Blind Item – July – Bollywood – 2017 3

This blind item is so funny in so many ways. This guy never knows when to shut up, just like his sister. We heard that his sister said at an event recently that directors told her she’s too beautiful so they couldn’t cast her! Here’s what she said, epic words,:

While the panel soon enough turned apologists for twisted ideas of beauty, the clincher came from fashion aesthete Sonam Kapoor. She once stated she was considered in the same league as Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif, and at another time that directors would tell her she looks too good and ask her to look a little more ordinary.

Damn, the heights of delusion that runs in this family is just amazing. This is what happens when you do everything to make your family live a comfortable life and you tell your kids that they are special and great and all that crap. We don’t think their father was brought up like that. There must have been a couple of slaps and beatings if he didn’t behave. He didn’t want the same thing for his kids so he worked hard to give them a good life. If only he had taken out the time to show them how to be grateful and humble. Both siblings can’t seem to shut their mouths and if this boy continues going this way, no one would want to work with him and his hairy beard. That yelling that he got was very deserving. We hope it brought him back down to earth a little bit.


Check out who Mumbai Mirror is talking about in its blind item below.


Bollywood Blind Item


THIS young and brash newcomer (aren’t they too many of these nowadays?) needs a lesson in minding his manners and keeping his hirsute mouth shut. He seems to want to take no chances with his second film, since his first release was a legendary flop. So he took a DVD of a Martin Scorsese film and offered it to his director, a well-respected and talented filmmaker, and suggested he shoot the scene like Scorsese does. The director took it on the chin at first, and allowed the newbie his moment, and then said that his style was indeed different from Scorsese’s. But when the fledgling insisted, we hear the director showed him a sample of his yelling skillsβ€” something no one had seen till date.


OSOP Guesses

Newcomer: Harshvardhan Kapoor

Director: Vikramaditya Motwane

Film: Bhavesh Joshi

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86 Responses

  1. nefarious says:

    Admin: Anushka was quite wild early on in her career, she went a lil twisted after her break up with Ranveer. Both had an open relationship, and she thought hed come back to her but he didnt. There were also blinds about anushka was a nympho and also vain,. there were ppl in the team who were hired just to tell her how pretty she is.

    I think Virat is quite a name to reckon with and although she maybe sleepng around for roles, she sorta stable in her personal life, which is why shes stopped trying to mingle hard with the BW starkids. the drinking has also stopped. I guiess she did try drugs and drinking to fit in. But once Virat happened she changed her ways.

  2. Tina says:

    Wasn’t there a blind about Anushka where she went to a high end fashion store, high as a kite, and proceeded to harass the staff? Even though she was informed that it was not safe for the female staff to stay that late she wouldn’t budge. Even went on to complain to the European office to get the staff fired. There was also her obnoxious behavior when Ranbir mocked Pinkvilla. Her mocking of Ranveer with KJo and gang before his success. Her supposed feminism and confidence – yet her willingness to change her basic looks, not respond to Salman’s rape comments, drinking binges and even rumored drug use.

    Sorry, she just comes off as really fake – I think one reason people hang out with her is because she is Virat’s girl.

    I think Anushka has a really low self-esteem and Sonam is plain delusional about herself. DP is better off without them. Besides – Hema, Sridevi, Madhuri, Ash, Rani – which actress at her peak had friends?

    • Bollywood says:

      That’s right! We couldn’t have said it better. And this applies to us, normal beings, too. If there are people who are jealous and envious of you, keep far away from them. You don’t need this kind of negativity in your life.

      • Ananya says:

        True. It couldn’t have been said better. When u are at the top you rarely have friends from the same league. Competition and pressure is too much. Not just in film world think about a corporate office, how hard it is to keep friendship and profession separate when u r in competition for the same post?

        My perception of Anushka has tainted completely now after coming here and reading many things about her which I never could imagine ofthat her. So I guess the toiffa day it must have been that she was on drugs impact when that fan saw her. Hmm !

        What actually happened between Anushka and Ranveer. It’s still a mystery why they broke up. When they came on kwk, which I saw recently, they had this bickering equation which Rankat showed during jj promotions. What is with these two couple. Why didn’t they work out? Do you have any idea ADMIN?

        Also rankat after investing so many years why they split. Ranbir never stayed so long in a relation before. If he wanted a fling he had dumped her before. So why would he return and stay so long against his mom wish and then break up when all thot he’ll marry her?! Do you know something that we don’t Admin?

        • Bollywood says:

          Anushka never wanted the world to find out about her relationship with Ranveer. Maybe YRF asked them not to reveal their relationship or something. But she was always very insecure and together, she shared a not-so-calming vibe. It doesn’t help either that both are very hyper individuals. It’s good that she has Virat and has stopped feeling bitter about Ranveer.

        • Bollywood says:

          Ranbir’s didn’t show interest in taking the relationship forward despite Katrina’s numerous requests. He was already having second thoughts, but didn’t know how to break it off. Like his own mother said, he likes to get into things but don’t know how to get out of it.

          • Ananya says:

            Yet 6 years seems a long time to lead on a girl. He should have buckled up earlier. His parents were against him moving out but he did giving her hope. They kept breaking up but then making up. IfI he wanted out he could have just not get in touch again in 2013 after breaking up in 2011.

      • Ananya says:

        ADMIN, do you know what is the real issue between Kangana and Deepika?

        Also ADMIN, I wanted to know if all is okay between PC and DP. They were really friends for a long time but now Hollywood career is pitching them against each other. And somehow it seems to me like Dp is avoiding PC. She didn’t meet PC when in US while all other celebs drop in when they are there. Also she didn’t attend PC party for all actresses or wished her on her bday though PC wished her. PC wished her all the best for xxx while she said nothing for Baywatch.

        What happened, usually other actress ignore her but here she is ignoring someone with whom she had a great rapo. Or am I reading too much into it and they are just busy in careers while still okay and cordial?! Plz plz reply ADMIN.

        Also read another blind about Alia. Though she was Kjo fave and dumb I thought she was at least not tantrum type. But this blind proves me wrong. Hmm is anyone in industry are what they are as they are portrayed? By the way any other blinds about Alia? Did she really date Varun when she was with Sid? Then why Sid took her in again? Is he really in love or something else?

        • bucketbot says:

          About deepika and PC, they did party together at the oscar 2017 pre dinner party or so every media would want us to believe.
          The middle one looks so spooked it makes me laugh. Just smile woman. Reminds me of a friend in 1st standard who didnt smile for the class photo and her mother was so furious she pinched her. Poor thing started bawling so loudly the teacher had to defend her.

          • Ananya says:

            Yes. Still lots of news pitting them against each other. This was a relief amidst all rumours.

        • Bollywood says:

          If you look at the Roundtable video that had Deepu and Kangu in it, you will see Kangu in awe of her. Maybe in some ways, Deepu didn’t show the same appreciation to Kangu, which ticked her off. But then again, Kangu started this obsession about picking up on someone and talking about that person. She kept talking about Deepu, criticizing her until the whole HR thing happened. Maybe Deepu saw what was happening and refused to get into a media war of words with Kangu. It was wise thinking on her part seeing how the HR fiasco enfolded because he spoke back at her.

          • Ananya says:

            Hmm. Possible. They could have worked out well since both are strong individualistic women though opposite characters. That was one friendship I wanted so badly. It’s truly sad they gave hope by being good initially and then getting bitter.

            In that sense I’m happy with the HR fiasco bz it took away this catfight.

            So PC and Dp are still good. Huge relief between all the fanwars going on.

            Kangu this reason and Sonam her feeling of entitlement led to driving wedge. Kat and Dp we can understand the coldness.

            What about Anushka? Is it bz Ranveer turned out to be a trophy boyfriend with Dp and not with her that gets her on edge with Dp? Or plain professional insecurity?

        • Bollywood says:

          DP is not avoiding anyone, she seems to be busy with Padmavati and in the middle of that, she went back into the blackhole which was why she had to seek treatment again. To be fair, PC just drops by to Mumbai unannounced so you can’t everyone to drop their plans and be at her party. Overseas, they did meet up and there’s a picture of them together at some party.

          • Ananya says:

            WHAT? She’s not well again? Why what happened? I didn’t hear anything. I thought she’s settled now owing to profession and personal life going well.

            I really feel Ranveer needs a standing ovation. It’s very hard to find boyfriends who stick to you if u have even the slightest mood swings. While he stayed by her side all through depression and still which is a very dark hole indeed. Something you never know if ull come back from totally. Respect.

          • Ananya says:

            Admin, is it true Dp has had a relapse of depression again? How and why? What happened? Why there is no news out there? I don’t think many are aware. Is it true?

          • Bollywood says:

            It was in a blind item. Depression and anxiety are not fully gone from the person’s body. It’s just reduced and controlled. So, it can happen again especially if the person is exhausted or the brain is thinking too much. As long as the person realizes what he/she is going through and seeks help, everything will be fine.

          • Ananya says:

            Hope she gets well soon. I really hope so.

        • Bollywood says:

          There’s a history between Varun and Alia. And on KJo and God know what is truly going on with the Alia and Sid faΓ§ade? The blind item about throwing tantrum is not about Alia.

          • Ananya says:

            Oh thank God then. I had good impression of her , thought she’s going Anu way for me.
            But it seems Alia is so in love with Sid now. So wonder how it can be facade. She was also saying she wants yo settle down early like Kajol.

    • ghjk says:

      Hah, Anushka seems fake? Why, because she worked with Salman? Just because you ask for equality doesn’t mean that you can’t look good?

      And I doubt anybody cares about Virat in Bollywood.

  3. Makacha says:

    delusional people everywhere

  4. Shivani says:

    U must see him on rajeev masand newcomers discussion 2016. He talked as if he’s Amitabh Bachchan not a newcomer!

  5. Rebelibran says:

    The pic on the right is of mohit marwah and not harshvardhan Kapoor.. He’s much uglier than his cousin!!

    • Bollywood says:

      It is him from a photoshoot before he joined Bollywood.

      • Anisha says:

        No, it’s not. It IS Mohit Marwah β€” it’s an editorial for Man’s World or Man magazine. It was styled by Mohit’s girlfriend, Antara Motiwala.

        • Bollywood says:

          No, it’s not. Mohit looks different, has smaller eyes and a bigger pointy face. Mohit looks a lot like his mother and Harsh looks like his dad. In this photo, he looks a little different because this was done before he jumped into films.

  6. bucketbot says:

    Gosh, these two!! The delusion is so strong. I think we could keep a running tally of their gaffes….until their career stops. Barely one movie old, yet he talks and behaves likes he’s a veteran of AB Sr’s calibre. Idiot.

    • kats says:

      The more I read about these Bollywood stars the more I feel that Bebo appears more genuine. I saw her live chats with her nutritionist and have to say that though Bebo is a diva she is also comes across as more real and not fake.

      • bucketbot says:

        Kareena has always been real. You can make out any time she speaks that she is not so bright. Not much different from these two. However, these two pretend to be above everyone else and come out looking like jackasses. In that respect, Kareena is genuine. She doesn’t pretend that she is gods gift to mankind. She comes across as more humble nowadays. I guess its because of her not so happening career. That usually happens. But, there was a time in her prime when she was arrogant, though these two take it to a new level..

        • kats says:

          Thanks bucketbot for responding to my comment. Yes I concur bebo was too arrogant once upon a time. Maybe the haughty behavior was some sort of defense mechanism im guessing. But she appears to have mellowed now. Infact off late I also sense a feeling of vulnerability from her…

          • bucketbot says:

            Could also be motherhood. Its not all about her anymore. She has to look after someone else now too.

  7. pooja says:

    i agree if its possible then shopia chaudary get most lead role.

  8. nilaam says:

    Im just waiting for the IIFA blind item ??

  9. naughtytrini says:

    Spare them their egos, that is all they have. They are wearing rose colored glasses especially Sonam so as not to be aware just how untalented an actress she is and even her being a fashionista is paid for. Harsh should be a director/producer, I am pretty sure papa will pay for it too.

    • Ananya says:

      Haha well said. But I wonder how both of them turned out like this when Anil is a person who never got into fights or foot in mouth situations like them. He has come across as a warm person, even if self obsessed in a positive way.

      Also have heard their mother is very sane in the mad bollywood world and is very strict etc. So how come their kids turned out like this?!

      I would also like to ask one thing ADMIN. What is her real problem with Deepika? They were so good friends when they started of. I don’t actually believe the PR thing, b.s. both were under same wing and an agency won’t risk a client especially with a Kapoor backing for an outsider.

      True Dp was already making it big but yet I don’t really see her as a person who would try to pull down someone especially when she’s going through so much back then in personal life. I don’t think anyone can when we have our own sorrow bags to carry. It wouldn’t even cross our minds.

      • naughtytrini says:

        Jealousy. Sonam cant accept that even with all her father’s backing she couldnt be in the same league as Deepika. As for how they turned out so is because they are priviledged kids, had everything handed to them in a silver platter and in their parents’ eyes they can do no wrong. Anil always sides with his daughter when she puts her foot in her mouth, even when she is wrong, and he will do the same with his son.

  10. Jyoti says:

    What is the buzz in the inside circle for Jab Harry met sejal?

    • Bollywood says:

      Hard to say..Mixed feelings..But for us, it’s clear that SRK is at this stage of his career where he has to piggyback on his heroine’s fame to make his movies work. Gone are the days when heroines thought their careers would change positively if they work with SRK. Now it’s the only way around. He’s a smart-cookie that way.

      • Reethi says:

        You seem to be obsessed with SRK, that you have to mention him in topics not related to him also and that too in every comment. ‘ He has to piggyback on the herione’s fame’…Lol. Seriously! Dude, this proves that you are no insider. Please, do some research on box office numbers and business before talking anything you feel like on a public platform. Okay, that seems a lot of hard work, just do one thing compare his last film’s box-office opening to that of any of the top actresses’ solo film opening( or for that matter any of the top actor’s film opening) and you’ll get your answer. Act as a responsible website and stop peddling lies out of your personal vendetta.

        • Bollywood says:

          Why would we be obsessed with him? What is it you think we are gaining if we were spreading lies about him? We just see things the way they are.

          Don’t you see it? He has lost confidence in his own pull at the box office. That’s why he hired Kajol in Dilwale to make sure people will come to see their hit Jodi. See how he choose to work with established and popular actresses instead of young newcomers or actresses who are not that popular. Alia in DZ, Anushka in JHMS and also Anushka and Katrina in that upcoming Dwarf film. We all know how he fudged the numbers of Raees box office earnings, so he knows.. He sees how the other Khans are doing well and he wants to perceive that too.

          Btw, we never said we were an insider!

          • Reethi says:

            Huhh, you are using his name in every comment and you are saying you are not obsessed! Please, do some fact checking before writing , Kajol’s inclusion in Dilwale was the director’s choice because he wanted to use their jodi…abd for your information a Jodi’ comprises of both the male and the female characters, one person cannot constitute a jodi. So yeah a jodi is successful because it has both the he ‘members’ of the jodi. And let’s not talk about his confidence when he can do a film like Fan that had no commercial elements and which was without an actress and songs. Haven’t seen any top male actor taking that risk in the film industry. Forget about doing a film like that, people do not even release their films on non holidays and avoid box office clashes at all cost, which SRK has been doing again and again and winning them, so this again busts your myth about confidence. FYI Dear Zindagi was Alia Bhatt’s movie and not SRK’s, he was a supporting actor in the movie, again have not seen people playing a second fiddle to a top actress, again proving how secure and confident he is. That is why a little fact check and research is needed before writing anything. Raees had a new face which was not a common household name in India, so according to you he was piggybacking on her fame, right! JHMS has Anushka, yes, but if you for once stop believing in Deepika’s PR you will know that even Tamasha was offered to Anushka first, Imtiaz wanted her for that role, but she declined because the role was not meaty enough. His next film is with Anushka and Katrina, but Katrina is also working in Salman and Aamir’s next movies, but you will not say that they are piggybacking, but when it comes to SRK your narrative will change and then you are like’we are not obsessed’. BTW Anushka was in Salman’s last successful movie also, just for your information. Forget this, if he will start working with new actresses then you will only shout that he is working with such young actresses, this is blasphemy and all other nonsense stuff. But you will conveniently ignore other superstars who are working with young actresses. Raees’ earnings are fudged?! FYI information the trade figures and producer figures for every film is different that is why I said please do some research on bollywood trade and business. Produces always report manipulated figures and this is true for every film blockbuster and flop alike. But for you only SRK should not do it, rest every top or flop actor is allowed. What is important is the extent of manipulation that is the concern for any film and btw Raees’s figures were manipulated only from the second week because the other film that released with it was reporting an exaggerated figure, that too to the extent of 2.5 crore from day 1. If it was not for the over reporting of figures the other movie that clashed would not have even crossed 100 crores which they claimed they did, check any authentic box office trade website you will get an answer. And insecure and under- confident are those that keep on repeating the same stuff, e.g. typical bollywood masala again and again as far as SRK is concerned his last 3-4 characters have been completely different from each other. And if he was not confident he would not take up the character of a dwarf in his next movie which is a difficult and risky film technically and otherwise. And stop telling this story about his phone conversation with Deepika as if you heard what he said to her. Everybody knows many blinds are PR made and many things are generated by a stars’ media. And you are hell bent on painting Deepika as a saint ‘she forgives her boyfriend, so she will also forgive SRK’…seriously! She is not stupid, she knows in her absence(because of her Hollywood dreams) some of the most amazing roles have gone and in future also will go to Anushka and Alia (which is fair because they are stronger actresses). Obviously she cannot approach Salman because he will any day prefer Katrina over her, and forget about Aamir, he any day considers quality over popularity, and Akshay has not worked with her after Chandni Chowk ro China debacle, so now who is left…your guess is as great as mine, hence the so called ‘forgiveness’!! And btw, if you do not claim to be an insider, how are you answering questions about the buzz of JHMS in ‘insider circles’, or this is also hearsay!

          • Bollywood says:

            These are your opinions and we have ours. And go back to read our answer on JHMS’ buzz, we never mentioned we are speaking for all insiders. Someone asked and we offered our opinions, that’s it. We are not here to mislead the readers, if that’s what you feel. About SRK, he had his time and it has been Salman’s time now. See the pattern, there’s one. Success does not last forever and as for SRK, he’s trying so can’t blame him for that.

          • Ananya says:

            Well I don’t know why you brought Dp into this. But since u were talking about researches, some factors for you to notice.

            Akshay did work with her even after chandini chok. In houseful and desi boys.

            Ego clash happens in industry. You don’t have to say one is good or one is bad. I’m dp fan but that doesn’t mean if someone talks against her I have to put down the other person fave. You like srk and your reasoning and some of the pointers I like. But you don’t have to put dp down to make him look up.

            I just think they got into an ego fight and sorted it out.

            And you are woman, even if you don’t like another girl you shouldn’t belittle another woman and her achievements and standing in society or her work. What Dp,Kangana and Priyanka achieved is praiseworthy even if u don’t like them personally. So least u could do is not belittle it.

            It’s 10 years in the industry and dp has not worked with Aamir or Salman. Salman had offered to launch her when she was 17. We all know what a launch by him means. We have seen people even without talent surviving with his backing. Dp denied it and went to acting school, trained herself and launched on her merit. And now even after so many years if she can hold her fort without working them it doesn’t belittle them but places her on a pride ful position. She has always respected Srk and they were also ready to work in Anand film. But then because of Padmavati crisis she had to back out. So I think that alone explains all is okay between them. Dp didn’t talk bad abt him or her pr said she has forgiven him etc. So kindly talk abt facts.

            And yes Tamasha was offered to Anu and she has never denied it ever. She walked in when Imtiaz needed help. That’s all.

            And yes Alia is a talented actress. Anu is good too. But they both have a long road ahead before being compared to Dp or Kangana or Priyanka. Bz these three are not just talented and good actress but also superstars.

            And about roles in her absence, she and Kangana had Sultan but due to date clash they couldn’t do it. If by going your Tamasha logic then…..

            Even after getting so many roles Alia overshadowed and went far ahead of Anu. She will rise again and yes I will accept if u say she’s an upcoming star. Anu is an actor material, not star type. Don’t get me wrong I like her, but just stating facts.

            And don’t you think Dp pr is a thing too stretched. We fans never get to know when she signs a film or ad or magazine shoot. We got to know sapna didi from Vishal sir, xxx from Curaso not from her or her Pr. I really doubt that if her pr doesn’t have time to talk about her success and chances they’ll have time to put others down. But yeah you are welcome to have your thoughts. But if u can see,beyond bias or hate you can realise fact.

            And as of Admin portraying Deepika in good light, she was just stating a fact again. I don’t know if you have undergone depression or a stage close to it. I have two years ago, so yes I understand what admin was trying to say. Her point was that we see things differently and negative feelings don’t pull u down. That’s all.

            Hope you will understand my views without taking any of it as an offense. Good luck with life friend. Have a nice day.

      • Saurabh says:

        I dont think so. For which movie srk piggybacked on heroine??

        Deepika helped chennai express but after that i dont see any movie where heroine helped him. (Hny, dilwale, fan, raees)

        He is a good actor and everybody knows that. He is definately at no.3 currently among all 3 khans but that doesnt mean his days are over..

        He is experimenting wity roles and that is what everybody want. Sure he is not as successful in that as Aamir. But shouldnt we appreciate that he is trying.. I mean on one hand we say he is doing same old thing and when he does something different then we compain ohh he is not most successful. Come on that is hypocrisy. Isnt it.

      • Shivani says:

        I really wish Srk wud retire. He looks really old on screen! But his blind fans are so dumb they don’t notice it.

  11. Shivani says:

    I don’t think just hanging around the right crowd can get u lead roles, especially since she’s not that good looking. Something else is definitely going on though not ‘that’. Maybe she’s favored bcuz she’s a brahmin?

    • pooja says:

      sharma are not brahmin

      • Bollywood says:

        Religion does not matter in the entertainment industry. It’s only mentioned to get audiences to watch their films. In every industry if you want to succeed, being a people pleaser is very important. Look at Deepika, SRK and her are not like before. It’s because of what SRK said to her when she called him to beg him to move Dilwale’s release date. She came to know about who he really is then. Anushka doesn’t know yet and she agrees to work with him because she likes him.

        • Saurabh says:

          Wat srk said??

          • Bollywood says:

            It’s in a blind item somewhere. He said that if Deepika wanted him to change his release date, she should say publicly on Twitter that she is scared to release her film on the same day of King Khan’s film and that’s why SRK is humble enough to change the release date. Deepika did not agree and as we all know her film ended up as the winner. If you see the last interview of SRK with Anupama Chopra, she mentions his arrogance about his release dates in it and his facial expression was priceless. Actually, it was arrogant. Check it out and you will see. He actually pretends he doesn’t remember saying all those things.

          • Shivani says:

            I have started disliking Srk bcuz of this arrogant and bullying behavior. His pomposity was cute in the beginning but now it grates on my nerves. He thinks he’s being charming when he speaks but, all I can, do is lol.

          • Ananya says:

            Oh God. Is this true? I can’t believe Srk can talk like that! I thought it was rumours especially since Srk got together with Deepika and Ranveer at her house before release of their films.

            He introduced her and always spoke high of her. If he speaks like this with his competitor I understand. But with a heroine I don’t get it. And as far as I know, she has never went against him and has respected him always. Even shared stage with her rival, when he requested. And I think even had agreed to work with Kat in that Anand film when he asked. He has always said it loud too that he doesn’t even have to say please to her, she is like an obedient student to him.

            So why would he talk like that as if to a rival? Or maybe it was heat of the moment and now they’ve patched up.

            But on the other side it saddens me to read all this about Anushka. She came across as a good person to me though a bit tough when she talks. But I thought a sane version of Kangana, though not as talented as her. I can never imagine her as a compromising on ethics and values kind of girl. Not judging, if she was outspoken like that like how Kangana does then it was fine. But putting on one facade and having another face beneath is turn off.

            I hope all this is not true Admin.

          • Bollywood says:

            He’s smart with his fake praises in public but once the cameras are off, something else goes on. Since Deepu went through that whole depression and seek help thing, she has learnt to forgive and let go Heck, if she can forgive her cheating boyfriend and work with him again, she can very well forgive SRK and be on OK terms with him. We have said it before, when you go through depression and get out of it, you see life in a different way. It’s what Deepu is all about.

          • Ananya says:

            I’m glad I stand such a girl. She has influenced me a lot in my real life. Many of her values have inspired me to do better in life. I was not her fan until Mastani. Till then I liked all who performed well that’s all.

            ButI after Mastani I respected her talent and started following her. And whatever I got to know only made me respect her. Maybe after a long time I felt like I’m standing a celeb who is what she shows herself as and nothing else. Same goes for Ranveer. But initially I didn’t like both but now I can realise black and white among celebs.

            But yeah at times celebs let u down. Anu and Srk did. Not their fan but I respected them and thought as honest beings.

          • Hollywood says:

            It all depends on the type of person you are, the upbirning that you had and how you are willing to live your life. It’s not that hard but in this world, everyone seems to take the shortcut.

            Deepika might extend her hand to someone and that someone might not take it. Still, that didn’t stop her from going out there and responding positvely to everyone. That’s why you see Anushka, Katrina and Sonam still holding a grudge against her. They don’t feel the same way and make no effort to hide it. At the end of the day, it’s your actions and effort that count not someone else’s.

          • Ananya says:

            What’s their problem with Dp anyway?

            Katrina I can understand they have an unpleasant past between them and it’s not esay to be hunky dory.

            So am and she had a good bond that I really wonder what went wrong. And with Anu, I don’t see any reason for them to dislike each other. Both are independent no nonsense women and had even bonded initially. Yes Rs happened but then by then Anu and he had broken up and it was not a bf stealing thing. So I wonder why. I sincerely hope some day Sonam, Anu and Dp get back together.

            And then there’s Kangana. I know their history, but I find it silly. II mean who fights over such simple matters. Dp was the only heroine who lend a hand of, friendship to her. Priyanka, sonam did not get along with her and Kat and Anu never crossed her path. So why couldn’t they forget whatever happened and embrace a friendship.

            I’ve noticed all ofthe Dp friends are strong independent intelligent women like Kalki, Priyanka, Richa, Shahana, Ruby,Nina, Diana. Maybe not mainstream actresses but women who wouldn’t socialise to fake types. So I really think Dp is a good friend and it would be nice if actresses become friends even despite healthy competition.

          • bucketbot says:

            Hey Admin, Author and others, if you’ll don’t mind, what’s your opinion on Deepika’s reaction when Anoushka and Katrina said on Koffee that they weren’t friends with Deepika? (that tweet where she said “these girls are on fire” or something)

          • Bollywood says:

            It’s hard to really tell what someone is thinking in their heads, but most likely she’s disappointed. It’s almost like they were ganging up on her and laughing at her attempts to make amends. These two might just be jealous at all the attention Deepu has been getting.

          • bucketbot says:

            True, you can’t really tell what one is thinking. This instance was simply weird

            To me it felt like she was desperate in wanting the world to know that everything is cool between them. Like, no matter what they are saying on the show she is in on the joke, But it wasn’t like that, Her reaction was not normal. I would understand if she got upset/angry, or if she said something in the vein of – I don’t understand what happened to upset you both, lets meet up and solve it or something, although it would have been best if she left it alone. Also, I just find it weird that people sympathised with her. A lot of people accuse her of maligning other actresses through her PR while acting innocent and sweet to the face. This instance just felt like that.

          • Ananya says:

            Admin, what is this truth behind Deepika PR. This is one of the main thing they use against her always. Is it really true she plays dirty behind or her Pr does and she doesn’t stop them?

            But to be honest doesn’t all Pr do it. Whether actor or actress? Then why all actress blaming only Deepika? So is it true or mere ganging up against her?

            Sonam said it first and then I think Kangana then recently Katrina. But only Kat pr said it loud while others were just taunting her pr I guess. So is it just a gimmick since Sonam set the ball rolling and all using it as a trump card against her knowing it’s not true or it is true?

          • Bollywood says:

            Deepika’s PR has worked very smartly to make sure she stayed in the news. Back then, many things worked out for her. Her movies and the headlines were going hand in hand. Most likely, her PR capitalized on the whole situation. It’s true that all PR do the same thing, Katrina’s PR was the one who projected her innocent image. To each their own time, that was Deepika’s time and now it’s someone else’s time.

          • Ananya says:

            Capitalizing her fame to her use is what a PR does. That’s ok all do it. I’m asking if she aactually plants stories and dirt against other actresses? Kat pr said so recently. When she lost a brand nadnew it was,said bz of her attitude, they said it’s dp pr.

            And someone else told me that’s the reason Sonam called her Pr out. Also Kangana and Anushka has indirectly said it , I’m not sure. Someone told me. So asking.

          • Ananya says:

            Admin, you didn’t reply for the above comment about Dp Pr?

            Does she really plant stories against her rivals and act good outside like other actresses and their fans put it? Or are they using a fake point against her to destroy her image?

          • Bollywood says:

            Well, she is not directing her PR people so whatever they are doing, it’s on them. At the end of the day, she is the one that matters not these stories. Most actresses seem to have something against her and her success. If she couldn’t destroy Ranbir’s image, how can she do it to someone else? It’s all hearsay…

          • Ananya says:

            Hmm point. But she did spoil his image with that condom comment and that kwk. He was branded casanova, though he deserved it. But that was not Pr work.

            Yeah I’ve noticed it. Each actress has something against her except maybe PC whose mature enough to deal competition without turning rival. She had been at the receiving end Manu times in past so maybe she understands where Dp stands.

            Maybe it’s bz dp didn’t have to sell herself like some who had to reach top or she made many right choices where others made mistake. Or bz she rose all ofthe a sudden and still is expanding. All these could be reasons to create jealousy or insecurity among others.

            Anyway thank you for clearing that misconception. When all actresses said about her Pr I was a bit skeptical if she’s really like that though I never wanted to believe it. Thank you Admin 😊

          • Bollywood says:

            She didn’t spoil his image, she just brought it out in the open. And she did the same to Katrina’s image. At least, she was very subtle about Katrina’s but for Ranbir’s case, she was acting as the ex who got cheated.

        • Shivani says:

          Well brahmins know how to butter up influential ppl with their words so maybe that’s anushka secret. I agree yash raj hire ppl wt talent, but if u look closely at anurag kashyap, vishal Bharadwaj and Mahesh Bhatt casting u will find they favor brahmins. It’s so obvious.

      • Shivani says:

        Are u mad? Sharmas are brahmins! Anushka is a brahmin from Uttarakhand.

    • bucketbot says:

      Hi shivani
      “Maybe she’s favored bcuz she’s a brahmin?”

      I’m not familiar with the expression. I’m sure there is something you are trying to say. What does that mean in plain language? Is it something peculiar to brahmins that you are trying to imply? If so, could you please explain.

      • Shivani says:

        Dude it’s a fact that brahmins are upper caste and arrogant about their social status. They consider themselves superior and favor each other. Also other castes see them as more capable. I’m talking about reality of Indian society here. If u can’t stomach it then that’s ur fault.

      • Shivani says:

        And yes brahmins are calculating and manipulative they can do anything for success and anushka is no exception.

        • TRS says:

          OMG – how delusional are you girl!!! Talking caste on a bollywood thread. Maybe you need to hop out of your well and look at the mirror. We usually see the filth that fills up our minds.

  12. Pav says:

    Hi, I have a question, seen the competition for good roles and the sacrifices these girls willing to do, how come Anushka is bagging some meaty roles and has become the favorite of many. As far as I have heard she’s not a bad girl.

    • Bollywood says:

      She hangs around the right crowd. She did go against her own word by working with Salman..Now she’s hanging out with KJo gang and will sign anything SRK tells her. She’s doing all this to be able to support her home production and do good projects.

      • Pav says:

        Thanks for the respond.

      • nefarious says:

        @Admin, she does sleep around too, has been a fav with SRK , ranbir.
        Also, Deepika and SRK did have a fall out, bt if theres anyone deepika sucks up to , its Srk, which is why things are fine with them now. shes even promoting JHMS songs on twitter, and is invited to his parties

        But you are right, SRK has lost his confindence, he can fudge numbers, bt he knows his standing, thats why this whole drama abt family, being a good dad etc

        • Pav says:

          Anushka sleeps around too?? Perhaps in the beginning. Now there’s not a single news about she been attached to anyone than VK. I dont know. I haven’t come across any at least. Also, hanging with the crowd won’t really help her to get these many roles with all the leading productions & leading actors. I was always curios about Anushka’s case. If at all its for friendship, then BW isn;t bad as it appears to be

  13. Kuldeep Goel says:

    These two siblings seem to have appeared from heaven and are blessings to mankind.

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