Blind Item – January 2018 4

In a span of a week, this has been like the second blind item that has come out regarding this actress. It seems that she is feeling the pressure of making it. This is not her first or second round, it’s not even her comeback. Perhaps, it matters more to her as she is the only leading actress working in her family since her husband can’t seem to secure any lead roles or can’t seem to carry any movie on his shoulders alone. So far, the patriarch of the family is the one steadily working.

Maybe stress is getting to this lady to look her best and be her best. Her upcoming film will have her in a lead role and she has left no stone unturned to make the preparations really good, including firing the older actor in it and taking a younger one instead. Well, let’s just wait and see how much her efforts and her nautankis pay off.

For now, check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – January 2018 4


This B-Town Diva is giving her director a hard time?

This top actress is troubling her director will lame excuses and canceling shooting schedules. This actress walks on to the sets and is fine for the first few days but just when the shot enters the third or fourth day she starts complaining about putting on weight and wanting to shed it and then return to the film’s shoot. All she is doing wasting her co-stars’ dates and the result is that not many combination shoots have taken place in the recent past. It may be recalled here that there were reports about her clothes not fitting her well, wonder if that was true or just an excuse to stay away from the sets.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Aishwarya Rai

Movie: Fanney Khan

Blind Item – January 2018 4


Blind Item – January 2018 4

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24 Responses

  1. Vega says:

    Well, the producer of this film just offered her two more films and is even paying her a remuneration of 10 crores. If Ash was this unprofessional delaying shoots and wasting money, no producer would be willing to put money on her. But I guess this for logical people; those irrational people just wanting to hate can go on nevertheless.

    The fact that Ash at this age commands so much stardom and popularity, and still having big endorsements and making big bucks… is a huge deal. In an industry where actresses are written off by age 30-35 or marriage, Ash has gone from strength to strength even after marriage, motherhood and being in her 45th year.

    And she looks flawless. Just check out her Cannes pics. She looks young and gorgeous. Why would she be insecure about her weight when she has never exercised in her life (barring for one time for Dhoom 2)?

    Some rival is out there trying to paint a negative image of her, and the hater aunties are lapping it up. LMAO.

    • prvilla says:

      Wannabe white aunty ki pr yaha bhi agayi hai kya?uss villa se idhar shift hogaye hai kya?I hope you get paid extra for working so hard!Anyways this site is for real people with actual views my love!anyhow good day

      • naughtytrini says:

        prvilla, you sound like you post a lot on pinkvilla. Your comment is just like those across there. It would be sad to see comments like that on here, this is really a great blog, I would be very disappointed to see it rubbished by comments like that. I openly agree with vega comments because he/she have made some really great points, about aish age and still be relevant and whether you like it or not she have more talent than other actresses being shoved down our throat. I am not bashing you but your comments just sounded so degrading and I dont even speak hindi.

        • prvilla says:

          I am entitled to my own opinion and if you don’t like it then thumbs it down(like you just did).It’s my perception and it is what it is!And yeah i’m guilty of skimming through PV occasionally but don’t assume things!delulu much.Oh and guess what pinkvilla does not publish certain comments even if they are neutral cause they have pledged an allegiance to most stars paid pr and paid commentary(including aishwarya)fyi.Don’t like something,don’t agree simple,the power is with you dearest!This convo is done and dusted from my end and i’m not gonna argue on silly things just for the hec of it!

          • prvilla says:

            BTW aishwarya’s pr is constantly referring to other actresses and certain commentators who don’t necessarily like her as aunty’s,trolls,haters,jealous beings etc amongst other degradation’s,so it’s okay when they do it to others?!yeh kis tarha ka logic hai?don’t believe me go look in her pv posts,you’ll notice a pattern there clearly..but whatever i’m done!moral of the story,don’t like,don’t care.Your allowed to like whoever you want,do your thing.

          • naughtytrini says:

            You are really coming off as an Aish hater πŸ™

          • prvilla says:

            You are not worth my time any further!Think what you want!Also ever heard the term ‘freedom of speech’! Your basically just arguing for the sake of arguing!Honestly no further reply’s from me to you,learn to accept other peoples opinions!

          • naughtytrini says:

            but you are arguing dearest.

  2. prvilla says:

    Honestly,here is another actress who comes across extremely unlikable,to me atleast!I honestly get extremely cold.manipulative and downright calculative vibes from her,I mean the woman is completely self-centered and even looks like a plastic doll..there is nothing endearing about this woman in my eyes..and her acting chops,the less said the better.Shoving your innocent little kid in the news for some extra footage,or constantly wearing heavy makeup(even to funerals) or never acknowledging other peoples good work or success,especially female’s like the facade never comes off..doesn’t she get tired of faking it 24/7?!I would imagine it would be mentally exhausting!I mean she even lied about the harvey debacle,when clearly she was quite chummy chummy with him and most her ‘hollywood’ short-lived outings were produced by miramax,do the math people!Anyhow i’m all for a working woman,my own mother is one but we take our work seriously and try to avail every opportunity we get,not take things for granted.Also, her constant bakwaas pr news and desperate antics on you guessed it which ‘villa’ are so so annoying,honestly 70-90% are comments from her own pr team,it;s so obvious..its like their desperately waiting there to counteract every single negative or not so in her favour comment(bechaare)!Anyhow this is my opinion on the former,other people can stick to their own,not forcing anyone to agree or disagree for that matter,

    • bucketbot says:

      to me she actually comes across as……somewhat vapid. Like, most times she has nothing interesting to say. She is not the engaging type at all. Rarely will people talk about her as a person, all are in praise of her beauty. In her head she is still Miss Universe and so behaves exactly like a miss Universe would. She is just a pretty face who wants to be taken seriously but is lacking artistically.
      And like someone mentioned earlier, she needs to be in the media for endorsement purposes, which is okay, girl has to earn her bread and butter. What I don’t like is that she uses Aaradhya quite regularly. Once in a while is alright, all the time is too much. A lot of celebs manage to hide their children. Aaradhya already seems to like the limelight, which in my book is not such a good thing at her age.

    • Mohini says:

      For your kindest information dressing up for the 11th day of funeral is a common practice in Tulu and Mangalorean cultures(which is based on ancestor worship and animism) because we believe in the celebration of the spirits ascension to heaven. It is celebrated like a birthday or a wedding and every year the death anniversary is also celebrated. Fuck off with your north indian brahminical understanding of hinduism. (I kinda agree with the rest of your comments and I do think Ash is way more mediocre actress than most people think she is)

      • prvilla says:

        Next time if you want to make a point,make sure to have some respect because it’s a general thumb rule for normal people when they converse or want to put a point across!Didn’t anyone ever teach you that?If not then GO FUCK YOURSELF!There I can play the abusive language game aswell!Guess what being trashy or rude is not always the solution!Have some class next time!

  3. Hmmm says:

    Shouldn’t she be concentrating on her performance rather than costumes, how she looks or her figure? Oh wait she is very naraccistic so that’s all she cares about! I think Aishwarya is clearly wanting to compete with the current actresses but apart from being plasticlly good looking has nothing to offer Bollywood or the poor public who have been subjected to her hamming and vanity pieces for decades. I fail to understand how way more talented and beautiful actresses like Madhuri Dixit and Manisha Koirala don’t get better offers but Aishwarya keeps on getting chances.She would never dare to do a Dear Maya and make herself look older.

    • Amanda says:

      Ash’s image has been built over her beauty… That’s why she is still brand ambassador for L’Oreal and that’s why she gets invited every year at cannes .. Moreover, it seems that Ash is not able to accept aging… When the loud mouth Sonam kapoor called her aunty in one of her interviews, Ash got so mad that she got Sonam’s cannes appearance canceled.. Sonam was so disappointed since she had made everything ready – her outfits, makeup etc…

      Manisha and Madhuri had taken sabbatical from films for some years.. So when they came back,they couldn’t start from where they left.. But Ash was always in the media and her pr made sure that she is not out of limelight… You add to that, she is married into a Bachchan family, so many will be sweet to her and offer her good roles which she cannot enact

  4. Amanda says:

    It’s not like they are in financial crunch state, so Aishwarya should take it easy on herself… I feel, she wants to look the way she looked during her younger days and that’s adding to the pressure…With age, it’s tough to stay slim(not entirely impossible)… So it’s better she accepts only that amount of work and the kind of roles which she can fulfill…
    Also stress related to family and the criticism she received for jazbaa might be affecting her…

    • Tina says:

      Ash was never known for fitness or for ever working out in any way. It shows now. Ditto for Rani. On the other hand Rekha and Sridevi were very into aerobics, while Kareena was into yoga, and Madhuri into weight training. Anushka and Deepika are very into sports too.

  5. Pooja says:

    Ash getting offer want to work but not expense of aaradhya’s time spending I guess she can’t leave aaradhya for second she is not bebo who level her kid with nanny ash can’t able to balance her personal n professional life she take 5 years to her cameback film

    • Shivanisd says:

      Lol, if thats the case why sign the movie. Stupid woman wasting other peoples time and money.

      • pooja says:

        She getting offers n huge money so y not lookat karishma kajol urmila rani preity they r younger than ash still no offer came to them.

  6. Pooja says:

    I think she want to spend more time with aaradhya then shooting I find her disinterested in shooting majority of time she cancel shoot in lame excuse its happen since time of jazbaa she avoiding shooting

  7. Deep says:

    Even in GURU, Vidya and Maddy were 100 times better than the lead pair…….but just being B’s, they got a lot of attention and hype. Funnily, the patriarch praised the male lead so much saying. “today, a father has lost to his son” and what not, and when Raavan came out, the blame was squarely put on the editor.. hehehehehe…I find these folks really funny……they are so used to the public adulation that they can’t tolerate even genuine criticism coming their way….and as usual, public is the biggest fool to flock to watch their movies….

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