Blind Item – February 2018 7

The last blind item for today is about the latest internet sensation that seems to have gripped India and some places in South Africa. Mumbai Mirror’s blind item for today is about her and a producer, who has already jumped at the chance of taking her in his films. By the way, the blind item sounds, we hope it’s not Ram Gopal Varma. There are no OSOP Guesses for this one, as this director might just be anyone. Also, we are sure it’s something that all of you thought of so it’s not really a blind item.

We don’t really see the big deal with what she did. It’s a cute scene and this might just become the trend of what teenagers will do in school. Honestly, someone shared this video:

We thought it was cute and didn’t see the real thing until a few days later. When you have seen Madhuri Dixit do the eyebrow raising thing in Devdas (after the 1-minute mark), the other thing doesn’t matter.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – February 2018 7


TRUST Bollywood to be the first to jump on to a popular face. No sooner had Kerala cutie Priya Prakash Varrier winked and won a billion hearts (and social media likes), than has the movie biggies queued up to sign her on. The first to beat them all is a producer who has already flown her down to Mumbai and offered her a role. It might not be a top of the line production house, but it sure hopes to launch the southern sensation to Bollywood. Wink.

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7 Responses

  1. Rekha Rai says:

    I LOVE when an “ordinary” girl captures the hearts and minds of India. People are tired of seeing models who they could never be with in real life and the only characters those models can play are “Padmavati” or “Veronica” versus a Geet or Kiran or Simran. Can you imagine DDLJ where SRK woos skinny Anushka or Deepika or Esha Gupta or Disha Patani? lol! Time for the extra in the ordinary to appear again! Every woman can be depicted to look sexy and stunning. Its all in how you display her, this is why Bhansali’s and Yash Chopra’s characters are always desirable, it’s how they made them appear.

    • Universal says:

      Slight contradiction there when you says models can only play padmavati and Veronica and then mention that SLBs heroines are desirable.

  2. Amanda says:

    There was nothing sensational in that wink…. But media is good at hyping anything…. Good luck to that girl

    • Alice says:

      Priya indeed is very pretty. You wrote “Noting sensational”.. yeah, thats the point. Audience is tired of seeing Indian veersions of Kylies, all plastic, no Simplicity. Priya simplicity attracts everyone.
      I have seen Priya’s interview on You.Tube where she is present without much makeup or any tantrums. Her Simplicity won over everyone

      • Amanda says:

        What I meant was ‘winking’, the act is not a big deal… The girl indeed looks naturally pretty, way better than plastic beauties like janhvi,khushi , sara etc… I don’t mind her getting roles in bollywood… In fact we need some outside talent, some fresh faces… I am more complaining of the media hype regarding winking and other stars like RS, etc copying the act… I wish her luck

        • Alice says:

          Oh yeah that way you are right, Media needs to find out something and then will Report the same thing over and over again, Until they onot find anything lese to Report on. Indian Media is a JOke.

      • NightGlory says:

        Honestly in that video, I liked the girl in the hijab better than Priya. She looked extremely graceful. Wonder why no one is talking about her.

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