Blind Item – January 2018 7

The other blind item for today comes from Mumbai Mirror. It’s about this actor, who has not been having any luck at the box office lately. As per his mentor, he tried to work it out with a young actress to generate the public’s interest about him.

Unfortunately, everything about him is passe now. At least, to us. There was a time when he was appealing, but that time is gone now. His upcoming film will be out soon and it does not even look that interesting enough to pull in the crowds to the theatres. It’s bad enough that it’s now releasing with another film, which has been in the news for a while now.

Let’s see how his mentor manages to turn this actor’s life around. Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.



Bollywood Blind Item


Blind Item – January 2018 7


THIS young and too handsome actor, whose films haven’t seen great success at the box office, isn’t having much luck personally, either. As if a much publicised break-up with the country’s sweetheart wasn’t enough, the actor’s behaviour and bad attitude seems to have invited a lot of foes. We hear he recently told off some paparazzi rather rudely, and then made some condescending remarks about regional films. Now, thanks to all the hate he’s been receiving lately, we hear he’s run back to his former mentor, asking for a crash course in image management. Yup, those dimples don’t take you too far.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Sidharth Malhotra

Blind Item – January 2018 7

Mentor: Karan Johar

Blind Item – January 2018 7


Blind Item – January 2018 7

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11 Responses

  1. Manisha says:

    Sid is very dull – no personality. It’s like he acts just because he got in. No passion unlike Ranveer Singh who eats, sleeps and breathes acting. But Sid isn’t the only non-actor actor – Kriti Sanon comes to mind as well (ie: pretty faces who were thrown into the acting world and now are hanging on by a thread). To survive in Bollywood without any real talent, imo you need either a personality/brand (ie: Tiger Shroff) or a godfather (ie: Sid or Katrina).

    • Shivanisd says:

      Lol u think tiger shroff has a better personality than sid. Hes as dull if not more. Making comments like i will not marry an actress, hes dumb as hell and not even good looking.

      • Manisha says:

        Yeah he doesn’t have much personality either but he has a “brand image” – he’s trying to eventually be the next action dancing superstar like Hrithik >_<

  2. Pav says:

    Who’s the country’s sweetheart? Alia? Is this written by KJo?

    • Rashmi says:

      God, how tired of it. Yes, the ex-beloved Sid-Alia, what does Johar have to do with it? for example, I doubt that the Deep and Ranveer meet, but I do not write about someone’s PR. Why can not Syd be taken aback by Alia? Is she scary? pretty girl, what a problem?

    • Monalisa says:

      Let’s hope kjo does not come up with Ranbir-Alia-Sid love triangle to revive Ranbir and Sid’s careers. That would be too much. Haha

  3. Deepi says:

    Sid needs a new stylist, he’s just seems like the average guy when it comes to clothes.
    He’s need to portray more cooler image, like John Abraham.
    He needs some sort of image like cool guy or bad boy image like salman, he’s just a bit dull.
    That would generate interest in him.

  4. Amanda says:

    There is a PIL being filed against him by bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwari.. Hope, some folks in bollywood who have lost touch with various communities and languages that exist in India,make a country wide trip and try and understand people.. They surely live in a bubble..

    I doubt at least 50% of the actors in bollywood speak proper hindi… They can speak hinglish and not hindi..

    PIL should be filed against SRK for the way he portrayed a tamilian in Ra.One.. His character was so off-putting…Being a south indian (not from tamil nadu),the way south india gets portrayed in BW movies is a cliche.. When BW describes itself as the major Indian film industry,why it behaves as a racist… Even hollywood is racist.. damn…

    • sweettooth01 says:

      esp that 1 scene in raone whr he eats noodles with curd and eats disgustingly with his hands.major cringe moment!
      also they portray/behave as if fights only get exaggerated in south,while films like dhoom 3 where abhishek bachchan fights using an auto stilll

    • Shivanisd says:

      Bollywood is racist to everyone except North Indians. As most of the actors/directors producers/ audience is North indian or Indian Muslim.

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