Blind Item – August – Bollywood – 2017 2

We were aware of the blind item below from SpotBoye. It’s just we weren’t too sure of who it’s about, which is why we didn’t share it. Since we have been asked to share it, we had to dig a little to figure out who this blind item is about. We must say, though, that some of the clues given might just be misleading. As it turned out, the blind item wasn’t true. It was just a hype, like this guy’s other relationships. He likes to stay in the news and he enjoys Bollywood company. The reason was that he was looking for a career in either Hollywood or Bollywood, but nothing happened. As for the actress, she tried her luck out in Bollywood, but failed miserably. She has no sugar daddy or Godfather in Bollywood to look out for her, so she stepped over in the South to continue earning her bread and butter. Check out who SpotBoye is talking about here.


Bollywood Blind Item

This Bollywood Beauty Is Dating A Billionaire’s Son

She is beautiful, he is one of the heirs to a huge business empire. And they have been sneaking around town

Bollywood is a tough place to survive, especially for actresses who unfortunately have shorter shelf lives in the industry than male stars.

She is one such actress, who is renowned for both her good looks and her acting chops. But her Bollywood career almost came to a halt a few years ago. While her professional life is yet to look up, she has some good news on the personal front.

The actress has been dating the son of a billionaire businessman. The two met some seven months ago and sparks flew immediately. They have not made their romance public yet but can tell you that the two are very much together.

The actress’s new man is from a well-established but controversial business family. He is often in Mumbai and if not, she makes time to fly to wherever he is. This actress has not stepped out with anyone in public for some time now and it looks like lady luck is finally smiling on her.


OSOP Guesses

Beauty: Sonal Chauhan

Heir: Siddharth Mallya

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9 Responses

  1. Anon says:

    Sonal Chauhan is known for her acting chops?

  2. blahblah says:

    I saw Sonal chauhan at Pali village cafe with bunty sajdeh

  3. jas` says:

    SM is gay so this time the OSOP guess is wrong

    • Bollywood says:

      Did you read our intro? We mentioned it’s a misleading blind item.

      • Anisha says:

        Why do you keep insisting he’s gay when he’s not? He dated Ayesha Grover for a good three years or so and you want to tell me that this filthy rich British-Indian businessman’s daughter is also willing to play a beard to a runaway Indian millionaire’s son, just like Deepika?

  4. Sasha212 says:

    Could you post and solve the blind from Bollywood Life from a couple of weeks back ?

    Thank you !

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