Blind Item – January – Bollywood – 2018 8

The blind item below comes from PinkVilla. You might get a sense of deja-vu while reading it, it’s alright. This blind item has been posted before, not the exact one but a similar one. Whoever is leaking this news from the sets of this film doesn’t realise how releasing similar blind items can be damaging to the film.

As of now, the actress is still working hard on the film. It’s not like they can actually fire her from it. They are all way to in the making to do that. Perhaps, they should have thought of someone more capable. But then again, it’s too early to say anything when we haven’t seen anything from the film yet.

Let’s just wait and watch. In the meantime, check out the blind item below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – January - Bollywood - 2018 8



This actresses’ inefficiency to play a sportsperson in a biopic is giving her trainer a nightmare

Recently rumours of a sports biopic starring an A-lister being shelved were doing the rounds. The director of the movie in a little late than never move had denied the reports and declared that the actress will soon begin shooting for the movie.

Despite this, insiders insist that there was definitely a problem with the film as the sports coach hired to train the actress had given up on her. It is said that the actress does not have the quality to play a sports star and it got obvious while she was being trained for the movie. This forced the trainer to almost walk out of the project.

Now that the filmmaker has defended himself and said that the film will happen, we have to wait and watch ..


OSOP Guesses

A-lister: Shraddha Kapoor

Sports Biopic: Sania Nehwal’s Biopic

Blind Item – January - Bollywood - 2018 8

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15 Responses

  1. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    Totally off topic but Admin have you seen Kangana and Sridevi at Anurag Basu’s Saraswati Pooja? Have you seen Sri’s new fillers? Sri was awkward as ever and Kangana tried to be nice LOL

  2. Kiran101 says:

    It makes no sense for any actress to do a Biopic on any female Badminton player while Deepika is around.

  3. Kali says:

    Its such a shame Shraddha is such an inept actress and performer because she greatly resembles Saina.

    I don’t know how and why she was signed to represent as a sportsperson because she doesn’t have an athletic bone in her body. This much was apparent when she played the role of a ‘Basketball Player’ in one of Chetan Bhagat’s many regurgitations.

    Another person who is a shoe-in for this role is Deepika, as she has played badminton professionally. But they will never sign her on because of her fees. It would be better if they cut their losses now, because continuing this movie with someone as delicate as Shraddha is foolishness. It would be even worse than the last movie where she stuffed her mouth with tissue paper and widened her eyes as ‘acting’.

    • RS says:

      though Deepika won’t really resemble Saina at all.

      • Kali says:

        Neither does PC resembles Mary Kom who is an entirely different ethnicity (even with prosthetic eyelids). Neither does Aishwarya look like Daljit×450.jpg


        Deepika physically seems like a better fit than say Katrina, Alia Bhatt, Huma Qureshi. Taapsee Pannu might be able to do it.

        • naughtytrini says:

          Kali, Kali, Kali… I love how you always back up your responses. Not all of us can do that because a lot of comments are based on people’s personal feelings towards actors. Keep it up.

          • Nars <3 Kangana says:

            Deepika will do a good job, maybe even tapsee. If Sara is anything like her mom she could pull it off – but far too many times the stalk kids arent even close to what theire parents are.

          • RS says:

            a lot of comments are based on people’s personal feelings towards actors: Is this the website user’s policy to randomly engage with negative comments? My comment of an actress not resembling Saina surely did not warrant attacks!

          • Nars <3 Kangana says:

            U r feeling attacked? Kali was simple replying to say many times actors play real life people and look nothing like them. I think it is just discussion.

          • sweettooth01 says:

            @rs its a healthy discussion about ppl we dont know πŸ˜€ chill..noones against anyone here..just exchange of ideas and developing new ones along the way πŸ˜€

            also i dont think that particular part u mentioned in ur comment was meant specifically for you..a lot of times our judgment gets varied bcos we like/dislike them..atlst for me it holds true..i end up hating anythng katrina does and love anythng deepika does..even if its the same thing.. :p so tht part of the comment mustve been made by the guest keeping in mind everyone in general and noone in particular

          • Kali says:

            RS: Dude, why are you feeling so butthurt and victimized? FWIW, I don’t think that comment was made specifically for you either.

            We are not in North Korea. The whole point of a forum is having an exchange of ideas and healthy debate. If you put down a comment on a PUBLIC forum, expect someone to engage with you. Don’t take it so personally and call foul when someone doesn’t share your viewpoint.

          • naughtytrini says:

            I wonder if I should clarify my comment πŸ™‚ NOT!!! lol unless RS stands for Ranveer Singh I will clarify anything you want honey :-p

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