Blind Item – August – Bollywood 2

It’s not that hard to guess today’s blind item from Mumbai Mirror. Well, actually we found it a little hard to believe that people actually paid for this actor to come and perform so we had to double check whether it’s really him. For some strange reasons, we thought only the Khans and Kumars get paid to perform at weddings. It seems that the generation today would rather have the stars of today come and perform at their weddings rather than the oldies/senior actors come and perform. The description of this actor in this blind item is just so pin-on that we didn’t have trouble guessing who it’s talking about. What was difficult is finding out the ceremony in which it happened. Apparently it’s some billionaire’s son’s wedding. Check out what the blind item is about below.



Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item

MUCH of the Marwari community is in a tizzy these days. It seems one prominent family had invited (by which we mean paid for) a popular and exuberant film star as chief guest for their son’s wedding. The gregarious hero, it is said, overenthusiastically grabbed the groom’s sister head and planted a tight kiss on her cheek. His audacity has apparently caused the family much embarrassment, we hear. Does that mean movie stars will be a no-no at most big Marwari weddings? We’re not sure, but the news should make Falguni Pathak happy.


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Actor: Ranveer Singh

Blind Item – August - Bollywood 2

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3 Responses

  1. bucketbot says:

    this guy needs to control his Extra-ness sometimes, maybe?. It’s alright with the people you know, others may not like it. I guess the good thing is I have never heard of him behaving badly/indecently with girls. They can calm down maybe.

  2. Nar <3 Kangana says:

    is he foolish?

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