Blind Item – June – Bollywood 8

The blind item below is from PinkVilla and it is about this actress and her 2 ex-boyfriends + another A-list actor It’s actually a news article that has been made into a blind item. The only difference is that in the news article, it was reported that this superstar knowingly went into the same studio that this actress and her ex were in. While the actress acknowledged this superstar, her ex pretended that he didn’t see this superstar. Speaking of the ex, he must be super happy that this superstar’s latest film has flopped badly at the box office and is being panned crazily by critics and audience. As for the superstar and actress, they were also living in together for many years before the actress jumped on the latest star in Bollywood or rather when she decided to attach herself to the latest star in Bollywood. The superstar and her were rumoured to have been back together, but that’s not true at all. They are good friends and that’s it. Coincidentally, the superstar also shares a good rapport with the actress’ ex’s family. Though the blind item below refers to 3 actors (of course, not including the lady), everyone is aware of her and the 2 actors. This has us thinking that perhaps she’s the one who sent out this blind item as there was no other actor, who met her there at the same time. It used to happen before when she would leak stories that only she was supposed to know. It’s the same here. Check out the blind item below to know who PinkVilla is talking about.

Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – June - Bollywood 8

This A-list actor gives in to his ex-girlfriend's attention seeking antics

This actress and her personal life have always attracted immense media glare. Her rendezvous with her unofficial boyfriends have served the much needed fodder for the gossip hungry media. Be it her breakup with an actor that shocked all or her growing closeness with another ex-boyfriend, everything about this actress is grabbing eyeballs.

Recently, the said actress was caught in an awkward situation. While she was with her ex-boyfriend at a popular studio, another actor, who is evidently fond of the actress, was in the same vicinity as the ex-couple. Despite knowing she is around, this A-list actor timed his entry and exit accordingly, so as to not bump into the gorgeous actress and her ex-boyfriend. And, no, it isn’t anything to do with the lady in question. The two guys don’t get along with each other, for all the right reasons!

Only after their professional commitments were wrapped up and the talented star had left the venue, did the leading lady head out to meet her other ‘close friend’. Given the kind of rapport the leggy lass is sharing with her recent ex, it wasn’t surprising for the onlookers to see her go mingle with this popular superstar, with whom she has been rumoured to be in a relationship with on and off!

Interestingly, when the two stars met, the chemistry between them was evident. Her attention seeking antics kept the actor mesmerized. The possessiveness between the two was palpable. While she wanted the handsome actor to speak to her and give her his time, the leading man even noticed how many outfits she had changed!

Guess, some love stories die hard!

We would love to see this ‘we are just friends’ stars rekindle their romance!


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Salman Khan

Actress: Katrina Kaif

Ex: Ranbir Kapoor

A-List Actor: Akshay Kumar

Blind Item – June - Bollywood 8

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80 Responses

  1. Simpleponne says:

    Kya baat hai. Katrina always manage to find herself new man

  2. A says:

    Sushant seemed so much in love, used to give her so many gifts, he used to feel so much for her if something bad happened but when he started writing I am wretched and all on his twitter exactly from the time the news of his Break up came out it made us very suspicious, it means he knew very well that some sort of news about his break up came out, then that day itself he should have cleared that ankita is not to be blamed after so many days he gave a statement, neither I am a womanizer nor she is a alcoholic people do grow apart… its sad!!! a guy who loved her so much how could he allow this.. to happen at least for courtsey sake. And now reports are there that ankita sushant are still in touch, and are friendly whenever they meet each other is it true OSOP.

    • Shivani says:

      Ppl change after success. Watch luck by chance and see how fast farhan dumps konkana in that movie.

    • Bollywood says:

      Didn’t Susu freaked out over reports of him meeting up Ankita for coffee? We doubt they are cool with each other.

  3. A says:

    Thank you so much for patiently replying to all of our comments. Really Ankita Sushant should have married during Pavitra Rishta, even they were stable in their careers at that time. Anyway God bless both Ankita and Sushant, may they find very good partners in life. God bless you too OSOP. πŸ™‚

  4. Naina says:

    Both DP and Katrina are making a fool of themselves for a douchebag like Ranbir. Had he not been a Kapoor, nobody wud hv given him a second look as he is very effeminate is only being nice to them as he doesnot hv good chemistry with any other heroine but them. Both the ladies shud teach him a lesson and avoid working with him. That will fix his bloated head.

  5. pooja says:

    shivani look like blind fan of katrina know nothing about her miserness its ok asusual all katrina the self made believer.bollywood,it mean sneha dont have shady background like above samebody mention.i like her i thought she was too innocent n dumb for bollywood.

    • Bollywood says:

      It’s ok, Shivani was mistaken that’s all. It happens.

    • Shivani says:

      Ok, osop it was my fault. But I still hate the rabid venom the commenters here have for Katrina! She is a successful woman and they are all jealous of her lol. It’s PATHETIC!! Get a life cheepika fans! Pooja etc

  6. Shivani says:

    A secure and financial life. Who do you think is supporting her financially while she’s in India?

    Sorry osop but this statement of yours is ridiculous. Seems like katrina personally did something, bad to you, the way you go after her! It’s like she ran off with your husband lol! She has more money than u can ever have. She earns crores. Why does she need Salman help yo support herself?? She has enough money. Really hate this ugly side of yours whenever Katrinas name comes up. Pls change ur attitude!!

    • Bollywood says:

      Sorry you misread, that was about Lulu…Not Katty..Katty has been around for ages and we did mention that she worked hard to support her family at the beginning..Come on, do you really think we are that desperate to be pathetic? How did you took this comment to be about Katty when it was replied for Lulu?

    • Rashmi says:

      Why do you justify the rudeness of the fans? Even I do not always agree with you and I can argue, but I will never offend or insult you because I respect you. Here is the obvious rudeness from a blind fan who did not even understand the problem. You do a great job and you do not deserve such an attitude

      • Bollywood says:

        Well, it’s not about justifying. We have to be extra patient as admin of OSOP. It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Thanks for the support though πŸ™‚

  7. Ananya says:

    No I can’t see it too. But someone here mentioned my name and id asking the same qtn abt privacy. Please look into it.

  8. Ananya says:

    Hey admin, someone on this thread said my mail id is visible? Isn’t it protected? Can you do something about it?

    • Bollywood says:

      No, we can’t see it…Try logging in from another browser and see…From our side, no email address or even IP address is visible..

  9. Tina says:

    Ash was the last woman of decent background that Salman dated. The rest, Sneha Ullal, Katrina, Mehek Chahal, Sana Khan, Daisy Shah, Iulia Vantur – all have sketchy background. It’s funny though when he tries to get them to be Sati Savitris.
    It’s amazing what kind of women his family has to put up with for his sake. I refuse to believe they actually respect these women.

    • Minakshi says:

      Well Arpita atleast doesnt respect that lulli she doesnt follow her nor on insta nor on twitter and she did crop her out from a family pic last year during the rakhi celebrations .After Arpita posted that salman and kat pic from TZH with a weird caption Lulli unfollowed her . the family isnt really happy this time with salmans choice

      • Bollywood says:

        Perhaps because Arpita is like a leech herself..The minute she became aware of Sallu’s fame, she leeched on to that. Have you seen her? She enjoys the respect and adulation she gets because of her brother. We all know why her husband is with her and you can see how she makes it a point to connect her child with Salman. She knows that baby will get her closer to Salman and he will have to launch her husband in Bollywood…

    • pooja says:

      hey bollywood really sneha ullah also have shady brackground i thought she came from decent family and decent girl excluding same intimate in south film.

      • Bollywood says:

        Sneha was in the same college as Arpita Khan..As far as her background is concerned, no one has every brought it up..She has been trying to make a living in the South Film Industry since Bollywood couldn’t do her any good.

    • Shivani says:

      What exactly do u mean by sketchy background huh? Tomorrow even i can say u have sketchy background wtout any proof! Think b4 u speak, especially about another woman. Learn about Feminism!!

  10. Minakshi says:

    How can salman still helping kat even after she cheated on him . And the most important thing is how can his family accept her and have no problem with the girl who actually broke thier son/brother heart actually thats making it so hard to believe that she actually cheated on him its looks like the opposite it is salman who cheated on her . can u pls anwser this

    • Shivani says:

      Katrina cheated on him? Who knows. But Salman is no angel. He dominated her in the relationship and even hit her once!

  11. Lisa says:

    Thanks again for the reply. πŸ™‚ You said there a lot of disgusting and dirty blind items that you dont’t post Are those blind items truel? Also how would you personally describe the film industry and the people there? πŸ™‚

    • Bollywood says:

      Different from us, normal people. Those blind items are from mostly Hollywood and then Bollywood…

    • Rashmi says:

      Absolutely! Arpita is also a dirty pimp, it was she who Introduced Huma with her married “brother” Sohail. Sisters Salman dirty people, like their entire family

    • Shivani says:

      Arpita is a dirty pimp!! LOL what the hell is wrong with ppl like Rashmi who make such stupid comments!

    • Tina says:

      Well, they might not be pimps but it is rather questionable isn’t it? Arpita introduced Sneha Ullal to Salman and Huma to Sohail. And Alvira introduced Katrina to Salman.

      Who in their right mind introduces women like these to their siblings? Shouldn’t you have some standards for who you bring home to family?

  12. Hun says:

    damn! katrina is so cheap !

  13. beena john says:

    A former leading lady, a beautiful woman whose movies met with little commercial success, has parked herself in Mumbai trying to prolong her career. There have been rumours of her spending too much time with a leading industrialist. But we hear the sugar daddy is actually a producer and exhibitor, whose family comes with a troubled history of violence and murder.

    solve it plsssss

    • Bollywood says:

      We know this, but are a bit clueless at this point. It could be either Tabu or Sushmita Sen and Anil Ambani from Reliance Entertainment…

    • beena john says:

      thx for the response. sushmita is in mumbai since long. so do u think its her? Tabu with Ambani?? isnt she with Nagarjuna since quite a long time…also its mentioned that the family comes with a troubled history of violence and murder??

    • Shivani says:

      Anil Ambani does Not come from family with history of violence and murder! “it’s obviously kamal sadanah. What’s wrong wt u osop? I have more knowledge than u!

      • Bollywood says:

        Haha…We have heard about Kamal..but he’s not an industrialist..You will be surprised at the amount of dirt that is hidden behind the Ambanis closed doors…Until there are more clues, it will be hard to say who it’s about. But Sush and Anil were involved and perhaps, they might still be today..Anil enjoys not just one sidedish, but a variety of it..he has the money so…

  14. lovely reta says:

    It’s Hrithik not Akshay. PV wouldn’t write ” We would love to see this β€˜we are just friends’ stars rekindle their romance” if it’s Akshay as he’s married. Hrithik and Ranbir don’t get along that well while Akshay has no issue with Ranbir. Hrithik isn’t working on any film, right, but he has brand commitments and he shoots for ads.

    • Bollywood says:

      We think they used that sentence about Sallu and Kat…it’s not common knowledge that HR and Kat were together. Also, HR wasn’t around any studio as far as we know. But, you can be right as well.

    • Sanjana says:

      Stop guessing and just google “What Happened When Salman Khan Entered Ranbir Kapoor & Katrina Kaif’s Interview” at Spotboyeye. This is a fake blind planted for Jagga Jasoos Promotions.

    • lovely reta says:

      I don’t think they were talking about sallu as the blind is all about kat and the third man. I agree it’s not a common knowledge that Hrithik-Katrina were together, that’s why it’s written “with whom she has been RUMOURED to be in a relationship with on and of”. According to a DNA blind, HR and kat were having an affair while shooting for ZNMD then they got back to their partners respectively but they rekindled their romance later when they did Bang Bang and kat is even suspected to be the reason behind his divorce.

    • Yusuf says:

      Because Hritik is not even in India. He and Salman get along very well. So, does he and Ranbir as seen in Bright awards where both were sitting together and talking engrossed. Lastly, he seems to be more interested with his Ex wife than Kat. Unlike other celebs, he is neither awed by her during their film promos nor did he welcome her on instagram like others.

    • Feroz says:

      @lovely reta DNA is known to put lot of fake news n fake blinds for clickbaits. Infact, even Rajeev Masand acknowledged writing fake blinds to meet deadlines. Lot of people like to ship Hrithik Kat as they make a gorgeous couple and it would be great if they are together as both are single. But, fact is this article is about only 3 persons. I just saw the article referred to by some earlier commentor and it seems to fit in. The headline itself is a given that Salman has fallen into the attention seeking tactics of Kat.

  15. Rashmi says:

    I wonder where the blind have gone about Shraddha and Farhan or Aamir and Fatima? This is no longer relevant?

  16. Lisa says:

    Thank you for the reply Admin πŸ™‚ So Lullus and Salmans relationship isn’t genuine as well? I actually thought they liked eachother and were in love. So Lullus is another girl who is using him? What does she want to have tho? A Bollywood career? πŸ™‚

    • Bollywood says:

      A secure and financial life. Who do you think is supporting her financially while she’s in India? It’s Sallu…Also, to be fair, how can you still be crazy in love when you have already been with countless of women? It’s most likely a relationship of convenience for Sallu…

    • Minakshi says:

      Tbh Iulia do gives u those creepy vibes thats shes there just for money. Salman is definitely a fool to keep all these gold digger women around him . or maybe they are so good in something so enjoy.. hes no he’s no saint too

    • lightsaber says:

      @ Bollywood: Your wink, wink comment is funny. But I am always awed at how how people are so slow at coming to terms with their favorite male stars NOT being asexual/monogamous/loyal partners; and are so quick to believe the opposite about female celebrities and brand them home wreckers/gold diggers.

      Case in point: the general reluctance in accepting that RK, Akki, Farhan, Salm Khan, Amir K, HR etc do sleep around, and that the women involved with them are so easily dissed such as Kat, Lulu, Fatima, Kangy, Shraddha. There is so much gender bias! How in the world is married men cheating on their partners kosher? Yet, the women are always blamed whenever a married actor has an extra-marital affair.

    • Priya says:

      @lightsaber Firstly, there is more than enough proof out there that nobody was ready to sleep around with Kangana even if she sends her close up nudes to Ajay, Ranbir, Hrithik, Reema Kagti (Read Pinkvilla blind of Oct 2014, April 2015).

      Her livid frustration is bcoz of that n her cheap publicity gimmick at the cost of others failed this time bcoz unlike Ajay or Ranbir, Hrithik actually went legal and made everything public as he had nothing to hide or fear. Infact, her own one sided stalking mails (which she even accepted to have written in her prepared speech in Dec) and Sussanne exposing her forged pic are proof enough that forget affair, she never had even working relation with Hrithik. Stalking random guys with dirty mails is a Criminal activity and NOT affair. Atleast, after her lies got exposed, she has stopped her dirty behavior. She is lucky bcoz if she was in West, the law wud hv sent her to jail for obscenity, stalking n harassment by now. .Only her gender has saved her from going to Jail.

      Now, As far as others are concerned, Salman – Kat, Salman – Lulia had a REAL affair. And wat extra marital affair are you talking about? Other than Akki and Aamir, the other guys are all single. They can go with Shraddha, Kat, Lulu, anybody they choose to be.

    • Karthika says:

      @lightsaber Do you knw wat is Gender bias? A guy getting arrested for sending dirty mails to a model the next day but a woman like Kangana still glorified for exactly the same, if not worse crime and manic behavior. She has a proven history of stalking atleast 3 men and known to make all times of false claims about them like a Jilted person does and for her own cheap publicity. Even had the cheek to forge a pic after her mails exposed all her nasty lies. Gender bias is Rekha getting away with stalking a married guy for decades like a creepy stalker. Remember the feminist backlash Vivek Oberoi got for talking shit about Married Aishwarya? Even a Husband shud respect the decision of a Wife that No means No. But, a woman can get away with serial stalking, lying, forging,threatening, mental n verbal harassmnt, No means No applies to both genders. Women are not some God sent angels who are incapable of manipulation n lies. Just see how many fake rape, fake dowry cases are lodged.

    • lightsaber says:

      @Priya: Your rant makes no sense because Ajay D did sleep with Kangana and then went blue denying it There was a blind about this long ago, and its common knowledge. If you saying that there is no gender bias in Bollywood then I disagree with you.

      @Karthika: HR did have extra-marital affairs with KKK and Barbara Mori. It sounds very ridiculous when people think HR was a loyal husband, and is really hard to believe when he denies sleeping with Kangana. But your rant about Rekha really shows how disconnected from reality you are so I am not going to argue with you.

      @Priya and @Karthika: My post was about gender bias in Bollywood. Instead, both of you want to turn this into a pro-HR/anti-Kangana fanfest, which is sick!

    • lightsaber says:

      @Priya: Your rant makes no sense because Ajay D did sleep with Kangana and then went blue denying it There was a blind about this long ago, and its common knowledge. If you are saying that there is no gender bias in Bollywood then I disagree with you.

      @Karthika: HR did have extra-marital affairs with KKK, Barbara Mori and Kat. It sounds very ridiculous when people think HR was a loyal husband, and is really hard to believe when he denies sleeping with Kangana. But your rant about Rekha really shows how disconnected from reality you are, so I am not going to argue with you.

      @Priya and @Karthika: My post was about gender bias in Bollywood. Instead, both of you want to turn this into a pro-HR/anti-Kangana fanfest, and push your agenda. This is sick!

    • Rachna says:

      @lightsaber i believe you are a Kangana fan girl which is why despite HER own admission of writing those one sided stalking mails in Dec, you making such bizarre statements. It has been more than a 1 1/2 years now and the only proof we have seen till date is one forged pic that was busted by none other than Susanne. So, Keep up the Vivid imagination!

    • Karthika says:

      @lightsaber Thanks for proving my point with your biased rant. Words hold no water when evidence is out there.

    • Vrushali says:

      @lightsaber When 2 celebs are involved in this age of paparazzi, it is not possible for them to not be clicked even in remote Ibitza. Just bcoz women are chasing Hrithik doesn’t mean he is interested in them too. When Sussanne herself busted the lies of stalkers,matter ends. No one can know the Truth more than her. End of discussion.

  17. Rtm says:

    Hey admin y akshay kumar and ranbir kapoor dont like each other

    • Bollywood says:

      No idea why…but we do remember he was mad at Deepika for signing up a film opposite Akki because Akki is known to get nasty with his heroines. Ironically, Akki said RK is the young version of him…As in, the ultimate Casanova/khiladi.

    • Rashmi says:

      Akki gets nasty with their heroines? Never such was, on the contrary, he is extremely polite with each of them.

  18. Priya says:

    People are confused bcoz of the wording of the blind and assuming it to hv one more person. There are only THREE persons. Ranbir – Kat – Salman And why is this a blind? It was a news reported some days back in Spoteye about Salman running to Kat and Ranbir, Infact, Ranbir and Salman dont get along. Salman avoided Ranbir who went into his vanity van. Salman took Kat aside and kept talking to her. You can google it.

  19. Lili says:

    Salman is such a fool shes using him and still hes happy and okay with that . Ill never understand why he always helping her does she have something against him so he fear that or what?

    • Minakshi says:

      Even I want to know wwhy hekeep helping her Admin can u pls help us in that

    • Bollywood says:

      He likes it. He enjoys helping all damsels in distress. Women and alcohol are his weaknesses. Now with Kat, he must be happy that she’s back by his side. That’s about it. It helps that his whole family likes her as well.

  20. Lili says:

    Hi love your blinds πŸ™‚ Could you tell us more about Salman and what he thinks about Kat now? Also is Kat using Salman and trying to get back together with him?

    • Bollywood says:

      First of all, we ain’t no psychic to know exactly what’s going on. But then again, any 5-year can tell you what’s going on in Sallu’s mind :-p Only time will tell whether they will get together. But as far as we see it, that ship has sailed. Lulu knows Sallu is her golden ticket and she will not give him up without a fight. She has managed to fight off all the other leeches for years now and is still here.

  21. A says:

    OSOP thank you so much for guessing the blind items, now we dont need to put pressure on our brains much. It really needs thorough research and hardwork which you guys are doing, otherwise a innocent person’s name and image could get maligned.
    The tone of your articles, the words which you use in the articles as well as comment section is very mature, neat and clean, even if a child reads it there wont be much problem.

    OSOP since you are insiders of bollywood can you tell us the real reason why sushant ankita broke up so suddenly. I have been following Sushant Rajput since his T.V.Days he did two shows Kis desh main hai mera dil (2008-2009 Dec) and Pavitra Rishta (2009 june-2011 oct) both were big hits, his Pavitra Rishta was really a brilliant show and Sushant’s role was so Good that till date its the best I guess, he was also very humble during that time, what happened to him now I dont know. Has he really become rude or its only under the influence of alcohol that he is behaving insanely also the blind items about him sleeping around flirting give a very nasty image of him, He seems to be a decent man in general. I dont know what is the truth.

    OSOP is it safe to comment here, as I saw already A name Ananya and email hellodarling etc.. etc in the NAME box field and the EMAIL ADDRESS boz fields while i was going type my own name and email address for posting the comment. πŸ™‚

    • Bollywood says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. As you have mentioned, OSOP was not started to create fake hype to generate views. We are as real as the word “real”. But as far as OSOP Guesses are concerned, we do try our best and we do also mention it can be wrong. Also, we were always clear not to make this site inappropriate which is why we don’t post disgusting and dirty news articles and blind items (believe us, there are loads).

    • Bollywood says:

      As long as you are not leaking government secrets, it’s safe to comment. No one has gotten any problems so far, just don’t entertain bots that sometimes come in here to share their bias opinions. You can also use a fake email address or create another email address that you can use only for commenting purposes on websites.

    • Bollywood says:

      About Susu and Ankita. Well, you can see his true character now. It’s like a wild dog or a dog on heat, so to speak. In his case, he’s enjoying the respect and adulation that his Bollywood peers are showing on him, but he perhaps doesn’t know how to behave properly. Like Aditya Chopra once said to Vivek Oberoi, the same applies to Susu: “You can have the potential to become the next Shah Rukh Khan, but your problem is that you already think you are Shah Rukh Khan!”.

      Funny thing was when these two were still on TV, every time their show’s commercial would be on, we couldn’t help but think how these two are the most normal looking TV actors especially him. He looked like he came from some village in India to work in films. Then, we found out that they were a couple and were even living in together. Clearly, they didn’t know the true meaning of ‘Pavitra Rishta’!. Back then, she was more famous than him and also made more money. She allowed him to go and explore the movie territory. By allowed, we meant that she had to stay on that crappy show to continue making money while he go try out his luck. This is the problem when you live-in together. After a while, his career took and her stint on PV ended, which made her spend more time at home and it’s also what started the clingy & over-possessive rumours. Their situation is the same when it comes to an actor making it big and leaving his loved ones behind. It was bound to happen. Susu has been saying they will be getting married for 4 years and yet it took him that many years to propose to her and when he did, they broke up a couple of months after. The fact that he always had cold feet is what made her clingy and insecure. Maybe she started realizing that he will not marry her and that’s when things got too real for her. Poor girl thought he would come back as they have had arguments and gotten back together many times. She gave interviews talking all lovey-dovey about him when he never had any intention to come back. She was clueless until he announced it to the media.
      They are better off without each other. The way, he/his PR made her look after the breakup is pathetic. Even now, he treats her in the media like she’s this virus.

  22. naughtytrini says:

    Kat leaked this news. She wants ppl to think that Salman wants her and is still crazy for her. But she made the mistake in her leak when it mentioned she seeked him out. Salman is just toying with her. I dont like her but got to admit all these news about her she is starting to fascinate me, keep it up osop, I might just end up being a fan.

  23. Hmmm says:

    Why would Katrina herself leak a story this? If she did she is really dumb! if not then someone has it in for her as this story makes her look desperate not desirable.

    • Bollywood says:

      To make her look in demand…3 men vying for her attention…what else…

    • pooja says:

      i dont think so katrina always leak story in media but not this one go see pinkvilla everz1 calling har despo people r wise now+once akki said her kim kardashian of india akki unlike her many times he shown that.just directaly never said anything

      • Bollywood says:

        If something that happened which only 2 people should know about is leaked then it must be either of them responsible. Or, it can be a made up news.

  24. Rashmi says:

    Admin thanks! two questions. Why do you think that the second A list of actors is Akshay, not Hrithik? Why do you think that Salman and Katrina were just friends, although everyone knows that they had an intimate relationship?

    • Bollywood says:

      They “had”, which is in the past. Sallu is with Lullu now and has been with her for the past couple of years. There’s no other actor that close to Katty.

    • Rashmi says:

      You do not understand my question. The third actor in question is blind, why do you think this is Akshay, not Hrithik? By the way, Julia herself guesses that there is a relationship between Bhai and Katrina, but the scandal is unprofitable for her

  25. shivani says:

    yawn. this is so boring. another kat bashing blind item.

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