Blind Item – March 2018 – Bollywood 10


There has finally been an update to the blind item below. Shared earlier in March 2018, the official news just came out on about this movie. It seems to be her because there hasn’t been anyone else in the running. She was on a diet, as she did mention a cheat meal on her social media account with a picture of a slice of chocolate cake. So, please check it out in case you were scratching your head on who this might be about.


The other blind item for today comes from Mumbai Mirror. It was a bit hard to figure this one out, but we managed to do it. The only downside is that we couldn’t find the lady they are referring to in the blind item below. Since the whole project hasn’t started yet, it will be hard to know who she is until they start shooting for the film or at least, make an announcement.

Until then, check out the blind item below from MM.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – March 2018 - Bollywood 10


WE haven’t seen much of this beautiful actor for a while. Her romantic liaisons have made more news than her last few movies. So when this veteran but forgotten director came out of the woodwork and called upon her to star in his upcoming film, albeit for a bit role, she agreed. The only hitch was they were to start shooting in less than three weeks and she was asked to get skinny for her part. We hear she survived on only water and juice for 18 days, until she got to the required size. Oh well, we’ve heard of worse reasons to diet.


OSOP Guess

Director: Mahesh Manjrekar

Actress: Shruti Haasan

Blind Item – March 2018 - Bollywood 10

Blind Item – March 2018 - Bollywood 10

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10 Responses

  1. Swati says:

    Unrelated topic. Does anyone know what’s the deal with aishwarya-shweta-abhishek and bacchan family? The abu jani wedding was very telling. There’s definite discord there. And they’re not hiding it. Can we have a post on that?

  2. Rashmi says:

    I hope soon will be blind and clarify the question of how Sid persuaded Johar once again to produce his film and help him? only recently were the blind that Johar refused. or can the admin have assumptions (the admin always has logical assumptions)

  3. Shivanisd says:

    Sad. The, best thing about sonakshi was that she was curvy!!

  4. Neha says:

    Its Sonakshi sinha. I read this blind item 2-3 days back on another website and my sources confirmed its sonakshi sinha.

  5. Pooja says:

    My bet on shushmita sen she putting lots of pix now day on social media.

  6. Amanda says:

    Can it be urmila matondkar or sushmita sen?

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