Blind Item – December 2017 – Bollywood 2

What can we say about the subject in the blind item below? Nothing that you don’t already know. He’s everywhere and anywhere. In your house and in your bedroom. No, we are not talking about the devil! We are talking about the senior guy in Bollywood, who has an opinion about everything and anything and wants to be everywhere and anywhere.

Over the last two years, he has also been taking the jobs of other people. Just last week, we saw an ad about this senior letting Indians know of the new job he now has. It’s freaking hilarious! He just wants to take in all the jobs that he can do in the world of entertainment. It’s not like he’s good at it, they probably let him take all these jobs with the promise that he brings in the stars. Again, freaking annoying!

We miss the time when things used to be real. When there were real hosts doing their jobs, making fun of actors and actresses who were attending award shows just because it was an honour to be nominated. Now, once one was bought, everyone wants to be bought. It has become robotic and it’s not fun, which is why we don’t waste time watching these shows anymore.

Don’t know who this blind item from BollywoodLife is talking about? Take a look below. We think he should just stop now, it’s getting too much. Why have babies brought to this world when you are too busy going here and there trying to rub in the younger crowds so that you don’t fade into oblivion? Be and act your age. Take some time off and write a great script; one that is surprises us! Stop trying to be the creepier version of Elton John!


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – December 2017 - Bollywood 2


A hoity-toity filmmaker is busy dissing the winners of awards shows this year, calls them non-glamorous

In Bollywood, people are really weird. They never lose a single chance to gossip and b***h about others. After all, what will they do at various gatherings. There has to be some scandal to unravel which can get everyone’s attention. The award season has officially begun and with the way the films performed this year, the winners won’t be the most popular ones but those who actually performed well. That has got this filmmaker really upset! Why? Well, where’s the glamour in that!

Yes, this filmmaker has been telling anyone who is ready to listen to him about how this year, the award shows will be pretty dull. Big films have hardly worked this year, which means the awards will go to those who don’t really fall in the glam category. At least that’s what this filmmaker believes. Hence, these days he is heard more often cribbing about the lacklustre response awards shows will get this year. What’s funny here is this gent is known to be a regular at such shows and even hosts a few. His jokes have increasingly become banal over the years but he is a regular fixture at such events on stage or off it. That makes us wonder if he will be part of any of these award shows this year. In fact, at a recently concluded awards event, he was nowhere to be found. So is it his way of staying away from these galas since the winners are not as β€˜popular’? Could be!


OSOP Guess

Filmmaker: Karan Johar

Blind Item – December 2017 - Bollywood 2

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25 Responses

  1. Ananya says:

    Admin, sorry this is off topic. But I really wanted to know your take on someone. Anushka Sharma.

    I’m not her fan or hater. Initially had a neutral opinion of her. Average looking, average actor but a woman of substance. But then her lip surgery, being a feminist yet silent on Salman rape comment, toiffa iincident, some comments on others which felt like shading and finally the nush lies.

    I was under the impression she denied the lip surgery. But recently I came across her admitting she has done some injection to lips for Bombay Velvet. I haven’t seen the film, but was it really needed? Why did women look different in that setting? And if it was for the film why didn’t she go for a temporary change? She was pretty, this has ruined her face. So I’m confused if she’s lying or honest.

    Also again rape comment someone told me she did spoke about it, but a little later after the uproar. But for a girl who is always so vocal and loud about opinion, the delay makes me confused. But she did address it accurately, have to admit that.

    Toiffa iincident we’ve already discussed. Linkup or drugs or alcohol whatever it was that changed my outlook of her. But again it’s personal stuff. Was she dating Virat then? That changes the whole matter.

    What usually puts me off is how she speak about people. It’s like she has some kind of superiority complex. Also I have read blinds and some random people discussing about how hard she is to work with and sometimes even changes her co actors in ads etc if she find them beautiful or talented than her. I kind of can’t imagine her like that. But you will be knowing more about such things. Is she that insecure woman?

    Also in another blind space I did ask why she’s so shady when it comes to Ranveer. With actresses you can understand the competition. If it was about bitterness of relationship, then I think Kareena an all just chose not to talk at all about ex. In Anu case she talks but it always seems like putting him down. I’ve seen him praising and supporting her but never vice versa. It’s ok if it’s an opinion, but often her choice of words and expressions say something else. Or maybe I’m overthinking. I would like you to shed some light on this. Isn’t she in a happy steady relation and doesn’t time heal things. It’s not like they had a bitter parting.

    I could find justifications for all of this. But Nush issue which happened recently. If what is reported is true then she’s fake. Or in business chaltha hai? I was angry at people who connected her production house as Virat money. But after Nush thing, I’m not quite sure. ADMIN, can you enlighten me on this as well. And yourI general take on Anushka?

    • lilian says:

      I on the other hand got wind of Anshka being Srks new obsession, thus apart from forcing her upon various directors) his production house also heavily ‘supporting’ her clean slate films.

    • Ananya says:

      Admin I’m waiting for your reply.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Ananya. Virat is probably the best thing that happened to Anushka. She needed him to keep her senses and mind stable. We are not saying she’s not, but she lacks the self-confidence and security about herself. When you have a man who loves and supports you, it gets better. She’s very much insecure and her face shows it.

      The way she talks is very fast, which shows that she thinks faster than the words can come out of her mouth. Lots of anxiety issues. In this business, it’s not easy but she has the support. That’s why she doesn’t live alone and likes having her family with her.

      She is a good actress and has figured out a way on how to deal with the superstars that she has worked with. Her lip enhancement procedure was there for everyone to see. She did release a statement after that and said it was for Bombay Velvet. She asked Katrina for advice on where and how to do this procedure. She has always wanted to be like Katrina and adores her.

      Bottomline is, Anushka has learnt how this industry works and you can see it by the people she hobnobs with for business. It’s only for business and nothing else.

      • Ananya says:

        It’s ok if she has learned in the ropes. I think that’s the smartest thing to do. I like Deepika but she also found her footing after she has learned the tricks to deal with bollywood. That’s ok it’s their work and their rules.

        But do youyou agree that she is a woman of substance at the end of the day? A person who deserves respect or all of it is a sham? The feminist, the opinionated voice, everything. I remember her interview with Anupama, where she says you know all ofthe your faves including me does things to stay afloat and its normal. No one is perfect. I applaud that she admitted it.

        But what’s with Ranveer still? The bitterness, isn’t she over him? And the nush controversy? What’s the truth behind it?

        • Ananya says:

          Admin, sorry for pestering, but waiting for your reply.

        • Admin says:

          It is true, she behaves like if Ranveer is the annoying brother you have who annoys the hell out of you. Maybe Ranveer did annoy the hell of out her, which is why they broke up. He’s a nautanki and she’s a no-nonsense type. Makes sense. She has that aura of “I can’t believe I fell for you” around Ranveer.

          • Ananya says:

            Hmm. What is your opinion about her in one line. A woman of substance or insecure annoying woman? I mean you feel both when you see her. Is the level headed no nonsense feminist the real Anushka or the one we get familiar in blinds who is behkind a fake mask?

            This is what I want to know mainly.

          • Admin says:

            Cannot say for sure. As human beings, we go through different emotions and to put a spot on her like that isn’t far. Right now, she’s happy and at peace.

          • Ananya says:

            That I agree. But you often have a strong opinion. I mean regarding Kat, Deepika, Ranbir you always have your opinion and stand. I mean as individuals. So I was seeking such an outlook on Anu. Bz like I said I have both these perceptions of her and is confused.

  2. suyash says:

    He has not left any dignity as a Film maker or n e one to idolize him. He could have been a inspiration to many (for LGBT also) but he ruined by behaving so bitchy….I have lost all respect for him, At one point he act in particular way & other moment he feel sorry for his actions and apologise (latest one on Item numbers). He is taking full advantage of his position. And let me remind you, he is not a great filmaker or director, he is actually a smart businessman/woman and he knows how to play cards in film industry.

    • bucketbot says:

      True. I would like to add that its one thing to want to be yourself but can you please respect the occasion and not bring out your nastiness in the public? Your friends may enjoy it. There may be a lot of people who enjoy or don’t mind it, ( hell, I’m on this gossip site yet I don’t like his constant bitchiness) but there is a time and place for things like this- your home, your personal time. Not a public platform. He confuses being real with exploring all his nasty tendencies and making a spectacle of himself. While that may be okay for him, it just sets the wrong example to impressionable minds. He behaves like a reality tv character whose life depends on that paycheque. If he really wanted to be real he should talk about what happens in the corridors of Dharma and how he gets people work and about his shady business dealings. That reality will shock the whole world.

  3. Shivanisd says:

    reading the intro i was 100% sure it was mr bachchan!

  4. Deep says:

    KJo is a Fungus that’s infected our Hindi Film Industry…. a self entitled b!tcH….

    • prvilla says:

      HAHAHA!!!I agree..Is manhoos aunty ka mid-life crisis chal raha hai kya?On a serious note i would imagine him to be an extremely lonely,insecure individual who deep down never grew up and is still looking for acceptance in some way,shape of form..very sad and confused existence indeed.

  5. naughtytrini says:

    Aaaw leave KJO alone, he is the best… lol no seriously I mean it πŸ™‚ but yeah he is kinda right, no movie out that is worth writing home about or giving an award to. I honestly just watch re-runs now, older movies…like right now am watching one where the snake charmer had a pet snake and they killed the snake charmer and something about a snake not drinking milk since the snake charmer wife fed him milk from her breasts like 20 years ago… now that is movie. Or that movie where rekha come back after her second husband shove her to the alligators, jeez couldnt they see the resemblance? lol I still prefer those over these they are showing these days though. Award shows have become a joke, who could buy awards etc, it aint honky gory anymore. Btw dont let KJO write no book, the only book I want to read is SRK book with a few chapters of his love affair with PC and I would really want Amitabh to be honest and profess his undying love to Rekhaji…timeless moments of yesteryears. Oh how I wish these two men just earn up to their feelings.

  6. Golden girl says:

    This kjo has ruined his father’s name and production house. i believe this gay aunty is the reason of o much of catfights and negativity in BW and stars. He should be kicked out asap

    • Nar <3 Kangana says:

      I want to see KJO’s portrayal in Kangana’s biopic – what she said about him fit him to a T

    • Shivanisd says:

      he totally ruined agneepath for me. the original was way better.

      • Golden girl says:

        i loved Agneepath. to me its the best movie and one of my fav. havent seen the original one

      • Nars <3 Kangana says:

        Agneepath wasnt too bad but I had to watch the old version to understand what Hrithik was saying – My my Amitabh has a spectacular voice and dialogue delivery

    • Pepeas says:

      Let’s criticize KJo’s work, films, sucking up to stars and their kids, and gossipy nature. Let’s not criticize his sexuality. Plenty of straight men in the industry backbite and spread rumours too. I think it’s the nature of the industry itself! πŸ™‚

      • Nar <3 Kangana says:

        Is he even open about it? He likes to make fun of everyone and pushes awful stereotypes associated with the LGBT community. I dont every feel sorry for him because he is full of shit

  7. Rashmi says:

    Many thanks to the admin, so my version (Johar) was correct. he will never change, this aunt is a gossip

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