Blind Item – August – Bollywood – 4

We have another blind item for you today and this time, it’s from BollywoodLife. It’s about this actor and this actress from across the border. Now, bear in mind that this actor is known as the gossip broadcast minister of Bollywood, so there’s a huge chance he made it all up himself. It is quite strange the blind item that BL has published. We never thought he was the type to like married/divorced women, especially one that has a kid. Or maybe she sent him the same kind of pictures that she sent this superstar with whom she made her Hindi film debut with. Or better yet, there must be a reason why they are facetiming right? If you know this actor and his ways, you know very well what could be on his mind. And it’s no surprise either that he could be showing off to his friends, which is why he’s at their place doing his business instead of his place. Check out the blind item to see what’s it’s about.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – August - Bollywood - 4


This young hero has a special den to FaceTime his newest love interest

This couple’s virtual affair has leaked out, however we now have details their secret love den…


This actor and has a special place to interact with his newest interest. Apparently this Bollywood actor contrary to reports is not interested in an older actress back home, but a pretty damsel who’s not from Mumbai. The actor’s secret was out recently when reports suggested that the actor was smitten by this beauty. Of course the lady in question wasn’t too thrilled with these rumours. However, is insiders are to be believed then love is actually blossoming between the two. The hot star cannot stop gushing about the lady’s beauty. The actress has been lying low after her debut film this year failed to garner her any praise. The actor and this heroine are now having a virtual affair and it seems that his private chats take place in his bestie, a filmmaker’s new residence.

The actor has a den which is also used by his close buddies for their own outings, but during his sessions with his newfound love interest the gentleman makes sure that they’re extremely private. We were in fact surprised to hear about this budding love affair at first, but looks like the duo are indeed an item if this scoop about their never ending FaceTime conversations are anything to go by. The actor who hates paparazzi was in fact recently spotted in a foul mood, however on receiving a phone call his face literally lit up. Looks like the young heartthrob had received a loving call from his ladylove.

Both the lady and our hero were in steady relationships sometime back. However, off late the two have been single and looks like they’ve also been mingling a lot. Have you guessed the celebs? Post your thoughts in the comment box below and tell us…


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Ranbir Kapoor

Actress: Mahira Khan

Blind Item – August - Bollywood - 4

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12 Responses

  1. nefarious says:

    Really? Ranbir is going down hill really fast!

  2. Priyanka sahni says:

    Do u mean mahira sent her nude pics to srk? I always wondered why she was cast in raees.

    Also in todays blind u hinted towards alia’s attraction towards srk. Did they do it as well?
    So like all the other stars has srk turned out to be a philanderer of late?

    • Admin says:

      The blind item is hinting towards that, but what exactly, it’s not clear. Maybe PC set him off or something. The fact that his marriage is dead might have something to do with him playing the field. But if you were to ask any other person who is familiar with gossip, they will tell you SRK has always been cheating except that he was discreet then..

      • nefarious says:

        he was in love with juhi. Was making out with her at some pool at a luxury hotel. he has always been a cheater. Know anything about him and Kajol, did they ever have a scene? or was it Ajay all along for Kajol?

      • nefarious says:

        @Admin: How do SRK’s kids deal with this dead marriage, am sure they know. any dope on that? I hear the kids are also onto drugs.

        • Admin says:

          It’s very hard for us to know that…But let’s just wait until they make their debut then you will hear lots of things..

        • Shivanisd says:

          They deal wt it the way akshay Kumars kids deal wt, his philandering and navya naveli deals wt her mom sleeping around wt Hrithik. They, deal wt it the, way, shweta and abhishek dealt wt it during amitabhs rekha affair.

  3. Akshaye says:

    Please post this blind from Pinkvilla as well and do let us know πŸ˜‰

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