollywood 2



The Party Ends for Ms Moneybags

The uncertainty over the release of a new film—previously slated for December last year, now likely to be pushed further— has put the spotlight on one of the film’s producers, a Ms Moneybags who announced her arrival in Bollywood not long ago through expensive co-productions.

But insiders say the party has ended. The producer’s cheques are bouncing, there are reports of financial irregularities in her books, and there’s a string of unpaid talent that is getting impatient. Chief among them is the bicep-bulging actor-producer of this film who is reportedly seething over the fact that the producer has defaulted on his salary and the last set of payments to ensure the film’s smooth release.

There is also talk that she fell out with the other producers over a recently-released horror film that she was involved in, and then there is the very public embarrassment over a romantic film with a top studio that had to temporarily be stalled after she got into a spat with the film’s director over money issues.

The lady in question shot to fame when she partnered with a top action star in his last film, a ‘social drama’ that she partly financed, and which did solid box office numbers last year. Industrywaalas are saying her approach to the business has been all wrong. One insider refers to an instance of her ‘messing up the market’ by signing an actor for Rs 11 crore when his market price is considerably lower.

The lady is reportedly amiable and in the habit of sending expensive designer products to potential collaborators in her relentless efforts to woo them for partnerships.


OSOP Guesses

Ms Moneybags: Prernaa Arora

Film: Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran

Bicep-Bulging Actor-Producer of this Film: John Abraham

Horror Film: Pari

Romantic Film: Kedarnath

Top Action Star: Akshay Kumar

11 Crore Actor: Shahid Kapoor

Blind Item – March 2018 - Bollywood 2

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9 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Basically, she’s the RCB of Bollywood

  2. Ananya says:

    Admin, all the films under them are in trouble. Is Dp-Irffaan project also stalled bz of financial situation?

    They’ve maintained it’s bz of health issue of both actors. But is that project also in trouble? Is it going to be shelved as well? Or will it roll once both are back or if Irrfan is replaced?

  3. Aditi says:

    Hey admin,

    I have always wondered where did Prerna Arora suddenly pop up from? I mean who is she, i mean whats her background and who is providing her with the money required to produce films. Is she from a rich business family? How she is so well connected to filmy folks so quickly and signing up top stars? We have been hearing about her only from the past 2 years. What did she do before that? She seems to select just the right films with the right budget. There surely must be some insider mentoring her.

    Btw, i feel these money issues are only temporary and if all goes right she could be one of the leading producers very soon. Every expanding business faces financial crunches like these so no big deal here. Why doesnt she just find good coproducers.

    • Rahul says:

      Her father was a producer if i am not wrong.

    • lightsaber says:

      Prerna Arora, her dad (Virender Arora) and his/her business partner Arjun N Kapoor have been operating in the fringes of Bollywood for at least 4-5 years now. Virender Arora is apparently an industrialist/businessman and set up his production business with Arjun Kapoor (most well-known co-production venture: Namaste England, got sued by T-Series too). Then Prernaa Arora and Arjun Kapoor founded KriArj. I think her father is still a producer/financier at KriArj, and Prerna is more of a creative producer. But end of the day they co-produce, because all of their movies have had multiple producer partners. So KriArj (Prerna/dad/partner) seem jugaadu, IMHO. This likely because they do not have sufficient capital to finance an entire movie, more like a start-up. Also, the movie industry still helps the mafia, industrialists/enterpreneurs and politicians with money laundering for tax evasion etc etc. So jugaad is more-or-less the norm here, keeping these people in play.

  4. Pooja says:

    11cr to shahid????even rs charge 9core.

  5. Amanda says:

    Who pays shahid 11crores… If prerna is going to do this, she will be doomed…. Shahid is not even a star as per me… Hope someone points this out to prerna…

    • Monalisa says:

      My thoughts exactly. Who in their right mind will pay that much to Shahid? When was his last clean hit (apart from Padmaavat)?

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