Blind Item – June 2018 5

The blind item below is about a list of fashion designers in India, who shamelessly copy other designers’ styles. From Mumbai Mirror, the blind item probably did nothing but bring out more attention on this matter. We remembered we read about this months ago and paid no attention because inspiration and piracy in the fashion world is nothing new. We once heard of this designer buying clothes on the streets of Thailand and later claiming that these are high-priced items when it came to claiming his money from producers.

All of those, who copied or get inspired, are probably dying slowly out of shame because there is an Instagram account out there that is not shy to reveal the copycats and where they got their supposed inspiration from. We think like all creative people, fashion designers too are unable to think for themselves as years go by. By thinking for themselves, we mean thinking of new designs. Gianni Versace used to get ideas in his head and he wasn’t a designer, who could sketch so he made everything from whatever he has in mind. This is because at the beginning, you are excited as an article so the ideas just keep flowing in but as time goes by, you don’t get these ideas anymore so you have to turn towards things that inspire you instead. Sometimes it works while sometimes, it doesn’t and they catch your lie!

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – June 2018 5

WE certainly don’t feel sorry for this fashion designer who has been lying low these days. An uber-popular social media page has been giving him sleepless nights. It is dedicated to outing plagiarist designers, something this incestuous industry has not been able to do. Initially, he retaliated by having his team launch a copycat-snagging page of his own. When he couldn’t pull it off, he began blocking the original from his social media, including fan pages. But, it seems, nothing has stopped his popularity from sinking further.


OSOP Guesses

Designer: Manish Malhotra

Social Media Page: Diet Sabya


Blind Item – June 2018 5

Blind Item – June 2018 5

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  1. Sonpaapdi says:

    Oooh this is fun! I saw KJo posted something that Jhanvi Kapoor was wearing designed by his sister (I didnt know he had one). Anyway – the prints looked like they were “inspired” by Masaba Gupta creations.

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