Blind Item – December 2017 – Bollywood 4

Update: The intro below is not relevant to the blind item that is published in this post. It’s not relevant, but it does match the first OSOP Guesses that we have decided on. Since it’s a really long intro, we are going to leave it here and put in another one for the blind item. Again, this intro is not for the blind item. We are leaving it here because some of you will enjoy reading it and also because it’s pretty much how things are!



What is it with this actor and his big head? What is it with his need of attention and validation? What has been going on with him? How come he still haven’t changed despite following this supposedly guru for years and living his life according to that guru’s advice. It’s strange that people choose to go on the spiritual road, but they don’t think that they need to cleanse themselves from within to be more at peace with themselves.

Even though he might project the image of him being a small nice boy, he ain’t all that. He’s quite a bully and has managed to make two of his exes cry with his harsh words. He even blamed the failure of one of their films on her and called her an aunty. His dad had to get him someone to marry because he kept on going around the ladies in Bollywood like some hungry woof. He literally was advertising himself with his half naked photoshoots on Instagram.

Now that he is married and has a kid, you would think that he has matured. That is not the case, he is still the same. Clearly in his head, he thinks he’s some big shot. He’s been in the industry for a long time and has survived through his gazillion flops. Times are different now, let’s see how long he last with this type of attitude.

Check out who Mumbai Mirror is talking about in its blind item of today. By the way, this is just another reason for this guy to hate this actress; stole his thunder!


So the blind item below was apparently about someone else and we got sidetracked thinking it was about this guy. It’s not like we jumped the gun on him, it’s more like the clues matched him to the T. Anyways, about the new guy. He does not really have any new work to speak of and reporters have rarely pestered him about his wife and kid. It’s a little strange he will put up all these nakhras before the event. Also, the guy is a star son, that would have been mentioned in the blind item but they omitted that info.

He is making a public appearance after a long time. The reason they invited him is because he owns a sports team. This was an event to felicitate the under priviledged and the man came dressed like if he was going to buy them all or throw money on him. He was dressed like if he is a huge star. Only he knows why!

She was invited because she played an athlete in her first film and even won a National Award for it, an actual National Award (ahem, Sonam Kapoor!). She got herself into some controversy soon after on social medial and she was blasted for it. All was forgotten and we actually thought that she had someone who is there to watch her and prevent her from doing the things she does on an impulse. If that blind item about her spoilt behaviour, then it’s safe to say Missy is some kind of tantrum queen. Based on the recent incident that involved her, she shouldn’t have gone on social media and cried wolf. We have looked over the case and came to the conclusion that what she said happened didn’t happen.

To be honest, at first glance when we read what she had said happened, we knew it was physically inpossible for what happened to have happened. Still, it’s not right to outright call her a liar. But then we remembered that this is a child and she might not know the true meaning of the word she used to describe what happened to her.

For all the girls out there, you should know the true meaning of these types of words. They cannot be freely use just to make a point or attract attention. Someone else’s life can be destroyed because of a misused word. This was very important advice given to us by a counsellor years ago when we said that a friend was sodomised by her father. After listening to us, the counsellor told us that what happened is not sodomising, it’s molestation. She explained to us how we shouldn’t just freely use these kinds of words because of the serious consequences they have on the person we are accusing. We were very young then and had no idea what sodomised meant.


Anyways, check out the blind item below to see what we are talking about.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – December 2017 - Bollywood 3


ORGANISERS of a sporting event last week have had a rather tough job, for most of the past week was spent dealing with an actor who was roped in as chief guest. He had given a rather strict mandate to the organisers where the invited media was concerned; they weren’t allowed to ask him about his personal life, his wife and child, or his work. Several diktats arrived from him almost daily. But as luck would have it, his thunder was stolen by a much younger and newer female actor who has been dogged by an unfortunate controversy lately. The media persons present barely looked at the senior actor. And that’s why we always say, be careful what you wish for.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Shahid Kapoor

Actress: Kangana Ranaut

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Abhishek Bachchan

Actress: Zaira Wasim

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14 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    Abhishek is such a loser! Ash shudve married some prince….instead she got …this. Somebody overshadowed by a two film old kid.

  2. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    Shahid totally got overshadowed at the Reebok event. lol.

    Zaira needs guidance, idk what happen on that flight but I think the man shouldn’t have put his big, fat, dirty foot on her armrest, the lights were dim and she is small and very short its not that difficult to play a lil unwanted footsey – just saying! Back to Zaira, I hope she gets needed protection, the girls that start super young tend to have difficult times ahead. I often wonder if btown is filled with pedo-type predators and they mess with these young things. PROTECT CHILDREN! Is all I can say.

    Abhi also has a guru, Shahid too? Abhi acts like a fool sometimes. He is so shamed that he isnt a star and his wife takes all the attention? I cannot even deal!

  3. Mahesh Roshan says:

    Actor is definitely shahid kapoor. Actress is misleading. β€œYet another reason to hate” implies Kangana. But she is not young and new. The actress is Wasim.

  4. Sara says:

    Unnecessarily shahid’s name is dragged. It’s not about him. Intro is harsh too if directed to shahid. More like #fakenews.

  5. Bee says:

    While I agree with everything you say about Shahid, this blind is about AB Jr and Zaira Wasim.
    They attended the Golf Foundation Championship recently.

    • Admin says:

      Do agree with you, but the event that Abhi attended didn’t need for reporters to ask questions. He and Zaira were just there to give out rewards to athletes in need. But still, thanks for telling us. We are going to update the OSOP Guesses

  6. bucketbot says:

    That’s hardly kangana’s problem now. I wonder when Shahid Kapoor will stop living in his head.

    I don’t understand these people who say they don’t want to be asked questions about their personal life yet display it on social media constantly and keep it open for the public to post comments. Go private and only let friends and family follow you would be the most logical alternative, no? Why post personal photos on public social media? I’m thinking of Sonam Kapoor and Selena Gomez atm. Want the dough and want to cry about it too. Ridiculous people.

    • Pav says:

      Adding to that, how come they get photographs whenever they go out. now the trend is wife walking alone without hubby- yet get clicked. I mean do they have paparazzi everywhere in Mumbai. Clearly it all seem paid- yet they claim wife doesn’t like all the attention and he doesn’t wanna talk about personal life

      • suyash says:

        for sure its paid publicity, m sure he must have hired separate PR to promote his wife…he want to take her on Gauri’s route…just hopefully she dont follow all of it…

  7. Rain says:

    This is Aamir and Zaira Wasim

  8. Shamanth says:

    “younger and newer female actor” . I don’t think you can call Kangana that. Its some other actress I think.

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