Blind Item – August 2018 – Bollywood 7

There is no doubt that the blind item below is about these three. Coincidentally, since their whole mess happened, the three of them have regularly been in the news. Before this, none of them made breaking news but a sudden wedding and hidden pregnancy sure made them even more famous. The dancer lady was around for a while, but she was not that popular until news came out that this actor dumped her for a much more famous famous. Not that famous generally, but definitely more well-known than the dancer lady.

Then, you all know the story afterwards. A quickie marriage happened, everyone assumed it’s because she got preggers and everyone on their side denied it. The actress kept wedding tent dresses while still denying that she was pregnant. At the same time, since the dancer lady was in a lot of blind item because she pretty much looked like the idiot in this whole story – at least, that’s what they made her look like. She was dating the actor for a while and they were on a break. She was shocked that he got married because they were in touch, having dinners and whatnot, but he never once mentioned the actress and the fact that he was dating her.

For a while now, things have changed for all three of them. The dancer lady has become slightly more popular. She has been seen in dance number in prominent films. She is also in the news a lot. It’s like suddenly the media is getting articles to publish about her. And, let’s not forget her epic clapback response, “I don’t know who that guy is”, when she was asked about him. The blind item below is from Mumbai Mirror and it’s talking about how this actor is mighty pissed that the dancer lady is in the news a lot. Probably that’s why they thought it was the best time to officially announce his actress-wife is expecting. Congrats to them! And, all the best to the dancer lady. See, sometimes being pissed at your ex can take you places!

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – August 2018 - Bollywood 7


BREAK-UPS are hard. While some celebrities cope by hitting the gym and showing up with a revenge body, others simply show up with new rebounds. But this recent split is pretty baffling. Said actor was happy to dump his long-time squeeze for another more successful actress. If that wasn’t bad enough, his publicist isn’t happy with the coverage the ex-girlfriend is getting for her upcoming film. The publicist has been calling up media houses, on the instructions of her client, demanding he get equal attention on their pages. This, despite the fact that he doesn’t have a film coming up. Oh well, it does take all sorts.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Angad Bedi

Squeeze: Nora Fatehi

Actress: Neha Dhupia

Blind Item – August 2018 - Bollywood 7


Blind Item – August 2018 - Bollywood 7


Blind Item – August 2018 - Bollywood 7

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30 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Nora was everywhere with Angad. Even at Yuvraj Singh’s wedding. Many were surprised when Angad suddenly got married to Neha. And it was poetic justice that Nora’s dilbar smashed records immediately.
    She became a bigger name than what she was while being with Angad (probably bigger than Angad after dilbar). Nora has now landed a part in Salman’s Bharat too. It’s childish to say she is getting media attention due to anything else but her fab act in dilbar. Karma strikes, Nora goes ahead, Angad left fuming.

  2. naughtytrini says:

    I find it hard to believe that DP was one of those girls… I honestly cant see myself equating her to Neha and Sophie types. But as I said before, I would never ever put my head on a block for any of these people but yet when you look at DP, her father is a famous person, would she find herself in a situation like that to bring shame to him? I am more swaying to the point that the mallya and dp’s family were friends and she cosied up to mallya jnr, boyfriend/girlfriend status. Or I would even go out on a limb and state that maybe during her modelling days she let loose a bit, I dont know, it happens, as I said I wouldnt put my head on a block for her though, even though she is my favourite. Also what is really pushing me to the fact that she aint that type of girl is the fact that in her modelling days she wasnt classically sexy. She didnt have that sex appeal look that sugar daddies gravitate towards. Hey dont bash me, I just saying it as I see it.

    @fact, it is about time people see the person Susmita is. She claims feminist and women rights etc when in the background she is selling girls to the highest bidder. It is time these sleezeballs are brought out in the open. Is her daughters are her own? Or is she grooming them to be auctioned in the near future?

    • Fact says:

      @naughtytrini: It is good that you are not putting your head on the block for her as you won’t be left with one if you did it for my favourite Slutty Savitri πŸ™‚

      My Mallya related sources are top notch, this is why i miss him, their antics were legendary, many hilarious stories with many future feminists lol.

      Regarding Sush, she is just doing business and making honest money, she is not kidnapping someone or forcing some poverty stricken girl. All the girls in the pageants and modelling are educated, smart and come from middle class and above families.

      They follow good diet and go to good gyms with trainers, they are not some “abla nari”. The girls have fun and get to enjoy luxury lifestyle, parties and vacations instead of working normal, hectic, low paying jobs. It is #mychoice as my favourite slutty savitri will say.

  3. Monalisa says:

    I really have no clue why people are replying to my @ username when I did not post a single comment on this post before this comment. @admin can you check why these people are randomly dragging me in to a comment section where I didnot post a comment. Anyways they have dragged mightxas well comment.

    @fact DP comes from an upper middle class celebrity family. Her father is well known and respected celebrity of his time. Even Arjun Kapoor in some interview said when DP debuted they all call her Prakash Padukone’s daughter. So she is not someone who is strapped for cash. Also she was a popular model already with people like Salman (he himself admitted) trying to get her a launch. But she declined his offer and accepted Farah’s offer. How she was selected is a well known story told by Farah and designer Wendell Roderguiz. Go google it yourself. Also her first film was a superhit and film offers were pouring at her despite her lack of acting talent. Why would she need to whore herself to get money like wash-outs Neha when she was always in demand.

    Regarding the Mallyas, DP’s family knew the Mallyas from Bangalore. Go watch her Simi select intetview where she said she knew Sid Malhotra from Bangalore because he is essentially a Bangalore kids.

    There are many rumours about DP and the Mallya. But even the @admin of this blog clarified that the rumour about her and is untrue. The other rumour is she was paid to act as Mallya.jr’s gf. That is the rumour even @admin subscribed to. I remeber jack of fashion scandal saying that DP was not paid for being brand ambassador of Kingfisher and UB because she was dating Sid. That is why he gifted her a flat. If they were to pay for all her appearances they would have to pay more than that. How can you eaquate DP dating Sid Mallya as whoring herself. Read the article please.

    • Monalisa says:

      Ps: I answered ananya, fact and nina’s comments aswell. (Really don’t know why nina and anon tagged my username when no comment of mine was here).

    • Ananya says:

      I completely agree to Monalisa. I’m glad ppl here are not pinned on blind hate and is open to discussion and perspectives.

      Yes I know in 2010 Rk had pulled off such a stunt of breaking into her house. But honestly face off with Rs there sound cheesy. Don’t know if to believe or not. But heard this time also other neighbours leaked this news.

      Lol ‘Slutty Savitri’ , I think now I know how to take Fact comments. Sorry for taking you seriously. My mistake that I started this discussion.
      Make no mistake, I would react the same way, if Kat or Kangana is addressed like this, though I don’t like them.

  4. Ananya says:

    @admin is @Fact saying the truth? Deepika didn’t have proper relation with Sid Mallya? It was an escort thing?

    I’m sorry I can’t believe it bz of her parents. They did not allow her to continue relation with Rk after knowing about his cheating. So why would they let their daughter be an escort? If that’s so, it was more easy for her to adjust to Rk ways, get married and have the Mrs. Kapoor tag. As far as I know he was ready to get a yes from her even after cheating. In fact even in recent past. That’s last year.

    Actually admin I wanted to ask about this to you. I got to know from a source, Apparently Deepika & Ranveer did have a fight last year during Padmavati. And in that gap, Rk had turned up heavily drunk at her apartment to chance maro. But found Rs at her apartment, who was pissed at his appearance late at night drunk. Some sort of face off happened at her flat, she was not present and then Rs himself discreetly packed Rk into his car. Do you have any info on this? Is this true info?

    • Fact says:

      Do people here ask for parent’s permission before reading this salicious, gossip blog? LOL How naive, Kids at 15-16 yrs now do things which their parents have no clue of, let alone when they are in their 20s.

      And regarding rejection after repeated cheating in a relationship, well, you raise your standards after becoming a big star, all the past things become past and you get to give lecture about feminism and women empowerment to all the hard working normal women of the world.

    • Nina says:

      @monalisa : How did Dp’s parents then allow her to date Ranbir in the first place…everyone knew Ranbir was a serial womaniser in fact all kapoors are shit and its even common people’s knowledge. BTW Anisha D’s sister is still fan girling Ranbir kapoor after being treated the way her sister was….what does that tell you.

      All the women in bollywood who slept around came from equally upper middle class decent families. The rules of showbiz are out there , no one is a bigger saint…even Alia a star kid has stories behind her.

      Ranbir promised Katrina marriage too…just like DP. Ranbir wanted to date katrina and DP and also had Nargis and other women on side. If DP stuck around Ranbir then he wud have dumped her soon enuff…Ranbir went after Katrina tirelessly thats when she demanded marriage and was promised eventually …he even gifted her Van cleef Arpels jewelry.

      But, its funny how every fandom claims their idol is a saint.

    • Monalisa says:

      @ananya Actually after DP brokeup with RK he did show up at her house drunk and made a commotion. The building people spread that story. Here is the link for it.

      The RK and RS story sound very similar to what RK did before so I would not put it past RK to repeat what he had already done before.

    • Monalisa says:

      @nina Anisha fawns over RK the actor not the person, her fav actress according to her is Huma not her sister. Does that mean she hate her sister as well? Her relationship with RS is a personal one. I read an Anisha interview in 2015 where she talks about RS in a personal capacity and called him talented as well. And she praised him a lot. Have you heard Anisha praising RK in a personal manner?

      The link is below. This what she said; ” Have you met Ranveer Singh? What do you think of him as a person?Β 
      Yes, we met. (Smiles) He is a very nice person. He is very well brought up and down-to-earth despite what he has achieved. He is a very good actor. Really talented!Β ”

    • Anon says:

      @mona Deepika was aware of Ranbir planning an exit from the relationship by repeated cheating …DP had to live up to her threat but came to terms with it very hard way since she thought he wud come back.he never wanted to.

  5. Deepu says:

    @ Venus – a shout-out to the sole sane voice. Such hatred by women for women is mind boggling to me. Shocking to read time and again about a β€˜ woman’s past’ β€˜sleeping around’ β€˜whoring’ blah. Whatever happened to sisterhood? Sigh

    • TRS says:

      Totally with you on this. Nora should be channeling her anger at Angad instead of Neha. He was the one who did not have courage to man up and tell Nora things as they instead of her finding out from the media.
      Nothing wrong with him leaving Nora for Neha (i read somewhere A and Nora were on a break anyways – reminds me of Ross and Rachel :P). Or Neha getting preggers and having a shotgun wedding. Just the way Anagad handled the whole situation.

    • Fact says:

      Sadly the sisterhood died along with Gaddafi πŸ™

      More sadness is the failure of Kingfisher airlines, Mallya had to run away, he and his son always provided enough entertainment and gossip to such blogs and forums, the newer businessmen are much more discreet and NRI businessmen sugar daddies also keep it quiet. Anyways, Kingfisher calendar still continues and it will continue the legacy of Mallya.

  6. SSjay says:

    Neha’s preg news was no secret…. There was only so much one could hide. But wonder why Angad looks annoyed most of the time. He looks grumpy too.

  7. nefarious says:

    @Admin, @naughtyrini, what is neha’s past? why is she being a nobody so close to kjo that he throws parties for her?

    I am most curious to know about her? But Angad thinks he made a smart move, hes doing ramp walks and what making it to kjo parties thanks to neha. I wonder if he actually loves her

    • Fact says:

      Just general whoring around and sugar daddies which is very common amongst most bollywood actresses and then if they become successful you will get lectures about feminism and women empowerment lol.

      Leave alone mediocres like Neha, Even the actress with the most number of fangirls now in the industry has done it but at least she is clever, till she was just a calendar girl she was not that expensive for the businessman but as soon as she got 1-2 hit films, she charged him 36 crores for a year of “relationship”.

    • nefarious says:

      @Fact , thanks for the deets. Is the calendar DP? I am sure neha was being sponsored, but i am still not sure how shes Kjos good friend. I mean, dont you have to be from a film family, or a nepo kid to be in coterie?

    • TRS says:

      I think @Fact is referring to Katrina – Boom and post boom days!
      @admin or @Fact – Does Sushmita have any sugar daddies? I read she was linked to Anil Ambani some years ago, but after that its been pretty low key people.

    • Fact says:

      @nefarious and @TRS: The calendar girl is DP, it is absolutely hilarious though that these enemies both DP and kat have shared the same sugar daddy but at different times, Kat’s deal was smaller but more bang for buck(for her): 3 crores for 3 days in that famous Goa Villa. This is why both the fangirl armies should call for truce and stop abusing each other, both of them are not saints and have willingly taken these decisions even though they were not poverty strucken or something.

      I don’t have info on Neha’s exact connection to Kjo but there must be something for kjo in it, maybe some past secrets they know of each other or maybe some shared secret hobbies or friends or contacts. Remember that Neha was always well connected and loaded to maintain that lifestyle even without being a female super star, she even knew Gaddafi from Libya and spent “Quality time” with him !!

      Sush has had many sugar daddies like a typical bollywood starlet, Anil at the beginning and later many others, she also has a thriving business on the side since few years now: I will not say it openly but give you enough hints: The paegent and modellling training is just a front for other lucrative stuff which is generally considered ” The oldest profession ever “.

  8. naughtytrini says:

    Hahaha admin gosh I was just thinking of them and walla a blind come up lol I was trying to figure out how to bring this fiasco up and here it is! Firstly let me say I have always known that wedding was a quickie due to Neha getting preggers. Also I do think that Angad did love Nora but some discretion of him and having a quickie with neha and he got trapped. I always knew this was how Neha was going to get a husband, get her belly swell by the man first. They tried to deny her state of the reason for the fast wedding but look at that! Her belly bigger than Mira belly and mira posted her pregnancy way way in advance. The only person I am really sorry for is Nora. Poor Nora is angry, she is confused, she is sad. Honey if you are reading this consider you have dodged a bullet. It is better they horn you when you are still dating than when you both got married and you have kids with him. You should count ur lucky stars. As for Neha, karma will get her. I so believe in this karma. Another one who will go the same way as Neha is Sophie Chowdhary. Now she is playing the field just like Neha did, having sugardaddies left right and centre but pretty soon the sugar daddies will start diminishing and the whos of whos in bollywood knows the type of person you are so there will be no marriage proposals and even that acclaimed, I’ve got rich family that is why I am everywhere will be proven wrong and she will have to get preggy to get a husband too. You know what brought out the truth? The fact that at the shows Neha bowed her head in shame when Nora passed her by. Only shamelessness at what you did will make you do that. Too bad Nora will not bash her publicly and she took it out on angad instead. She is more of an adult that way I guess. I think there will be more of this story.

    • Admin says:

      You should send this to Ekta amma. Heard she is looking for story ideas. πŸ˜‰

    • Venus says:

      My god so much hate for the women.What about loser Angad who did the actual cheating,he’s the only one wrong in the whole situation.And btw darling,it takes two people to get a woman pregnant,it’s not like the guy was clueless kid who did not know what he was doing and Neha tricked him.I Swear it’s so disappointing to see how women are judged, especially by women themselves.

    • Fact says:

      @naughtytrini: Bingo, thanks for saving me the time of writing the whole story, Neha was desperate to get someone as her body clock was ticking and getting pregnant oops! was her best option, everybody from Bollywood knows about her fun filled past , even Gaddafi knew her πŸ™‚

    • ssays says:

      @naughtytrini u said it…actually that whole group of circle including neha, sophie, kjo…r all same…

    • Nam3less says:

      @fact please give some information about Neha’s past since you mentioned some cryptic things XD.

    • Guest says:

      @naughtytrini don’t feel sorry for Nora it was stated on a gossip site about a blind last year rk’s friend caught him with his gf that friend was angad and his gf nora. There was a blind about it too

    • naughtytrini says:

      Thank you peeps for replying to my comment πŸ™‚

      @Venus: Women judge women because we know how we think, we know just how conniving a woman can get, seriously. Men just goes with the flow, real men that is, not the men like KJO can them who are actually worst than women. Also, even though I talked more about Neha, those feelings also goes for her husband Angad too but I dont talk much about him because to me he is a nobody and nobody talks about a nobody, he is irrelevant. And anyway he got his just dues by marrying Neha, in time he will understand what that means.
      @Guest: Any blind that comes out with RK in it, is garbage and not to be taken seriously. Seriously.
      @Nefarious: Neha’s past is easy to deciper if you just have the patience and the mako meter to look her up, which I did hence my opinion of her. As for Angad, Neha has more ‘connections’ in bollywood than Nora so he is using that to his advantage. Not much more he can get from her anyway.

      Btw this drama will evaporate pretty soon, so allow us the opportunity to give them their few days of fame which they always crave for.

    • Fact says:

      @Nam3less : Answered below.

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