Blind Item – January 2018

The blind item below is by BollywoodLife and frankly speaking, it shouldn’t be a blind item at all. It should just have been a news item since every clue given is so clear in pointing out who this might be about. The fact that the blind item is about a recent big event makes it really easy to guess who it’s talking about.

Speaking about the subject though, we thought his anger issues only stimulated on the field. Hopefully, he doesn’t get that upset or angry at his wife that things get bad or physical. He’s still young and he needs to control his temper. Not the first time that someone has complained about his anger issues.

Anyways, nothing more to say except check out the blind item below. By the way, the dude too dated an actress not so long ago. It’s a pity she does not have neither a popular song to dance to or a film career anymore.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – January 2018


This actress’ possessive husband bans songs from her ex’s films at a private DJ party

Who do you think is this possessive cricketer?

Weddings have been one of the most talked about subjects in the later half of last year, that’s 2017 by the way. We know, the fact that 2018 has begun hasn’t sunk in yet. Anyway, towards the end, last year gave us many reason to feel excited as we got to check out some really chic designs for wedding lehengas. But while weddings are all about celebrating the couple and their union, they also make for a lot of fodder for gossip. Recently, a famous couple tied the knot and after a traditional ceremony, they opted for a fun DJ night. Everything was going fine when suddenly a song irked the groom.

Apparently the actress’ husband is extremely possessive of her, so much so, that they had once parted ways earlier because of his behaviour. But what was the song’s fault? Well, the track was one that the actress’s ex-boyfriend had shaken a leg to in his film and thus the groom lost his cool when it played at their wedding. He apparently went up to the DJ and asked him to change the track. He also instructed the DJ not to play any songs from the said actor’s films. We are yet to find out as to how the actress reacted to her newly-turned husband’s demands, although we find it pretty silly. Interestingly, the song that was played also featured the actress and guess that’s what made the DJ include it in the playlist.

Well, we hope the groom makes peace with his wife’s past because since you can’t erase it, why avoid it?


OSOP Guesses

Cricketer: Virat Kohli

Wife: Anushka Sharma

Blind Item – January 2018

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59 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    This Virat is insufferable. Reminds me of my husband. I put up pictures of me and my ex in our photo album and he took it out! How dare he do that? Should I forget I existed in that era of my life when I was with my ex? “sarcasm” people. Any guys out here? would you like to be reminded of your wife’s ex at your wedding? lol

  2. Nar <3 Kangana says:

    Looks like the tricks used at PV wrt to the like/dislike button is in full effect her too … too bad though cause I aint going anywhere – unless of couse Admin blocks me

    • kiran101 says:

      Please stop assigning morality to urself and rest of us as some kind of low lives. One of you advertised in pinkvilla about this site. PV is not so bad as you are spreading here. Its a gossip site just like this one. Both sites are there for gossip and bad mouthing.Saintly activities are not happening here. My kangana comments in other articles here were so downvoted by u lot. Did I complain and throw accusations on Admin ? Its all open source go check the source code if u have doubts.

      Let me tell you something I promised ur friend rashmi…i will never comment to her material…I will grant the same to you.There are truly interesting people here to engage in gossip. Enough of indulging in this discussion with you where I am presenting evidence and u operate on ur blind love-hate. Good bYe!

  3. kiran101 says:

    Admin…something wrong with voting buttons….points that do not hold water are getting downvoted . seriously just kidding…this place could use a bit of joke.

  4. Nar <3 Kangana says:

    Admin I think something is off with the like and unlike buttons

  5. prvilla says:

    Anushka has quite the past not one,if this was the case why were ranbir,anurag kashyap etc at the wedding?!wink wink*TOIFA*cough cough*bombay velvet*why was he irked by only one particular hero,is the rest neatly hidden from him or what?Also i’m curious which person from kjo camp leaked this particular silly tidbit,probably someone very very vela(ranbir)..PS;I’m in no way insinuating that a woman is not aloud to date or sleep with whomever she pleases.i’m not judging,every woman has a past including myself and that;s completely normal.I’m just not fond of anushka’s personality,she comes off as a compulsive liar and generally an extremely insecure/jealous person who lies about feminism ,women in charge image etc when she herself is a doormat.sad but bitter reality..I sincerely hope virat doesn’t start beating her or something that would be quite sad and no women deserves a psycho,no matter how rich or successful he is,one’s self respect should be top priority!

    • Kiran101 says:

      So true ! Looks like Virat is a chauvinist along with being insecure . He even dated tamanna . Anu is a loud mouth taking digs at ranveer and DP displaying bitterness and jealousy and gathering other actresses to gang up on DP . Yeah ! It’s a joke to think she does not care.i applaud both ranveer and Deepika remained so cool constantly. If only she took such digs at other actors they would foul mouth her . We saw so many examples.

    • Nars <3 Kangana says:

      I get insecurity, anxiety and a tid bit of jealousy but I never got fake or liar. When was she with anurag and ranbir?

      • prvilla says:

        Its my opinion yaar,take it or leave it!Its my perception of how she comes across,you don’t have to agree.Also read about the toifa incident and its a known fact that anushka used some inappropriate tactics to bag bombay velvet as her career wasn’t exactly at its peak during that
        era and infact she had delivered a couple of box office turkeys at the time and katrina,deepika etc were the talk of the town.Also since your so adamant to know where the liar aspect came from then how about you look up the ‘nush'(her clothing line) incident and how she actually doesn’t own her so called production house,she just coat tails on someone else’s bread and butter(there was actually a blind on this).Look there have been countless instances where she has come across highly unlikable to me and it is what it is,,you don’t have to agree,that’s your prerogative. ps:I understand that your an avid kangana am I,I think the lady’s got spunk but I can definitely seperate that from this new found fondness of kangana fans for anushka,honestly the common denominator in this situation is a certain miss padukone and anushka just knows how to play her cards right and exploit the situation.Samajhdar ke liye ishara hi kaafi hai!ciao..i’m not gonna elaborate any further than i already have,the rest you can dig up or whatever.

        • prvilla says:

          Btw anushka sharma (according to a blind) herself used to bitch about how much of a man child virat was to whoever would listen!just sayin

        • Nars <3 Kangana says:

          I am not bashing your opinion just stating mine. Tbh i dont know much about anushka. I can watch her onscreen without cringing, actually i find her likable onscreen. I dont watch her interviews though, the only one I ever watch in its entirety was kWK with Anurag and some PV whats in m beg video. She tlaks to fast and laughs too often. So the point is, i really cant comment much on her but her fans on twitter are sweet and so; I dont say anything bad about her cause I like her fans.

          • Kiran101 says:

            You see I am judging her from her behavior . Completely open for everyone to see . The whole twitter called her bull shit on her post rant post Meryl Streep speech . The ‘ NUSH ‘ incident confirms it. You like her fans so you won’t say bad about her ? What about her behavior ? How much fan base has she got …. she is not even that big that her fans can get cocky .

      • Kiran101 says:

        U refer so many blinds about Ranveer yet asking about ranbir and Anurag . All in blinds her crush in ranbir is for everyone to see. Liar – NUSH. Duck lip surgery.

        • Nars <3 Kangana says:

          I seriously never came across a blind about her and ranbir except the possible “drug use” one. Ranveer is more interesting as a celebrity so I am aware of him plus he has a cool fanbase.

          I just checked out the Nush controversy – it appears they just lifted some ideas from the chinese retail market and were force to recall thise peices. As for her production house she is going the Dharma way by using investors money instead of 100% hers.

          • kiran101 says:

            lifted designs…completely. not ideas.In fact they were brought at cheaper rates and put premium price tag as Anushka’s design wear…where she lied about spending weekly certain hours on designs.Totally unethical…Clearly there are more issues than u stated. All blinds are disgusting … there are no blinds with good intent.

  6. Nar <3 Kangana says:

    What a disgusting blind item, the ppl just got married and the media is ready to tear them apart. It’s obvious, they, like many young couples, have their fair share of issues.
    Maybe, a compromise on their part was to avoid anything exes related. I don’t think she gives a damn if DJ played her song with that ex or not, or if she ever has to see Ranveer again in her life.

    • kiran101 says:

      I bet Ranveer gives a damn. He has been giving a damn since long. Which is why he is able to talk something decent about her on asking about her. Anushka on the other hand cant help herself but throw a shade at him at every opportunity. Audiences are not fools(especially non star struck ones like me)…we all can see who is what …at least how they behave in public.

      This blind is not disgusting…it has to be Virat’s attitude that is if this blind is true. Excuse me ! where has Feminism gone ??
      Also, every article or even in this comment section even by Admin says that Anushka is insecure…So she cares from every single evidence that there is and however you view this whole thing.

      Ironically ! since you attest that Anushka gives a damn and yet her new hubby went bonkers about just a song…Mark of a person who truly gives a damn is…being cool. Let me guess new found Anushka soft spot…. I love their pic how Anushka and kangana are holding hands in her reception(one says she has no respect for anyone in industry other says she has no friends in industry). The only thing that photo has missing is ” Katrina”.

      If Karan Johar is such a villain …. how could a Dharma heroine and also someone who belong to khan – ranbir camp openly display friendship. Makes me think of all those bad things going around Karan Johar as true-lies ???

      Aneways it virat-Anushka’s mess…they will deal with it. Ranveer is happy signing movies-brands , no need to talk of him like some loser who is betting on Anushka seeing him or running into him.

      • Nars <3 Kangana says:

        Okay let me put it this way – Anushka and Virat just got married, maybe they have insecurities. Maybe, he doesnt want to hear anything related to her exes and maybe she is the same way.

        Some people are not comfortable with their exes and some are perfectly comfortable remaining friends.

        Maybe, her experience with Ranveer was so bad it left her bitter and maybe for Ranveer it wasnt but hey did do a movie together after their breakup so maybe she just doesnt want to be friends.

        I still think the blind is disgusting, the media loves driving wedges between couples. They looked really happy, so some bitchy person decide to let others know what he did when the DJ played the song.

        As for Kangana – she is happy and so am I. There is nothing to write about. This has nothing to do with her and my comment is in no way related to Kangana & Anushka’s so called – only – now – discovered to the public “friendship”.

        I am not a big Anushka fan but I do appreciate her onscreen just as I appreciate Deepika, Alia and Vidya.

        Kangana said karan will be the villain in her story if a biography is ever made, she never said he was a bad person, just that he wasnt kind to her.

        Anyways, I find Karan annoying af and working with Khans overrated but Deepika was better in HNY and Anushka was better in PK (heard she was better in JHMS but I havent seen it) and Sultan was a good role.

        Kangana is my favourite, she isnt kind with her words – hell sometimes it is too much for me. She doesnt like Karan, she says she doesnt care to act with Khans cause its no big deal, she likes to fight and is rebel…is it even productive? Idk time will tell. Just patiently waiting to see how award season goes.

        • kiran101 says:

          There are too many “maybe’s” yet you said Anushka gives a damn when this whole blind is about how much both virat-Anushka care. You said she dosent care for Ranveer … evidently not. Break up’s are always bad… yet some classy people maintain public decency …. Ranveer is past caring…he moved on with DP. If only Anushka truly is past it she would also stop caring that too when she is married. Your comment was more uncharitable towards Ranveer who has nothing to do with virat-Anushka’s insecurities as a couple.

          Also, maybe its Anushka who broke up with Ranveer to try her luck with Ranbir…there were blinds and also direct reports of her crushing on him….even during virat-anu break last year.she is just bitter now since ranveer is dating bigger star than her and Ranveer became successful even more than Ranbir. If she dint have Virat as her husband and as a safety net and if Ranveer becomes a superstar in future…I bet she would not be throwing shades at him which he truly like a gentleman lets go. Anushka may not need Ranveer now… but Ranveer does not absolutely need Anu.

          • Nars <3 Kangana says:

            This is what I said “Maybe, a compromise on their part was to avoid anything exes related. I don’t think she gives a damn if DJ played her song with that ex or not, or if she ever has to see Ranveer again in her life.” – of course they are many “maybes” and “i thinks” because this is my own opinion and not based on any facts about a person emotional well being and intersocial behaviour.

            Having said that, I seriously doubt that Anushka cares about Ranveer anymore, if marriage is not moving on than what is? I am not uncharitable to Ranveer, we dont know what happen between them and how they dealt with the breakup.

            Sure Virat is known for losing his cool on the field but that doesnt mean he will be abusive towards Anushka nor does it mean Anushka wouldve had a better life with Ranveer. Besides not to long ago there was a blind about Ranveer taking too many “restroom breaks”, a blind of Ranveer going bananas on the phone with his “allege” superstar gf and let us not forget what Vani said about “all” actor bfs – i.e that they all cheat..matter of fact he was caught with a handful of condoms in Paris and his gf was nowhere to be found.

            Virat is already a legend in the game but so what he doesnt have the longevity as a cricketer that ranveer could have as an actor? But there is no garantee Ranveer will last and become a megastar like the Khans, Kumar or Devgan. Its so difficult to make it as an actor and I think u r uncharitable to Anushka by insinuating she just wants to be with a more “successful” man.

            If you are right and she broke up with Ranveer to try her luck with Ranbir – what is wrong with that? If she realise she prefers someone else over a current boyfriend then the best thing to do would be to break off that relationship and try your luck with the other party. No?

            U call me a blind fan but I very much think you are a blind fan of DP. Yeah DP is a superstar but Anushka, Katrina, Kangaba and Alia are all at the top of their game too.

          • Kiran101 says:

            Ranveer is already a big star . Probably bigger than Deepika . Definetly much bigger than Anushka. There is nothing wrong with breaking up with someone which is exactly fine . Point is why is Anushka bring a bitch to ranveer when she wanted better things ? Please don’t keep changing goal posts to suit ur arguments . I am talking based on her public rants and lies about her clothing line . There are no maybe’s here . So now u like her fans and since she is pally with kangana u will somehow throw some deep meaning to her flimsy excuses of her jealous behavior . Ranveer might be flying with condoms who knows maybe he travels so much he leaves some of the packets in his baggage always .. meet Deepika in completely different lay over flights in some country ? Or maybe their plan to meet got cancelled .
            Maybe ranveer wanted better … so moved on to DP . Don’t get excited about fake friendship , Anushka knows kangana is no threat to her which is why she started ‘ I hate DP gang’ let’s call then the golden trio . Becoming a super star is matter of destiny . I am waiting and watching how both DP and RS will end in both professional and personal . There is no guarantee for anything , even for anu’s Marriage . Ranveer is ahead of everyone of his contemporaries today even the royal Kapoor lad . DP started dating him when he wasn’t all this . Who knows they both could be THe destiny ‘s children .
            I paid money to watch ‘on shanti om ‘ and lOve aaj Kal .never paid a cent for any of her other movies . So does that make me a FAN ?? I never watched a single Ranveer movie in theatre . Padmavati will be the first movie I will be watching in the theatre but that is more for ranveer than DP . You figured me out wrong . It’s Ranveer that I like . A super star is always spotted , audience pick the superstar , I had this feeling of ranveer when I first saw band baaja in Netflix . I had same feeling when I saw ‘ baazigar ‘ and ‘ Robert Downey jr when I saw ‘ ally Mcbeal ‘ . Statistically and evidently from all the buzz around ranveer … I am more right than wrong . he is where I imagined he would be after watching band Baaja.

            You know why I like DP ? She is not openly bitching other woman out there trying to gang up or pull them down : opposite to all the feminist wannabe’ s out there who only lecture but true colors are something else.

            Anushka is said to have taken drugs with ranbir in Toronto . Haha

          • Kiran101 says:

            I am not at all giving my opinion on Anushka. I am judging her on her actual display of herself in public . What is ur point ? There are no conjectures here . Direct analysis of first hand information.

          • Nars <3 Kangana says:

            The truth is I really cant argue much about anushka. I never analysed her public behavour because i never watched her movie promotions or interviews or blinds or anything. My initial comment was just about the blind item itself. Basically some bitchy person let it leak that the said husband doesnt appreciate songs of hers with a certain ex. So what? All young couples have their issues and I dont think Anushka gives a damn about some decade old ex bf. Is that true? Idk cause i dont know her or him or any of them.

            But its funny how u stick Kangana in all of this. It possible for me to have an opinion on others without relating it back to my favourite.

            And since we are busy crafting opinions on each other, take this – ur biases lie with Ranveer?. So thats y u r kind to DP? Cause it appears you’ve miss out on knowing that dp is notorious for dirty pr, she only recently stopped the over zillious pr banter.

          • Kiran10 says:

            I did read about DP pr being vicious is spread by these lying women who almost lie about everything like their clothing collection and relationship , Shakuntela from PV who is PC pr.
            what exactly did DP or do ? you can throw light …there is blind that kangna faked for insurance. Is it true? then maybe DP pr thing is also equally true or false.

            I am not forming opinions. I am judging.

            Bias with ranveer ? What did I defend him on or support him for even if he did wrong ? There is proof he does not care but proof Anushka cares about him . The essence of this whole thing. I like many actors what I don’t like is fake feminists. Feminism is such an important thing , faking it the lowest of low’s.

            I am tired of this….lets say Ranveer -DP are vilest of humans and Anushka care’s a damn about RS …its RS who is a puppy waiting for Anu to see him.

          • Nars <3 Kangana says:

            I never said Ranveer was puppy love behind Anushka…i said i doubt she gives a damn about a decade old ex flame. Just because she doesnt want to remain friends or even cordial doesnt been she still cares. Most ppl dont want to be friends with their exes. Ranveer is a cool guy, i dont think he care for Anushka either but he is cordial and quiet friendly to her (as observed in a few public appearances).

            Kangana’s team actually responded to the insurance blind and denied it and I’ve never seen anyone respond to a blind within a few hours of it being posted before.

            Deepika isnt an angel either, one such blind that almost certainly is true is the fact that she wanted to work with vishal Bradwaj so badly that she tried to get signed for Rangoon. Even recently VB acknowledge DP’s eagerness to work with him. I hope the movie turn out better than rangoon. I enjoyed watching Rangoon despite the weak script. Acting, music, locations and cinematography were the high points but script and visual effects were the bummers.

            Besides DP “lies” and promotes dirty too, she previously had a habit of attaching herself to movies she didnt sign, she might’ve sold her depression to Nike endorsment, she talked about her break up & ex and now she is perfectly friendly with said ex., she made jokes that Ranbir shld endorse a condom brand but her current beau is the one endorsing it, she even mention depression during the earlier parts of padmavat promotions. As for thw something happened with PC & DP…was it because Kashi bai turn out better than Mastani? Or PC is doing better in Hollywood? Or something personal? I cant say and i dont think Shakuntela knows either – she is just a fan and not PC’s pr.

          • Kiran101 says:

            Proof ? Keep ranting on blinds . There are horrible blinds about everyone including ur favorite . Kangana could not sell her victim and woman card . Nike is a big brand she got it coz she is a huge star . When I talk I talk from evidence available . Your arguments are all maybe . This second hand bitterness of DP being big star is not good . It’s kangana who was depressed about Do not calling her . They all care about her . Completely butt hurt that she did not congratulate personally .no one wants flop Rangoon . Kangana gloated rumors about getting awards which Jitesh Pillai publicly denied . For every action you blame DP there are exact even more examples I can give about others . It’s Katrina who attaches herself to every movie. Do you live in USA ? I do , quantico is a tv series only watched by desis and has super low ratings . Since Indian immigrants watch her she is being promoted since it’s a big diaspora. No she is not big in Hollywood .
            Shakuntela herself said she is in PC team . She wrote some articles on PV this is a fact . Pink villa Aunty could be kangana pr but I think she is a bhakt. Her family and friends have major contributions to kangana movie tickets .

          • Kiran101 says:

            Lashing turned better from you . I saw all reviews saying Deepika was lit from within as mastani . Rangoon was called over acting by kangana . Bad dialogue delivery . Clearly audience rejected blame in script . Wait and watch how Vishal next will do .

          • Nar <3 Kangana says:

            Kangna’s acting in Rangoon was not described as overrated by any decent good critic, PC acted better and danced better than DP in BM.

            “But Deepika’s Mastani remains muted – you occasionally glimpse dark eyes drunk on love, the fire of a fighter-princess, but you miss the full-blown passion of this lead pair. In contrast, by the end, Priyanka impresses as quiet Kashi conveys the sorrow of a wife, a lover, a friend, forgotten.”

            “Deepika looks downright beautiful and acts with increased poise and skill with every film. Here she is as statuesque as Madhubala, riding horses and destiny with equal grace and dignity. But Deepika could have done more with her part. She is way too subtle and silken, and not steely enough as the firebrand warrior-princess who will love her man, come what may.

            She is too much Waheeda Rehman, too little Mumtaz.

            Priyanka Chopra, on the other hand, is the better performer of the two in this film. Priyanka’s Kashibai loves her husband to death”

            “Vulnerable yet macho, funny and flamboyant, his chemistry with Deepika holds well when they spar passionately. Deepika smoulders and looks radiant, as usual, but it is Priyanka, disappointingly absent from the first half, who is disarmingly warm and dignified in the second.”

            Those are just a few of many critics’ review saying PC was better, dont mess with Kashi Bai’s incredible performance.

            “Vulnerable yet macho, funny and flamboyant, his chemistry with Deepika holds well when they spar passionately. Deepika smoulders and looks radiant, as usual, but it is Priyanka, disappointingly absent from the first half, who is disarmingly warm and dignified in the second.”

            “Modelled on stunt queen Fearless Nadia, Ranaut’s is the stand-out performance. Her body language is spot on, and some of her action sequences are thrilling, even if you can see the computer graphics a mile off. And she gets one spectacular speaking moment, the camera tight on her face, when she speaks of love and desire and heartbreak.”

            “The performances are first-rate, with Kangana pulling off an act that demands daunting versatility. So good is she that it is difficult to imagine any other actress in her place diving into the role with such fierce physical energy. Both Saif and Shahid add to the weight of this project by letting its organic demands lead them rather than the other way around.

            “Still, Ranaut is remarkable playing the sort of character no Hindi film leading lady has been given for decades now. A big bow to Bhardwaj for that, and to the actress for choosing a path advocated by Gandhi, being the change she clearly wants to see in Hindi cinema. This action queen deserved a more vibrant film though.”

            Those are just a few of many critics’ review on Kangana’s performance as Julia.

            No one is part of an “I HATE DP” Group. Besides Kat and Kangana are not even friends

          • Ananya says:

            My God what a discussion is going on. You two are hilariously right and wrong in many ways in your arguments. Sorry for butting in and plz don’t assign me to some actor or actress fan now for saying what I’m going to say, I like good performances from anyone and a good hhuman being as long as they’re proved opposite. Ok? That done let’s move to what I felt reading your discussion.

            Nar stated a fact. Media sometimes wedge situations. For God sake they’re married only a month. Let them have their good times before such nasty media news creep in. It may or may not be true, so take ita with a pinch of salt. Let ur opinion know ifif you believe it or not. Simple. Why are you guys dragging Deepika or Kangana or. Ranbir or Kat who are no where involved to this blind.

            And as of whose fans you are, I’ve been on this site for long and I’m not saying from this discussion but from my observation so far. Nar is Kangana fan primarily and Kiran is Ranveer fan. So why are you fighting over Anu or her husband’s possessiveness is, beyond me. But that’s ok, but why bring in other actors and actresses into it guys?

            Nar, there are a LOT of blinds abt Kangana which are repeatedly said about her. Without proofs will you believe them? So why do you recount Deepika or Ranveer blinds which are not proven or side Anushka blinds without proof? Drugs is too big an accusation, also fidelity. Unless you have concrete proof it’s really a bad taste to quote some random blinds.

            Kiran you love Ranveer and believe he will rise and above. Fair enough. He’s a talented boy and I do hope so bz industry needa good talent nepotism or not. But you yourself says he doesn’t bother about Anushka so why are you? Yes even I wondered her bitchy behaviour to him at times but we never know. Maybe like admin said she has some health issues which doesn’t let her take sane decisions. Or she had some bad experience with him. So leave it. If she doesn’t matter to your ‘baba’ why you worry over her erraticness?! Let go and have peace for yourself.

            Now coming to Kangana, Anushka, Kat friendship. It needn’t have to be an anti Dp gang. Sometimes it might have clicked between them. And it’s not like they’re 3am buddies. A wedding invite to a colleague with whom you have no issues and you respect as an actor is normal. Why make a big deal of it?! Even Kat and Anu did declare on kwk that they don’t talk so often and just get along when they meet. Their lives are too busy for a binding friendship.

            And Pr. Now that’s a word that makes me feel sorry for Deepika. I’ve seen her haters argue that she’s snake bz of this word and her fans who point out if her pr is that active then they should at least know about her film, brand announcement and such stuff much earlier.

            Tbh and in an unbiased opinion lemme pop your bubble. Every actor and actress have pr and they make good use of it for their own benefit. But it’s not always for pulling others down. The purpose ofof that entity is entirely different. But when an actor or actress hits a low in career or wants to grow some pr might use some dirty tricks with or without their full knowledge. You can watch Kareena film Heroine to understand this. Her character in that film follows her pr even tho unwillingly bz it’s a tough world out there where you get noticed only if you’re on top. And yes ALL does this. Not just Deepika. Kangana, Anushka, Priyanka,Alia all of them depending on the projects they fighting for.

            Of the lot I think Dp, PC and Alia have a sensibility to see Pr activities as just that and not let it affect personal equations or cordiality. This is just my observation ok. I ‘ve seen articles that put dp down and pc down, so that means both does it but are clear headed to not get lost in insecurities.

            Plus regarding names being attached to projects again I’ve seen this being said for Deepika a lot on twitter, I won’t disagree. But except for khans I’ve seen this practise for all. Not just actresses actors too including Akshay, Rs, Rk, Hrithik, Kangana, Kat. So why blaming one actress alone is often beyond me. Her team does it and so do others team.

            Nar, regarding Rangoon thing, I’m not aware of that so I can’t give a pov on it.

            There done, I’ve said what I wanted to. carry on!

          • Ananya says:

            And yes forgot about Depression. Man that was such a low blow Nar. I saw you as a sane one here. Don’t know if you were provoked but saying what you said about Depression, Padukone and Nike was cheap. There’s no two way about it. You know Srk actually suffers from it from years. If it could get brands he would have done it long ago. He invents ways to makebe money so he had this in his hand. Yet he didn’t. That says a lot.

            What Ms Padukone did with regard to depression is a huge contribution coming from a human forget celeb. She just didn’t TALK but actually set up a platform to help suffering ppl. That girl, doesn’t deserve this statement. That’s so petty. I’d fight tooth and nail on this topic even if I’m not her fan or even if I hated her. Really disappointed it came from you Nar.

          • Nar <3 Kangana says:

            Yeah its a low blow but I made the statement based on this link >>


            basically buying Nike and playing a sport wouldn’t help ur depression and the ad was cheap – that is all. Apart from that she, SRK, Hrithik and few others have all talked about it and that’s definitely a positive for our societies – and yeah the social work DP is doing is very commendable

          • kiran101 says:

            why are you disappointed…why do you think I am even continuing this argument. Since Nar assigns everything evil to DP but defends same activity done by Kangana…even worst activity. Which is exactly I am fighting tooth and nail here…Double Standards.
            She conveniently quotes blinds…when it suits her and discards blinds when it does not. I am using RS-DP- Kangana-Anu-Kat as mere examples(tools) to show the double standards….The essence of my comment is lost in this whole discussion. I hope you got my point.

            Depression is a stigma in society….a disorder that can be inherited. DP has only to lose than gain from such revelation.

          • Nar <3 Kangana says:

            Exactly what blinds are written about Kangana? Most of her dirty laundry is out in full public light.

            The few I do recount are

            1. HR-KR related
            2. KR has a WhatsApp group for airport looks, but I think it was Kareena and she did admit to having one on KWK later that year
            3. She is involved with her digital team they, and some friends post on social media sites – therefore she is on social media (in a way)
            4. the Book my bai story was never a blind (not really) and it was not about her – they are countless of other popular actresses with NA, besides Kang’s personal team hasn’t changed in years.
            5. The Ajay-KR thing was not a blind it was a full-fledged interview in Stardust
            6. Two blinds about “fake” (minor) injury both with different agendas
            7. Freebies for a FF shot – apparently she wanted the shoes or something

            I dont recall any other blinds, everything else is out in the open for all to see and read about.

          • kiran101 says:

            I agree with everything you said.

          • Kiran101 says:

            @ admin can confirm . Anu did drugs with ranbir .

          • Admin says:

            We don’t know for sure if it was drugs, but she did get drunk with him several times, as witnessed by others.

    • Nina says:

      I don’t think so . Anushka is always rude to ranveer . She does seem to care . It’s ranveer so seems more like he does not even care . Of course that is what it looks from outside . Too bad Virat seems like MCP …. I like him .

  7. Amanda says:

    Virat’s behavior is childish,, I think a very similar thing happened during Shilpa shetty’s wedding… When Akshay Kumar songs were played, Shilpa and her family gave strict instructions not to play them..
    Hope Virat grows up, such possessivenees doesn’t work on an actress wife.. He may end up controlling her too much and that can lead to disturbances in their relationship

  8. nefarious says:

    SO now that they are married, Virat is showing his true self. He was parading the open-minded, bf, feminist for far too long. if he wasnt young , rich and successful , Anu would kick him where it hurts most and walk off!

    • kiran101 says:

      This is how most men who do anything to get the girl do after getting her. All the Feminism crap everyone out there spew they do not believe bat shit about it. Even if they do believe in it theoretically they cannot put it to practice. West is no better ! I now remember a scene from “how I met your mother” that relationship successfully ending in marriage is only “Success” if you are playing in Woman’s team…for a Man the number of women who you slept with without commitment is success. Scene between “Barney’, TED and Marshall.

  9. Samantha says:

    Ex: Ranveer
    Song: Aiweyi aiweyi

    Cmon Admin: we have to ‘guess’ blinds here too like Masand’s blinds?? Not done! 🙂

  10. Champak Bhoomia says:

    I thought they first broke up because she got him to put in some money for Bombay Velvet, and it crashed and burned so badly that he was furious for a long time over it. Anyhoo, she’s a big girl and can take care of herself. The only gossip I’ve heard about VK till date however is that he too shares one trait with most Bolly folk, that of being maha kanjoos, and is a sucker for freebies.

    By the by, who is this actress he dated in the past?

  11. Pooja says:

    Who’s the ex ???? Ranbir or ranveer lol

    • Admin says:

      Oh, come on. We left that part out because we thought you guys could figure it out! Btw, Ranbir was at the wedding and he’s not counted as her ex.

      • Pooja says:

        Why are things so messed up between anu and ranveer ??? Like there were rumors that anu and ranveer hooked up again during Befikre time and i strongly belive that ….. Why the bad blood ??? Why does anu still kind of low key hates ranveer….Anu know’s ranveer is kind of a flirt and is casanova types , why does she still kind of hate him…

        I guess after the whole ranbir drama and by seeing the cheating men around her , I kind of believe Dp totally lost trust in fidelity . I guess now she’s into open relationships sorts , where i guess all she expects in a relationship is honesty, trust and friendship . Where does Dp exactly fit in this anu -ranveer equation. If possible throw some light on this admin.

        • bucketbot says:

          I think, simply put, its because of Dp and the fact that she became a bigger star than Anoushka. Her ex is with her rival and they are considered an ‘it’ couple and are doing romantic films with a big director like SLB. It can cause some bitterness. I believe RS has always been gracious to her publicly. I was under the impression they are good now.

          Also I do think anxiety and insecurity are interrelated to some extent but it also depends upon the person and how they cope with their issues. Anxiety can magnify any underlying insecurities.

          • kiran101 says:

            basically jealousy ! If Ranveer failed as an actor and was dating DP and if she was a flop heroine….I bet Anushka would feel amazing about herself. Ranveer became big and DP is a huge star obviously there is resentment.

  12. rhea says:

    @Admin is Anushka the spiritual , straight forward good girl or is it true that she is very insecure by nature , KAT (jab take hai jaan) , PC (DDD) & Ash(ADHM). Also how is she suddenly OKAY with his temperamental and possessive nature?

    • Admin says:

      We have said it many times before…Anuskha has anxiety issues that make her insecure. You can see it in the way she talks.

      • nefarious says:

        umm how does anxiety make you insecure? i thot she is quite insecure about her looks, but finding her always dressed casual and sans make- up, i dont think shes so insecure in that deptt.

      • Atul says:

        “Anuskha has anxiety issues that make her insecure.”

        Yes. She has anxiety issue. She’s even on medication for it but how does it makes her insecure? This doesn’t makes any sense.

        • Admin says:

          Actually, if you can control your anxiety issues, you will be fine. You don’t really need medication for it. Medications for any kinds of similar illness comes with a lot of side effects, so it’s better to try everything else before jumping into the option of taking medications. Every one of us is a little insecure, but there are people who are more insecure. It’s a mental state of mind that makes you feel this way. Not to say that she is insecure the whole time but there was a time when she really was feeling insecure. She’s happy now and seems to have things under control. We are just saying her anxiety issues make her insecurities even worst at times. Not saying that she’s the only one, who is insecure among all the actresses. But hate the fact that she listened to others to change her facial features, it’s sad. She was pretty before.

          • kiran101 says:

            If she has anxiety disorder then she needs medication….its not a disease that would get cured….it needs to be managed throughout. My best friend has it…I dont think Anushka has it at that level…it would be impossible for her to function like this otherwise.

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