Blind Item – December – Bollywood – 2017

Today’s blind item is about this actress, who came back to India to earn her living by working in Bollywood. That’s not the problem, the problem is that she is expected to do the same kinds of films that she used to do in the industry that she worked in before. She did start off that way in Bollywood, but then as she became popular, she decided against continuing going along on the same road.

Obviously, the ones who didn’t understand her plans were the producers and directors of the films she worked in. They still want her to continue working in the same kinds of films. This genre of film has also died down. Yes, it was much sought-after when it came out, but after repetitive use of the same genre, the audience don’t feel that excited to see this type of films anymore.

We always thought that this type of films is just silly and for titillation purposes only. Anyways, check out below who this blind item is about.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – December - Bollywood - 2017


Sultry Actress Refuses Role In An Erotic Sequel, Invites Filmmaker's Ire

This actress started her career in Bollywood by starring in one of the most erotic film franchises and a lot many sizzling item numbers. Her big break came in the form of an erotic thriller given to her by a multi-tasker, popular filmmaker. The film went on to become a huge hit and so when the idea of a third installment struck the producer, she asked the actress to be a part of it as well as the female lead.

However, she cited date issues as a reason for not being able to be part of the film. But the filmmaker was adamant on having her and no one else play the lead in the film and so waited for the actress to complete her ongoing commitments. Despite knowing this fact, the actress didn’t bother to clearly communicate with the woman who was instrumental in giving her such an important film in her career. She kept the filmmaker hanging in balance.

Later, when pegged on further to finalize dates, she said that she wants to move away from erotic films and do more mainstream cinema. An image makeover in the offing we feel. And why not? Considering that things are looking sunny and bright as far as her career in India is concerned, with films, item numbers and endorsement deals coming her way. But this didn’t go down well with the filmmaker who is friends with the who’s who in both small and big screen and can pull strings with those who matter.

We hear the filmmaker is on a trip to make things difficult for the sexy dame in the industry and she herself has sworn never to work with her again. About the erotic film, it is now being turned into a web series first and then a feature once the female lead is locked.


OSOP Guesses

Sultry Actress: Sunny Leone

Film: Ragini MMS 2

Filmmaker: Ekta Kapoor

Blind Item – December - Bollywood - 2017

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3 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    i feel she has done whatever she cud do. Its good that she wants to branch out in different roles…but does she really think shes a good actress? Lol.

  2. NightGlory says:

    I respect Sunny’s decision. She left the industry to join Bollywood to do more meaningful films, not to continue down the same path as before. The producers should stop playing the card of her association with the erotic industry and help her establish herself as a more mainstream and versatile actress. I support you, Sunny!

    • ghjk says:

      Sunny is a joke of an actor and has been milking the porn star, promiscuous girl image since she started. Nobody takes her seriously as an actor and if she tries to get airs or starts to believe she can do more mainstream roles, she’s gonna have a hard time.

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