Blind Item – July 2017 – Bollywood 2

Today’s first blind item from Bollywood is the latest one by Mumbai Mirror. Though we think that we have cracked who this blind item is about, we might be a little confused about who the “best friends” are since it’s not mentioned whether they are from the industry or somewhere else. We just put the guesses that seemed appropriate since we didn’t want to leave that slot empty. As for the rest of the guesses, it’s not that hard to guess who this blind item is talking about. We have two dissection topics on this dude, that’s how much we are amazed at his ability to annoy everyone. Since he thinks it’s his right to open his mouth and say what’s on his mind, he sounds more like a burden than a joy. You will get what we mean if you know who we are talking about. What is it with the kids of this senior actor? It’s like they were brought up with the feeling of entitlement and the right to say what they want. It’s not wrong, but in today’s time especially when you are a public personality, you should watch what you are saying. These kids feel they are so special and doing us (the audience) a favour! Check out who Mumbai Mirror is talking about.


Bollywood Blind Item


TWO best friends of a senior actor, whose son has just made his film debut, were heard poking fun at the young son. Not only did they take jibes as his acting talent (or lack thereof), but also his personality (or lack thereof). Perhaps they were just showing their concern for someone like their own. Perhaps they were just being constructively critical.


OSOP Guesses

Best Friends: Salman Khan & Sanjay Dutt

Senior Actor: Anil Kapoor

Son: Harshvardhan Kapoor

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3 Responses

  1. beena john says:

    salman and sanjay weren’t on talking terms for long…no pics of them together has surfaced after sanjay’s release from prison. cant b them….but yes, salman has that whacky sense of humor and sanjay is no less a cheapster

  2. naughtytrini says:

    It is really a pity that none of Anil Kapoor’s children inherited his great personality and fabulous acting skills. It is his fault though, he spoilt them and is still spoiling them.

  3. Shivani says:

    Just watched mirzya and he is so bad in it.. I liked the girl saiyami much better.

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