Blind Item – December 2017 2

We have another blind item for you and this time, it comes from Peeping Moon. It’s about the young wife of this old actor, not old just way older than her. She’s so fond of puppies that she calls her young baby daughter, a puppy. Wait, we got it wrong. She compared her child and other babies to puppies, just because new mothers don’t stay at home to look after their newborns and choose to go back to work.

As it is, this puppy loving lady apparently has a nanny despite herself not having a job of any kind. It’s like she’s not busy, but still needs a nanny to look after her child. What in the world does that make her? Certainly, not the right person to criticise new mothers, who have to work.

Anyways, this young lady seems to have been thoroughly enjoying the perks of being a star wife every time she accompanies her husband somewhere. What she didn’t count on was people not recognising her when he’s not around hence not giving her the star treatment that she expected.

Still don’t know who we are talking about? Take a look below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – December 2017 2


The lady blasted the airline staff for not promoting her child’s nanny to business class…

No, we did not expect to learn of this star wife creating mid-air turbulence wasn’t she supposed to be too young and far removed from the film world to even know what comprised a super-starry tantrum? Evidently, we thought wrong. The young lady has apparently been doing some growing up…and has ended up a li’l too big for her boots.

This became all too evident while she, her baby and their nanny were taking a flight out. While madam and the child were ensconced in business class, the nanny naturally was travelling Economy. Things were okay for a while and then our pretty, young mum decided she really had to have the nanny take over the baby. So off she traipsed over to inform the cabin crew that the nanny had to be upgraded to Business. Unfortunately for our star wife, not only did the airhostess politely refuse to sanction the upgrade, she even failed to recognise her! What’s worse for her ego, she was also offered a seat in Economy if she desired. This apparently irked our young madam no end. The senior flight attendant had to bear the brunt of her anger, as the lady raved and ranted and yes, also flung that Do you know who I am?!!’ line across. Tch. Tch. Breeding, darling. Try and pick up a tip or two from your well-behaved star husband.

That star husband of hers should be a little worried too. Apparently, his young wife is sick and tired of being recognised by all and sundry only when he is by her side. Most other times, she gets royally ignored. So now, she is trying to go out of her way to carve her own image and identity. She has already started the process by turning up solo at events, just like she did at a recent awards show. Needless to say, she hardly made an impression. But she is soldiering on. And somehow we get the feeling that she will not be content being the customary interior decorator. This star wife clearly wants to be the star, nothing less.


OSOP Guesses

Star Wife: Mira Rajput

Actor: Shahid Kapoor

Blind Item – December 2017 2

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18 Responses

  1. kiran101 says:

    I agree Mira’s puppy comment was silly. But why it irked so many people that there are open letters everywhere damming her. I can give examples of all actresses who when they were young made so many racists and elitist comments. Just because she is not a superstar her silly comments were met with so many vile comments. How are these people any better than Mira ? People trying to show her that she is no one but just a star wife …seriously! trying to shame anyone who are not stars.True independent women do not get derailed for such things. Attacking this woman gives some kind of ego boost and relieves some of the frustration that the privileged have it easy to all these bashers – i think.

  2. Shivanisd says:

    Well where I live even housewives have a part time/ full time nanny…call it the benefit of living in a poor country like India. But yes her puppy comment was really dumb.
    As for mira rajput she is nothing without her actor husband! (public recognition wise) Take that away and shes just another LSR chick (like me) who once had a bf from SRCC.

  3. Liz says:

    I have abs no problem with her having a nanny…esp with her family being in Delhi…If i lived in India i would have loved to have someone help me when i needed a break from a crying and hungry child. Also these tantrum stories about Sara or Mira seem a bit exaggerated imo…and no im not their fan….i really dont know or care about either of these women.

  4. Swati says:

    There is no RIGHT way to be a mother in this country. Whether you work, don’t work, have nanny, don’t have nanny, hold your child in public, let other people hold your child in public, share your kid’s photos online, don’t share your kid’s photos online…. there WILL be someone or the other who will criticise you and your child. So if we are going to be criticised no matter what our parenting style is, we might as well stick to one that makes us happy. So be the parent you feel the most confident to be. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be some ‘ideal templated’ kind of parent that others want you to be AND also, in the same vein, do not put pressure on anyone else to be the kind of parent you feel is right, either. (I am sorry this sounded a lot preachier than I intended it to be. BUt honestly, don’t take pressure and don’t give pressure. Things would be muuuuch easier)

    • Khuver says:

      Nobody would have criticized her if she had chosen to keep her mouth shut. She had criticized working moms because they’re not there for their children, so she deserves criticism from the working class.

      • naughtytrini says:

        I agree with Khuver, if you dont want anyone to criticize you, dont criticize others… sumjay? rofl i know a lil hindi πŸ™‚

  5. naughtytrini says:

    She is not working, why do she really need a nanny? I can understand a babysitter when you and your husband needs that alone time to go out but an everyday nanny? She is spoilt, yet I do feel sorry for her that noone pays her much attention when her darling husband aint by her side. I can relate to that. It is kind of weird when you are with your husband and given the royal treatment and when he is not with you noone remembers you, believe me it sucks lol but I dont throw tantrum though πŸ™‚ I just enjoy the limelight when he is around… Mira you are a nobody when it come to the filmi world without your husband. Just make the most of the attention when he is around.

  6. Sara says:

    I think the comment made in this piece regarding her needing a nanny is in the context of Mira’s comments where she criticized working women and likening their kids to puppies. Otherwise yes it is pretty common to have nanny for one’s child and i believe admin doesn’t have anything against her.

  7. Sara says:

    I dont live in India. But in India almost every one has help. SO why is it pointed out like Look she has a nanny working for her??? Isn’t it double stds..

    • Pepeas says:

      No, it’s Mira who is clueless. A true great like Meryl Streep has openly said that she and her sculptor husband could not have worked when their 4 children were young, without excellent help and support from nannies and domestic staff. She has also said that she wishes all working parents could have such support from the Govt and society. Mira doesn’t acknowledge that many mothers in India must keep working to survive, and vice-versa, many modern fathers love looking after their babies and want paternity leave but are not given it. Her choice makes her privileged. On a slightly different note, well-to-do people these days have night nurses, day nannies, cooks, maids, cleaners, drivers, and house keepers. So I do have a chuckle when Bollywood star parents (male and female) talk about “time management and children”. It’s quite easy to manage one’s time when everything is pretty much done for you, and you get all the fun parts of being a parent without the exhausting drudgery of day-to-day living as well as managing a career!

      • Shivanisd says:

        Isnt meryl streeps husband an actor? He played Fredo in Godfather 2.

        • Pepeas says:

          No, that was her earlier fiance. He acted in 5 great films and then died of bone cancer. Meryl subsequently married Don Gummer, who is now as renowned in his field as she is in hers.

      • kiran101 says:

        As much as I agree Meryl Streep as great actress. I do not understand ” A true Great like ” from your comment.If you think she is some kind of benchmark for superior moral and ethical code then I really doubt it. Meryl streep at this age is probably far more wise then Mira at her current age. For all the speeches Meryl gives she was clapping pretty hard for Roman Polanski the child rapist in 2004 oscars( I could be wrong about the year but its post all the Roman Polanski episode)

        • Pepeas says:

          I was using “a true great” to mean someone who has achieved great, world-class things in her field, someone who will leave behind a superb body of work — as opposed to Mira who is only known because she is a celebrity wife, but is apparently throwing tantrums saying “don’t you know who I am” etc. Meryl has come up through her own hard work, not nepotism (and, BTW, is also renowned for being non-starry, kind and warm to people – her own staff and others). She was quoted as saying this decades ago, when she was actually much closer to Mira’s age. But I didn’t mean Meryl’s the gold standard of moral/ethical behaviour, and though I think her general approach to social issues is pretty good, I don’t like the fact that she clapped for Polanski. She obviously didn’t challenge the “poor, persecuted Polanski” narrative, and she should have. However many great artistes/thinkers/scientists/writers/social reformers have blind spots and sometimes dubious moments (as do we all!). I put her clapping down to that, because her decades of activism for causes she holds dear, and her long history of standing up for young actresses and powerless technicians on film sets, says that her actions generally match her words. But Mira’s young, so I still have hopes for her. I hope she grows and learns from her mistakes.

          • kiran101 says:

            All the activism down in drain when and where it really matters – Defense of underage child that too for sexual abuse. If Mira is just a celebrity wife and if it means nothing then why are articles written about her ? Why does gauri khan and suzzane’s stores is written about ? (Ironically what she said is talked about because she is a star wife. This ‘ just a star wife” managed to rattle all these so called independent women and the greats) Because every kid out there who’s father is in some Government position also says ” Do you know who I am ” ?
            Out of so many women in India …how many become star wives ? I appreciate people who come up with hard work but i dont understand this new wave of anti privilege comments. Mira may never have the view point of meryl Streep since she will or never had her kind of beginnings or life experiences. Look at Rishi kapoor and Kareena kapoor ‘s racisit comments from past…what Mira said is very pale compared to the so called greats.

  8. Pav says:

    This is no surprise. She seems thoroughly enjoying her time after marriage irrespective of what she said in KWK.
    Not trying to deviate from the topic. I have noticed Shraddha is hardly seen in these Bollywood parties and not mingling with other celebrities unlike Alia, pari or Sona. Have I missed anything or is she really away?

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