Blind Item – March 2018 7

This has got to be the silliest blind item ever written! So silly that we were like:

Not just us, even a blind person can tell! This is getting too much now, the desperation to be desirable can be smelled all the way from Bulgaria. To think that he must have made up this blind item while his mother was there is even more disgusting. Actually, that is who he is: disgusting. We know there will be fans of his coming here and telling us how despicable we are and all that, well what to do!

We think that everyone knows by now how he enjoys shaming others or rather, he takes pleasure in embarrassing and humiliating people. The blind item below is by PinkVilla, so there’s a huge chance that they sent it out to make this guy look fun and desirable. We don’t know from which angle, but he sure looks like a psycho! How do we know that? Well, this incident happened only between three people overseas. Only the lead actor, this actress and the director knew what went on before the incident happened. So who leaked it?

Whoever wrote this blind item doesn’t realise how degrading it is to the women involved in it. Not to mention that they made someone out to be a pimp by asking these girls to sleep with this (only-his-mother-thinks-he’s-a) handsome actor. Next they bring down the dignity of this film’s lead actress in this blind item, who by the way is badly injured and on her way back to Mumbai, by claiming that her co-star is just having “fun” with her. Then, the (only-his-mother-thinks-he’s-a) handsome actor encouraged this supporting actress to hit on his gay friend.

Now the thing that we are concerned about: Are they working over there or just playing hide-n-seek in each other’s bedrooms? The producer should be concerned because he has a lot riding on this project. It’s hard to believe that the below blind item has happened. They are just playing a prank using this lady’s name because of how close she has become to this director. Speaking of how close she has become to this director, maybe this actor started feeling jealous and that’s why he made this all up to make a mockery out of this lady!


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – March 2018 7



Actor's rendezvous with a leading lady forces another actress to hit on her director

Actresses hitting on the actors and directors, to ensure they have a good role in movies is nothing new. Even today, things don’t come easy for actresses and β€˜compromises’ and β€˜casting couches’ are still a norm. Similar is the case with this actress, a popular name in the TV industry.

After struggling for years for her big fat debut in Bollywood, the lady in question has finally landed herself a role in some of the biggest films of B-town. Needless to say, it came after a few compromises. While reports of her closeness to an A-list actor already made rounds, this spicy bit of news has surely got our eyes rolling.

A little birdie has informed us that this sultry diva, who has a prominent role in a big budget film, being shot abroad, witnessed an awkward moment while shooting with the entire crew. It so happened, that the diva, to ensure she has a big chunk of role, was advised to hit on the lead actor of the movie, known for his notorious ways with his leading ladies. The actress tried her best to woo the handsome lad, only to be told that he is having β€˜fun’ with the leading lady of this much talked about the movie. Disheartened with this revelation, the lovely actress didn’t lose hope and instead started hitting on the Director, not knowing that he swings the other way. When the lead actor learnt about the actress’ desperate ways, he played along and encouraged her to hit on the Director.

Things got awkward when the actress in question landed up in the director’s room only to be told that he is gay! Well, we wonder what was her reaction after that, but indeed this was an awkward scenario!


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Ranbir Kapoor

Actress: Mouni Roy

Leading Actress: Alia Bhatt

Director: Ayan Mukherjee

Blind Item – March 2018 7


Blind Item – March 2018 7


Blind Item – March 2018 7


Blind Item – March 2018 7

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38 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Is it really a surprise that an outsider makes some sort of a head away after working for years on small screen and is greeted with a deriding blind from the so-called “desirable” junkie and his nepo flag bearers gang of bollywood?

  2. Bollyzone says:

    Bollywood takes this strange pleasure in demeaning actors who come without any support. They love cheapening and dehumanising these people. They did it with Rekha and Sridevi in their initial stages of career and they did it with Kangana viciously and even with Ranveer initially I think, and now this poor girl. It’s like they don’t respect their own profession and they think people come into this line only to do all this crap. The focus is never on films, story, no its always who is hot and who is banging who. Look at koffee with Karan, no wonder Johkar makes such terrible films.

    • Monalisa says:

      @bollyzone Kjo and his bollywood insider gang made fun of Kangana’s english, made fun of Vidya’s dressing and weight, called Ranveer ‘poor man’s Ranbir Kapoor’… But when these actors became successful look how they are fawning on them (in Kangana’s case before all her controversy with Kjo and Hrithik). This blind is written to humilate the outsider Mouni. Disgusting!!

    • Monalisa says:

      The whole pr angle is more evident after the funeral with all the pap pics and news articles.

  3. Nars says:

    I feel to take a million showers. To Think I liked Ranbir when he started out. He had so much potential but now? His true face is bright to see.

    He is desperate – a professional hating psycho – likes to play mid games & worst shit.

    His mother justifies the behavior as “cute” & they act like is God’s gift to women.

    Outsiders should just keep far away from these nepo gangs – acting like little mean girls.

    Y is Alia playing along? Does she just loves sex so much? or is this one freaking clown show? – If it is just sex, she should find a AD or a back up dancer or something other guy/gal. Y this disrespecting – fake hair – unhandsome clown show?

  4. Hmmm says:

    This blind is supposed to make Alia and Moumi look silly but in reality makes Ranbir look even more of a douche. So fed up of this low IQ, over-hyped over rated β€œactor” and his pathetic need to be desirable.

  5. Leap says:

    Ranbir has shenanigans of Lord Byron but wants to present himself as David of Michaelangelo that all women can’t resist him. As per Byron blind tradition it’s the women who are after him.
    Well Alia for him is fun but in the long run this does her no good she also will get painted in the same light as Ranbir but mouni the outsider is made a joke and a bad one at that.

    Alia by agreeing to this linkup with Ranbir thanks to kjo has made a blunder association with Ranbir now only brings girls trouble in both professional and personal lives both these women can do themselves a favor and stay away from him esp mouni she is an outsider has more to lose Alia has kjo protection. Also since Alia likes to be fake friends with everyone someone should remind her when she calls ayan her bff ayan is a Friend to none but byrans underwear .

    I am sorry but I refuse to buy the mouni didn’t know ayan was playing for different team.
    Also Ranbir would do it with a tree why would he day no to mouni please. Ayan is also a physco like Ranbir they both must sit and write this crap.althought my intal idea was kjo because Ranbir blinds feel like they were written by a teenager

  6. Samantha says:

    Mouni pleasuring Ekta lesbian does not know Ayan is Gay? What a farce!! Such a stupid planted blind by Ranbir (or KJo)!

  7. Samantha says:

    Chalo at least Pinkvilla blinds have GUTS to say tht Ayan is Gay (tho in a blind)! Good progress!

  8. Samantha says:

    If its not true; how very insulting n demeaning for Mouni Roy! SHAME on KJo, Ayan n Ranbir! n yes, shame on Alia too! These privileged losers can make anyone’s life miserable!

  9. Monalisa says:

    Also how bad is this movie that they are so desperate to try everything under the sun to promote this movie a year before it’s release. Casting 2 actors who give a ‘sibling vibe’ as a romantic lead was a total miscast. Reminds me of how Anushka and Ranbir were a total miscast for their roles in Bombay Velvet. Looks like this is going to be another box office disaster like Bombay Velvet for Kjo and Ranbir.
    No matter how much they tried to sell Alia and Ranbir as a real life couple no one is going to buy it. They now even involving Neetu in the charade. So desperate!!

    • leap says:

      @Monalisa how difficult is it for these people to get if you are good actors you should be able to pull off the pair chemistry on screen. Also i know alia is career oriented so is ok with selling fake and personal life with anyone for PR but why is she putting up with this nonsense is beyond me she seems ok with this too this surely doesn’t make her desirable or hot it reduces her to an object that ranbir is playing with that is surely not a compliment

      • Monalisa says:

        @leap The pv comment section for this blind is proof enough that people are aware ofKjo’s pr tactic of linking Alia with all her co-stars. If this continues on people will start hating her the way Ranbir is hated.
        Kjo seem to have very little faith in Ranbir and Alia as an on-screen pair as well as in
        the movie itself. He must be worried sick after seeing Padmaavat and the kind of money it made. So trying everything under the sun to create some buzz for a movie with no buzz and no interest.

        • leap says:

          @Monalisa yup alia agreeing to all this shows how insecure these star kids are because their career are catered by people like kjo . one would think how she is celebrated as the best actress around alia would by now start standing on her own two feel in BW

  10. Monalisa says:

    Ranbir the womanizer must have hit on Mouni who must have rejected him. That is why he cooked up this blind to malign her. I cannot belive that Ranbir will say no to a woman (especially an outsider) who was willing to sleep with him just because he is sleeping with Alia. This blind is written to make the ‘sibling vibe couple’ Alia and Ranbir hot and happening, to make Ranbir look like loyal and faithful guy who is not a serial cheater and to humilate and malign Mouni because she rejected Ranbir’s advances. This psycho Ranbir was not able to handle that a woman rejected him. Poor Mouni!!
    I’m sure someone like Mouni who hang out with bollywood folks and is friends with Ekta is aware that Ayan is gay. why would she throw herself at him.

    • NightGlory says:

      This seems closest to what might have actually happened.

    • suyash says:

      I totally agree with you

    • sweettooth01 says:

      i honestly dont think mouni comes across as smone who wud reject ranbir kapoor..
      thrs smthng abt her body language and the numerous blinds on her giving favours to akshay..
      if rk hit on her she wudnt ignore it either to stay relevant in news or to get a meaty not saying shes wrong..she just doesnt come across as smone who wud reject a big actor..

  11. Pav says:

    Why are they (I mean KJo,RK Ayan) so lame? If not for the surenames of these, they’ll be kicked out of any place. Worse than slums ( they say slums are uneducated, classless and pathetic). Just so disgusting. And is Alia really sleeping with all her co stars or her ‘friends’ make her look like a wh***???

    • Pooja says:

      Yup I also read she sleep with srk at London vocation.she behave worst than needy desperate outsiders.but after all she is sis of emraan hashmi n pooja bhatt n daughter of mahesh bhatt.

      • lilian says:

        No, she didn’t sleep with SRK as for YET. That was Akshay she had a one night stand with, but she definitely was having a crush on SRK that’s for sure. And he thoroughly enjoyed the attention. Of course he is flattered and it boosts his ego that a girl that young still finds him attractive but as for now his first concern is gettng ‘zero’ to become a hit, cometh what may.
        As for the london trip yes it was business mixed with pleasure , as i have heard there was a certain former misses- now miss Kapoor who was getting ‘honored’ with an IconAward (joke of the century) in London around the same time frame so they probably just celebrated ‘her’ win. Supposedly AbRam likes her as she is good with kids (she has her own) that’s why he was also around.

        • Rashmi says:

          it was the SRK, not Akshay. in the blind it was said that the young actress was passionate age actor and they worked together. Now you write that Alia was in love with SRK. With Akshay Alia has no common films, the only thing that connected them is the promotion of the toilet

        • leap says:

          @lilian this is just too absurd

  12. naughtytrini says:

    I actually read this today and wondered how come you didnt posted it lol but if this blind is really true then everyone knows it could be either of the three parties who leaked it since they are the ones who have the inside info, maybe they were just jesting but the girl comes out looking really terrible.

    Bollywood gossips are kind of slow today in almost all the blogs I read so I had a lot of free time and did some research. Three items caught my attention and I was wondering your take on them…may I? πŸ™‚

    1. Vijay Anand marrying his very younger niece years gone by…jeez how disgusting. How can such a thing be acceptable?
    2. There was a rumour that Katrina Kaif got pregnant by Mallya Snr and had an abortion. Hence her distancing herself from him and also partly her fallout with Salman.
    3. SRK eldest son got a girl pregnant and his youngest son is really his grandchild :-0

    You know it would be nice if you could start a topic so we can ask about rumours going around both past and present and maybe someone with inside information could like let something slip or something??? just a suggestion.

    • Pav says:

      Oh boy, I don’t think those are true. If they are, I’m gonna commit suicide, what kinda world am I living in

    • Blahblah.bala says:

      2nd was actually deepika padukone. Do some research that is what caused rift between her and ranbir and later when Sid came to know about this he distanced himself from Diva depika padukone. Do research around that time there is plenty of proof.

      • goldengirl says:

        @naughtytrini was just asking what was out in the media not blaming kat or confirming it. But kat fans only abuse DP . Lol, 2nd was about Kat not DP. Do some research. The rift between RK DP was caused by kat who chased RK while dating Salman . when Salman came to know about it he distances himself from Diva kat and insulted her in public too. Google the facts. Google it and see 10000 of proofs. Kat fans assume things and try hard to show Kat is a saint and DP is a bitch. Now reply after research and with proofs. You are just making people to write bad about kat and to dislike her more.

      • Isa says:

        Dear Blahblah.blah you are definitely delusional to think that was DP. If you really did some research you would have actually found out that this was indeed Kat. Since she was an escort also, getting it on with men to further her career is no big deal, which as everyone may know, she still does today

    • Admin says:

      Stories that happened before the media was this big are really hard to believe, but not untrue – so to speak. Like Kumar Sanu did marry two sisters and he wanted to marry the third sister but the two wives/sisters stopped him. There are worst stories so the VA one does not sound unbelievable at all. As for KK getting pregnant, that’s not true and that story about Aryan also is not true since his SIL carried AbRam. Just senseless rumours.

      • Ananya says:

        Who carried Abram? It isn’t surrogacy through foreign lady?

      • naughtytrini says:

        Oh my gosh! Kumar Sanu? jeez lol one question though, why didnt Gauri get pregnant for SRK and have his child? Does she have a gynae problem or something? Is not like she is a famous actress or a top model and needs to maintain her weight…. Believe me, I just ask questions that everyone wonders and are too afraid to ask.

        • sweettooth01 says:

          maybe thr r complications involved in delivery..considering her age is more than 30 and 2 kids alrdy..thr r risks of vaginal prolapse or maybe develop high bp etc etc etc..
          also its her wish whether she wants to carry a baby or not..
          i dont think everythngs not abt weight and looks..mayb she doesnt want to do all tht for 9 months or uhmmn abstain from alcohol or smthng else..
          i personally find it scary to get pregnant n i dunno why..its nt the weight but thts a very scary thought for me

  13. Amanda says:

    KJo’s blinds have become predictable… This blind right from the start hints at KJo /Ranbir….. They enjoy playing cheap pranks on co stars..

  14. Kiran101 says:

    Dear KJO , You are not making Ranbit sorry ‘ The Super-Duper star’ more desirable …you make him look sleazy and cheap.
    Not everyone looks at him with the eyes of Ayan. Looks like Ayan is now what KJo was in the past. KJO was obsessed with SRk like Ayan is to Ranbir. That story did not end very well…it was hard on KJO.

  15. Goldengirl says:

    Why these actresses stoop low to get big films and movies ? They can do anything for fame and later cry I was assaulted. Men are men but they can’t uses or take advantage if any women doesn’t want to be used. Actress is equally at fault.

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